Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Booked! To HK!

Just saw the tv advert that Jetstar is having it's 'Take a Friend for Free' promo again! Missed the last one so this time we booked immediately, heee...

Was browsing through the destination.. Haha, we decided to go Hong Kong again in January. Yeah, quite excited cos i can go top-up my beauty stuffs again and eat my 'Xu Liu San', hee hee.. :D

Promotion ends tomorrow, 15 Oct... so go book now cos the fares are downright cheap. We paid SGD 303 for 2 return tickets!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Alone Week

Today is my 6th day of home alone. Ah... 3 more days and he will be back from Dubai!! Yeappies!

Just finished my call with Mr. G and in future we are unable to Skype le... But luckily i found a calling card that's 50% cheaper than phonenix card, heee. After many days of work, he finally get some time off and he mms me a photo taken at the desert :)

Look so fun, well, wished i was there too :)

I seem to have slow down again in uploading my pictures, heee... Been busy doing some plannings for the last 2 weeks; a fruitful one though. Anyway, here's the photos i've taken during Liting's wedding :)

Pretty Bride :)

At the Foyer

Happie Bride

Yeah! She is now Mrs. Soong

With my secondary school friends & poly mates :)