Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Outdoor Theme Park

Heee.. This post gonna be a looooong one with lots of pics cos we took quite a fair bit. So much so that i have to break my post to 2, heee...

We woke up early in the morning and got our All Day Theme Park taggie. We planned to use up our morning for the outdoor theme park and leave the afternoon and evening for indoor :D

Entrance - Tag

Our first ride

Show Boat Fantasy

Pirates Train

Choo-choo Train

Flume Ride - We were all wet!

Time for Makan! *Hungry*

Let's go slow after lunch... The Caterpillar Ride

Dinosaur Land

Rides we took

We also tried the Flying Coaster, which is consider a new ride in Genting. Though i'm not an extremely daring person but i felt the rides are not very 'scary' afterall, heee.... But it was really tiring after all the rides and we headed back to get some rest before we continue our indoor theme park tour :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Genting Trip

Took a short break over the weekends at Genting! The weather was just nice.. cooling.

We started our journey early morning at 7am and by time we reach Genting, it was like late afternoon and hence, went around to check out the place, planning for our tomorrow's schedule. Pretty unfamiliar with the area as my last time there was around 8/9 years back! :)

During our bus ride, the driver played the movie 'The Black Sheep' and after watching, i didn't have a very good feel.. cos i'll be petrified everytime i watch horror movies and that's the reason why i always avoid such shows..... Indeed i didn't have a good night sleep, i had nightmare of a person slicing up himself till death!!!!!! OMG.. i woke up from the bad dream and i believe this was due to watching the horror show in the morning. Why oh why did the bus driver played such movies :(

Anyway, here's the journal for my first day at Genting :)

We arrvied Genting! :D

Time for ice-cream

Enjoy yummie BR ice-cream

After ice-cream, we decided on our plans which will be watching the performance, 'DREAMZ' tonight and leave the whole of tomorrow for theme park! :D

Heading to buy tics for the nite

Very soon.. it was 9pm and time for the show! The performance ended 1.5 hours later and we have no where to go, plus both of us don't really enjoy going to casino.. So basically we just hang around, pop by casino for awhile... then went for coffee at Starbucks *All-time favourite*

During our coffee session, i was being 'taught' on improving my photo taking skills - cos they were Lousy. Heee, well cos i just love snapping pics without much thoughts on the background or surrounding. Pose & Snap, haha.... so Mr. G says all his pics were awful and told me the basic rules of taking pictures. Alright, i shall try harder tomorrow and take nicer pics, heee... Check out my Day 2 photos :)

Tickets for 'Dreamz'

After the performance

Check out Good pics Vs Lousy Ones

my 'sad' look after realising how bad my photography skills were

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Online Shopping!

Recently, under the influence of frequent online shoppers like Tissue Lady & Evil Jojo... I decided to tap on some of their orders.

The fun of online shopping is that you can get the trill of receiving a parcel, unwrapping them and getting the items on your hands! *Nice* Like you know, someone sending you a gift, you just feel happy about it, although now, its through your own pocket money & you kinda know what is in it. But well, online shopping can be rather addictive too :p

Got my OPI nail polish and dresses yesterday! Looking at my 3 nail polish now... Hmm, the colours look very similiar. Haha.. a little regret but then again, i was the one who chose them. Anyway, i saved quite alot for each as they cost only like SGD 9 for one instead of the usual 20+.

Loves St. Petersburg Burgundy (extreme right) the most

Also, i've recently got introduced to this online shop and i bought 2 dresses there. This online shop is quite good as in items are as described and the service was excellent. Just that i hope they'll have more new stuffs coming up :)

Oh ya! Less than 24 hours before i head to Genting, yeappies!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Capella Icon

Tissue Lady had just created a banner icon for my bloggie, heee... Check this out! :)

By Tissue Lady

Thanks to SH and I find this really cute. Will try to figure out where i could place this in my blog :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did I Or Did I Not?

Few friends read my previous post and asked me today, "So........ did you manage to 'surprise' him?"

Hee hee.... Well, erm... No! Haha.. eventually i didn't manage to go to the airport. But but, not because i overselpt, erm... abit though. Cos when i checked the arrival timing, i found out his flight will be touching down half hour earlier. Heh, so really no point to head down then. Instead, i waited for him back home - i was awake ^^

Taking a day off from work is really good, relax! Basically we spent our whole afternoon at Orchard Road, do shopping, makan and had coffee session, chit chatting :)

What to look out next - My another off day next Friday, a nearby get-away *Happie*

@ Coffee Club

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dinner with Auntie Maybel

Met Auntie Maybel for dinner just now at Bugis and looking at the rainy weather..... We decided to go for Steamboat! Hee.... :)

As you know there are many steamboat places around Liang Seah Street, so we just popped by one that appear to be having more crowd - Typically Singaporean thinking: Got queue, good food, haha. Food there was not too bad i thought, fresh at least! Well, at reasonable rates too - SGD 18 nett (Eat-all-u-can). Of cos, don't expect too much for the ambience, it's kopi-tiam style :D

Photo specially dedicated for Tissue Lady,
whom has been having cravings for steamboat since last week *Slurps*

Yeah, Mr. G will be touching down in 5 hours' time and i especially took leave tomorrow, planning to give him a 'little surprise' later at the airport. *Xerene is not trying to be sweet, hee* Just that its been more than a year since i last went to wait for him at the airport. Okie, i wanna take a day off too, heee...

But i pray that my alarm clock can wake me up at 4.30am..... i really hope it can :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trip Confirmed, Hurray!

Yeah! Yesterday, we've settled for our Genting trip and i'll be taking a short break in 2 weeks' time! *Can't wait* :D

As i write this post, sigh... Mr. G is on his way to Dubai again. It's good to have few days break from each other but yet on the other hand, kinda will miss his presence too. Fortunately, his trip this round its only going to be 3 days - just nice, not too long :)

Weekend was like per norm, like what most Singaporeans do! Hee.. Watching movies.

Oh ya! Hee... Guess who i saw after movie on Saturday night? While i was eating my prata at Fong Seng....... A girl popped out and say 'Hi'! Its EO!! And she was there with a guy friend (probably her potential, haha), heading there for supper too :p

Movie: Definitely, Maybe

my thought: Nice! This is an exceptional romantic comedy about the choices we make about love. Nostalgic, warm, bittersweet and entertaining. Beautiful and great cast :)
my review: 8/10

Movie: Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon

my thought: War scenes are not as fantastic but the movie moves on real fast. Some history lessons to bring home too. The war/fighting scenes can definitely can be better, maybe. Hee :p
my review: 6/10

Movie: Bucket List

my thought: Be patient, good stuffs are worth waiting for, hee.. Cos the movie gets more & more interesting as it goes. The message of The Bucket List is that we should stop and smell the roses, count our blessings, hug someone we love, before it's too late. More entertaining than I expected.
my review: 7.5/10

And now, i'm starting to countdown to my trip! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monkey Dryer

It wasn't a good day for me today. Things just sucks and i'm having a lousy mood. Worst still, i am running an event where i have to bring out my 'smile' and PR with the group.

But but , heee... i got a consolation in the evening! The Monkey Nail Dryer Tissue Lady ordered for us is here! Aww.... so cute, helps to brighten up my mood a little.

And now after thrashing.. Hey, i'm good again :)

Isn't this cute? :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Busy Week

Today, i was talking to Tissue Lady & friends and mentioned to them that i've been to bbq recently. And her first reaction was, "How come i don't know?" :p *Heh*

Cos usually my blog is kinda 'updated' and they'll know where i've been etc, heee. But yeah, if you noticed that recently my posting seems rather slow cos i've been really busy with work. Just came back and now preparing for another event on Thursday.

There are also some things happening in my work life, like.... Very soon, you probably will see my posting up pics on my last day with my group of nice colleagues. The thought of leaving them is really sad... but then again, progression is equivalently important. Okies, maybe i shall not talk too much about it for now :)

Last Saturday we went to Mr. G's friend birthday celebration at Coasta Sand Resort. Another sweet girl friend, organising a 'surprise birthday' for her love one.

I remember the last time i was there was to attend Cousin Karling's 21st birthday 4 years back! Whoa... long long time ago, heee... So he brought me for a stroll in between the celebration.

Thinking it'll be rather sweet and nice.... ended up....... i stepped on a group of ants!! Urrghh.... I almost got freaked out :(

Before I got 'freak out' by e ants..... *_*

Happie Happie Birthday

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back from HK

Came back from HK last evening and usually i'll be rather tired.. But surprising i still have the 'energy' to go out and have dinner with Mr. G.

During our last night in HK, Shyanne & me just hang out around Causeway Bay area. Can you believe it, that place itself we can hang out till 12+? Had our dinner in a Jap restuarant and the food there is really quite nice.. but then also expensive - we spent around SGD 100 in total.

Food there were really fresh & yummie!

i love their Salmon Skin Handroll :)

She loves Jap food :)

Wow wow...... loads of sushi *yum yums*

We met my cousin for dessert after our dinner and she brought us to 'Lucky Dessert'.

Cousin & Me

It's Dessert Time! :D

Okie, after this trip.. i can conclude Shaynne is really a 'Shopaholic + Foodholic', heee.... But shopping with her was really fun too!! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Evil Jojo Birthday @ HK

Finally, i manage to find the very nice egg tart i've eaten in Hong Kong with EO & Ina last year. If you ever go over to HK, must must eat this! Heee... The cafe name is call 'Tan Dou' located at Wan Chai.

Traditional HK snacks - 'Dan Tart', 'Po Lo Bao' & 'Nai Cha'

After work, we planned to celebrate Evil Jojo's birthday after dinner. Had roasted goose at Yung Kee, also another famous place in Hong Kong- located at Central. As usual, we'll call to reserve seats before heading there, otherwise you gonna wait for like 45 mins to get a seat! :s

Dinner @ Yung Kee Restaurant

Before we head to Lan Kwai Fong, we went to H&M again! Hee... Cos the flagship store is at Central and the store is really huge - so much better than the one at Mongkok which was rather messy & crowded. I didn't buy any more stuffs cos i had enough shopping, i think :)

We just popped in to a pub along Lan Kwai Fong and bought a slice of German Cheese Cake for Jojo... Here are some pics:

Happie Birthday to Jojo!! :)

Our drinks for the nite


Jojo making her wish :)

The 3 of Us

It was close to 1am and also time for us to head back hotel. Though tomorrow's gonna wake up early but i guess for the sake of Jojo.... Hee... sure man! ^_*

Time to find our bed