Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Updates

Yeappie.. First thing, my stiff neck's gone! Heh :D

Next, if you see my Nuffnang advert, click and check it out yeah :)

My new job has got very limited access to internet, hence as you can see, my posting kinda slowed down. Cos after a whole long day focusing on work and computer, sometimes just lazy to switch on my lappie again, heee... And ya, i miss MSN and the freedom i've got previously *_*. But so far in my 4th week, i'm still pretty happy about my new work place, the people, work and environment.

Over the weekends, it's movie time with Mr. G again! Went to watch Indiana Jones. 2 new stuffs i spotted too - A nice hangout place at Pasir Ris Park, Summer Breeze and new body mist, VS Pure Seduction *Ultimate Sweetness*

Xerene wanna stock up more VS body mist

This week, i'm looking forward to watch Sex & the City! Don't think Mr. G will like the so, heee... so i'm still finding kaki to go together. Ladies, anyone interested to go watch together let me know :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sweet Sweet G :)

As ya know, i've recently woke up, got a stiff neck, became little Ms. Frustration, Ms. Panadol Popper and Ms. Grumpy who kept complaining on how disturbing it was... And i guess Mr. G was the one who was being forced to listen to most of my frustration every day.

So probably because of this, heee.... He decided to maybe let his ears have some peace and brought me to get a new pillow! Haha.... But yeap, i'm touched! After our movie, he just walked to the store and start choosing one - For that moment, i felt G was sweet eh, heee... cos it was never a topic and i was caught by surprise :)

My new 88 bucks pillow ^^

Movie: Drillbit Taylor

my thought: From the guys that brought us Superbad. This show is hilarious and not as silly as expected. I must say the young actors are very good and really helped to spice up the whole movie.
my review: 7.5/10

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pain... Pain... Pain

Guess where Xerene went just now?

Sad to say....... Her first visit to a Chinese Sinseh for 'Tie-dah' :(

I didn't sleep well on Sunday night and probably have sprained my neck. i thought the pain will go off by itself in a few days' time... but it's really unbearable! i have to survive on panadols these 2 days at work and i've just popped another one in. Can't get to sleep at night, can't turn my neck, bad headaches... Ah!!! Simply frustrating!!

My first time to a sinseh and i seriously hate the smell of myself now. Xerene smells like a piece of big 'koyo' *_* Can't remove them till tomorrow morning.. Really hope it'll get better by tomorrow morning................... *Prays*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back to Routine Weekend

Time passes especially fast on weekends, isn't it? Tomorrow it's a start of another new week everyone :)

My weekend is back to routine again, heee... Dinner & movie. Yesterday Mr. G brought me to a place where i love to go especially during my overseas trip. Yeap yeap, we went Outback! Now that i won't really get to travel, hmm... think i could only visit the one in Singapore.

But in the midst of the dinner, Mr. G's not too well..... And ended up, i finished like almost half of his steak! OMG... i think i'm really Ms. Piggy... *Oink Oink*

Yummie Yummie :)

Enjoying.... *Slurps*

Us - Finished with our dinner.. With e 1.5 steak in my tummie, can ya see my arms getting fatter? *Urgh*

As we walked across to Marina Sqaure to catch our movie... Hee.... Yes, took some photos again cos Singapore Flyer looks really beautiful with the lightings on during the night :D

Poor Photographer Xerene took 3 shots for Mr. G to get the above.... So ended up, 'no smile', oops!

Movie: IronMan

my thought: I thought it was good, really entertaining. Don't ever consider DVDs cos i'm sure the show is worth paying for the cinema tics.
my review: 8.5/10

Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Week

Just came back from breakfast with Mr. G, hee... we went McDonald's! I miss their breakfast. Anyway, we tried the McGriddles and bascially it's pretty much the same like the normal Sausage McMuffins except that, they replace the 'bread' with pancake instead.

He didnt really like it though.. but as a pancake lover, i thought it was quite nice :)

Our breakfast for the day... :)

And ya, it's been a week since i started my new job and last night, they had organised a team night out where we headed to Lilliput at East Coast for team building session first. The place is really cute with like 18 small stations, each modelled after familiar a Singapore landmark - fun!

After which was the bonding session, where we had our dinner and some drinks. As ya know, i'm a poor drinker and i actually puked after a Magarita & 2 glasses of wine *_* - Lousy. And i guessed they must be convinced that i really can't hold my liqour well, heee....

Anyway, the whole outing was pretty nice and indeed was a closer step to knowing the team mates better. Xerene just hope everythings gonna be fine down the road as she plans to stay long-term there, heh :D

*Xerene still misses PC babes......*

Monday, May 5, 2008

A New Start

Today marks a pretty special day for me... A day where i embark on my new career. Oh ya, same for Evil Jojo and i wish her well too!

I'm glad that all things turn out well today and the new colleauges are nice too. But i do miss my bunch of ex-colleagues (very much in fact).... Last week, they actually gave us a mini farewell and so sweet of them to make the effort preparing and buying goodies & gifts for us. I especially love the handmade card they gave me, very meaningful and I'm sure it'll bring me back lots of memories in years to come :)

Lovely Card from the Lovely Ladies

Look how sweet they were! :D

My last day...

From colleagues.. We became good friends & party kakis

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Indoor Theme Park

Heee... I shall continue my Day 2 evening tour at Genting with lots of pics again :)

We resume our theme park tour in the evening after dinner....

Dinner at HK cafe

We or i should say me, was contemplating if we should go to Van Helsing, a haunted house. It is EXTREMELY SCARY - too much for me i think.

From the outside, it looks pretty eeerie already.. But after much thoughts, i decided to give it a shot! Since i've never experience visiting a haunted house/ride before and i thought i could convience myself that, "Anyway, they're all fake..... Just human beings inside, nothing to be afraid of...."

Ok, this is bullshit! For people like me who are timid and sensitive to ghostie stuff - This doesn't work at all!

From the very moment i entered the lift (need to take the lift one level up), which makes the whole experience even scarier, i kinda really 'regret'...... *HELP* i kept repeating to Mr. G, "It's so scary, i'm soooo scared..........." but i knew it's too late to back out now.

When we reached the entrance, i just stood there... freezed. The whole place, the path ways are soooooooo dark that i could hardly see my own hands.... For a moment i thought, "Can i be deaf and blind for like 20 mins?" I really hope i could...

It was almost silent in there which makes the whole atmosphere even more terrible.. I just can't stop thinking, "Is something popping out in front of me soon?? What isit gonna be? How am i going to react" You just can't anticipate what will happen. Help.........!!!!

So the only way i thought could minimise my fear is probably to have minimal exposure to vision and hearing.

Minimising Hearing - I used my right hand to cover my right ear real tight, and while my left hand clutched his right hand and i pressed my left ear as closely to Mr. G's arm as possible, having the hopes i won't be able to hear any thing.

Minimising Visual - If you asked me, what is in Van Helsing? I can tell you in four words.... "I really don't know!" Cos from the 2nd minute i stepped in, with my ears covered... i shut my eyes too! And basically, i just walked blindly with Mr. G guiding me. Ocassionally, i would open my eyes for like 0.5 second and shut them immediately.. So i could barely see what is in there....

I know..... this is the first and last time i will be visiting such place.

Xerene is scared....

This is the eerie lift... :(

Inside the lift.... :(

Ridleys Tour

I just felt sooooo relax when i stepped out from Van Helsing. It's like hmm.... Rainbow after the rain? In there, we took really lots of photos... :D

Funnie pics we took

Luckiest Chair in the World! A must sit :)

Last Theme Park Ride

We went to take some indoor rides after which...

Indoor Boat Ride

Ferry Wheels - Self-shots

Spent our last night at the arcade instead of casino, hee... And yeah! We won 2 teddy bears! :D Time flies and the next morning, we prepared to head back home... Though Genting is not as fun as in Taiwan but for a short get-away, it's not too bad eh :)

Mr. G got the white one for me & i got the blue one myself, hee..