Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Post of the Year ~ HK Trip

Oops.. I've stopped blogging for a while. Honestly, with such convenient online platforms like facebook, which is almost like your daily blog, sometimes you just feel 'lazy' to write on blogs. So this post, you'll be expecting a loooong one, hee :D

Last week, straight after Auntie Maybel's full day wedding event, we went for a short trip to Hong Kong. Though not as exciting as the last one (Mr. G's first trip to HK), it was still definitely a good short break from daily routine. It was our first time visiting New Territories area and we spent a night at my cousin's place. Indeed, Hong Kong apartments are really tiny... and i kinda felt we were quite fortunate to have considerably spacious flats here.

The only touristy place we went this time was Lantau Island. I must say the island hasn't got much attractions except the Big Buddha statue. However, there were a number of constructions going on which i guessed the island would definitely add more interesting places of interest in the near future. Of all, i love the crystal cable cabin! And ya, if you planned to take the crystal cabin, you can actually skip the queue! Obviously we didn't know and starting queuing when we arrived... Luckily, we realised it after 5 mins and of cos, headed straight to the counter.

About this trip: We aimed not to do too much shopping and well... we kinda of did it or should i say 'he' kind of did it, haha... I was there mainly to stock up my beauty products (my classic oil blotters!) plus foodie sessions. But then... as we popped by outlets... i fell in love with some clothes which i thought if i don't buy, i might not get them again in Sg..... So... heee, ya know eh? :)

Then as we walked pass shopping malls, we see some random sales going on... Comtemplating if i should buy a bag for myself, hmms... thinking once, thinking twice... Mr. G grabs it for me, haha.. *Thank u dearie*

Oh ya, i'm surprised i took only 200 odd pics for this 4D 3N's trip, heee... Well, my norm is taking like a hundred a day! It's an "achievement", isn't it? Hee hee...

Anyway, here are some of the 200+ photos we took :)

Kick start our day with Hui Lau Shan *slurps*

Tsuen Wan, NT

Satay King Resturant that serves Curry & Fried Rice?! Yeap.. and no satay...

Dim Sum Breakfast at some neighbourhood restaurant - Verdict: Nice & Cheap! :D

My Favourite...!!!! Finally i found it, heee

Love this seseme ball, yums yums...

Sesame ball with no fillings... just don't seem to find them in Sg. If u know, please tell me! :D

Their market... quite similar as ours though :)

Strolling along Tsuen Wan

Check-in to Hotel --> Next stop: Makan again!

At Cha Chan Ting - with HK Milk Tea without fail :)

Shopping Time!

Then eat again....

And eat again..!! I've always wanted to go this place, famous for desserts

100 points for the nice presentation ~ Dry ice smoke effects makes you feel like you're having a 'v.special' dessert! 

Not forgetting some small snacks to go along, heee...

Midnight strolling with my cousin :)

Mr. G's first trial to take a 'jump up' photo - Need some exercise after soooo much food :D

Macau Restaurant for B.fast :)

i thought this is quite an artistic pic taken by me! Haha...

Last Day --> To Lantau Island

Cable Car Ride

The view..

It's crystal clear! :)

We reached Lantau Island!

CNY Moods

Oops.. Wrong hand!

Oops... what's with e 'six'?! Haha..

Mr. G's trying to be funnie...

Heading back to HK Island

We should have this vending machine here :)

Last but not least, thanks Dearie for e bag *Geezz...*

Our last pic in HK - Trying to do a self-shot; did ya notice our T-shirt? Hee hee.. :)