Monday, March 31, 2008

Time for HK Again

Yesterday we touched down Hong Kong in the afternoon. Took a short break and it's time to head out.

Started our journey at Causeway Bay... 5.30pm....

Shyanne, Me

Me, Jo

We know we gonna shop for quite some time, so the first stop we went was.......... Yeah! Krispy Kreme. Had our stomach filled up alittle first - get charged :)

Krispy Kreme @ Mongkok

Yummies, yummies...... *Slurps*

*Happie Faces*

Alright! Time to start shopping..!! Hee, we went around Mongkok area and then to Langham Place. Also my first time to H&M and i fall in love with their stuffs :) *Shopping Time*

H&M @ Mongkok

Ladies Street Again

Hee... Posing

Oh man, we shopped 5 hours non-stop! It's 10.30pm and we haven't had our dinner yet. This round, we tried taking public bus instead of the MTR.

Our tired faces.....

We reached Causeway Bay within 20 mins, quite fast and you can get a seat as compared to MTR. Alighted and we just headed to a nearby jap food to grab our dinner..... It's 11pm....

Our dinner! :)


Finished our dinner at 12am! Super late... and we were soooo tired we took a cab back hotel, though it was like 6 mins walk away :)

Da-dahh..... ^^

Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 more Hours :)

It's been a few days since i've logged in to my blog, heee... Been tied down by work - tired, tired... :(

Oh ya, it's another 2 hours before Mr. G touches down! Hurray, finally he's back!! 5 days seems quite long to me. And in another 2 days, it'll be my turn to be away....

This round i'll be travelling with Evil Jojo and Shyanne to Hong Kong. We're looking forward in a way and have start planning the places for shopping and makan, haha.... Shyanne and me gonna be so honoured to celebrate Evil Jojo's birthday with her! We probably will bring her to Lan Kwai Fong? ^^

It's been four months since i last went there, now kinda in the 'mood of excitement' again. Hope it's going to be a fun trip :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

iPod Nano - 3rd Gen

Today is Easter day and as i'm writing this post, Mr. G is on his way to Beijing. Ah... as usual, miss miss him! :(

Look at we got yesterday! Hee... Yeah, its the 3rd Generation ipod nano!! The thought of getting a ipod never came across my mind so far. But out of the blue, on Friday night... He told me that the sound quality of ipod is really good and if he had one along during this trip, it will be perfect. After which, i can use it everyday when i travel to work *Blink Blink* Heh... And i thought --> Good idea! Hahaha....

Enthusiastic me went to check out the price at ipod website and it's at SGD 238 for 4GB (with free delivery within 24 hours and engraving). We almosted wanted to purchase online immediately but took quite a while to think of the wordings to be engraved on the ipod besides our name... Ended up, we decided to go down to the stores to make purchase the next day. Anyway, i've not seen the 3rd Gen ones. So the first place i thought of is.... Hee... Yeah, Parisilk! Got my digi cam there and gnerally their prices are pretty competitive.

The 3rd Generation ipod Nano

Snapping with our new ipod nano! :)

Now i shall do some work to keep my time going and i can't wait to talk to him later at night....... :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday - Exercise Time

A good day for exercising we thought and we went for badminton this morning. Heh, also the 'grand opening' of my new racquet, haha.... It was indeed a sport which requires lots of stamina - running all around the court.

Mr. G.. an athlete since young, was like my coach today, heee.. He told me the importance of doing warm up and stretch before exercising and i just followed him as he count, "1, 2, 3, 4.. change, 2, 2, 3, 4, change..." Haha... Just like my school days PE teacher :D

Two other friends joined us awhile later and we played for 2 hours today. Seriously, i can't wait for another session!! i think i'll prefer exercising through playing sports than going to gym or jogging :)

My PE teacher for today! Hee... :)

Booking a Badminton Court

1) Register at SSC's Online - ibook system
2) Choose the sports complex and time you prefer
3) Make Payment!! Peak Hours at SGD 7.40/hr

At night, it's Movie Time! And we went to catch a comedy.

Movie: Semi-Pro

my thought: Slapstick comedy! If you're looking for a something relaxing can go for this show - can have some good laugh & also has few surprises! But don't expect fantastic story line. I thought that Blades of Glory was better though :)

my review: 7.5/10

*For HSBC credit card holders: The usual $1 off per ticket at GV has now cut down to Mon - Wed only* Sads....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birthday Celebration @ Wine Company

2 days back, on Tuesday evening was the birthday celebration of Mr. G's friend, David! And his girlfriend, Charmaine planned a birthday surprise for him - gathering all friends to Wine Company without him knowing. Awww... so sweet of her, hee :)

My first time to Wine Company and i think the food and wine there was really great - love the drumlets & pasta. As we sat indoor, it was a little 'noisy' with all the voices reflecting inside the restuarant and we thought we would go back to this place again, but i'll try for the outdoor :)

Charmaine also ordered a cake from The Patissier - Chocolate Cheese. It's very very yummy! Oh man, i'm in love with their cakes. Just a few days ago, Tissue Lady also ordered a cake there for her love one and she too, agress that the cakes was really delicious. Though the cake is like double the normal price (around SGD 70 instead or SGD 30+ per kg) but i think it's really worth it cos its sooooo nice!! *slurps*

Mr. G & Me @ Wine Company

Let's Toast to e Birthday Boy! :)

Me, Charmaine, Cassie

E very yummy Chocholate Cheese Cake from The Patissier :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flu Jab - Done

Went to take my flu vaccine last night as I'll be travelling to Hong Kong next week. Ah... Don't seem a good time to go but no choice, still have to be there.

- Schools in Hong Kong will be closed until March 28
- 3 of the children who died from Influenza A, also identified as H1N1

Though only childrens have been affected so far, but doctors highly recommend those who are travelling to areas like HK and China to take the jab before going over. I decided to go and drag Mr. G along, hee... The jab wasn't very painful but it will need like 2 weeks to take effect and can last for approximately 9 months. Doctor says we might still get flu, minor though.

But now... Don't know if its me or the post symptoms of the jab, i feel 'feverish' and kinda have the feeling of falling sick soon :(

Monday, March 17, 2008

SPAM Partie!

Went to the Sports Party Animal Movement last Saturday with Evil Jojo, EO and Meanie. It's quite fun as in not only party, you get to see beauties and hunks, heee... Only then, we realised that the SPAM party was actually a 'Beauty Pageant cum Man Hunt'.

That night was the final, with 10 finalist (5 girls and 5 guys) vying for the champion. Think SSC was trying to promote sports in a different angle - Well, sports can be sexy and fun too :) So the contestants from one of the sports representative will do a 'cat walk' on stage with different themes, like the female golfer will be in bikini holding a club and next round, she will be in her casual attire etc. Besides that, there were performance like pole dancing, models cat walking too:

The final 5 male contestants

The professional models :)

The SPAM party ends at 11pm and there's where you can hang around to party... And its time for the 4 of us to party! Ah... it's been more than half a year since i last clubbed and my first time partying with Meanie - she is wild!! Hahaha...

Meanie's still on duty :)

EO & Me - Cheers!

After some drinks.......

Hugs, hugs, Hugs!!

After MORE drinks...... Hee....

Kiss, kiss, KISS!!

e four of us :)

Think we all had our fair share of fun that night... And i've learnt something too!

Tried & Tested (twice): If ever EO says "don't feel like partying". Hee, you can take half of her words cos she'll be the one asking you to keep on dancing later.

Proven: I get really tired easily and i think i shall stick to my 2 - 3 times party a year, which will be more than enough, heee ^^

*For more "happening" pics, pls visit

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Makan Makan!!

Yesterday was about eating, hee.... I had my 3-hr lunch (seriously not intended) at Hilton Singapore. The 4-course lunch was really served 'course-by-course'. Started our lunch at 12plus... 2 hours later, we're only at the third course - the main. The food arrived at our table like little cute objects with very nice presentation.

Besides that, I must say the ambience was really good too... Classy and romantic :) Hee, this is the time where i would say "i love my job" haha... Cos you get to explore nice hotels, makan and travel.

My lunch :)

This is REALLY good! Molton Choc Cake ~ Yummies

Place: Hilton Singapore, Level 3 - Harbour Grill & Oyster Bar

Price: SGD 38++ for 3-course set lunch / 42++ for 4-course set lunch
(with wine SGD 65 - 118)

At night, Mr. G and i went for dinner at West Lake.. Ah, the place i always refer to the 'best kong ba bao' in Singapore, hee....

We've got to finish this table of food :)

Wrapping braised pork with bao

Place: West Lake - Blk 4 Queens Road #02-139

Price: Apprx SGD 15 ~ 20 per pax (depends on what you order too )

Okies, time to go out! Meeting Evil Jojo, Meanie and EO for partie tonight! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Isetan Private Sales

Just back from town not too long ago. Today abit 'sway' eh.. everything i want seems to be Out-of-stock :(

1st - Charles & Keith Vouchers for Evil Jojo
--> "Sorry we do not have any vouchers left"

2nd - Purchase S.P.A.M tickets at Wisma Sistic
--> "Oh, the tickets were all sold out"

3rd - agnes b. name card holder for Sha Sha
--> "I'm sorry, we don't have it here, it's the limited edition series" Apparently, it's only available at Raffles City branch - Sha Sha, i'll try to get the pressie for you by this week or next :)

Oh man..... Seems like i can't get most of my stuffs today, but at least i got my Fancl. This will be the time i stock up my Fancl MCO. Isetan was as usual, it's pack pack pack during private sales..! Cos all their stuff will be like 20 - 30% off. From tomorrow onwards, it'll be open to public... but the discount usually will not be as much or some brands, they won't be doing any promo at all.

That is why, on this 1-day private sales.... At 9pm..... Look at the crowd...

Super crowded.. Many a times, don't feel like shopping. Just buy & go..

Fancl MCO & HTC for Evil Jojo, Tissue Lady & Me! ^^
(only 10% disc frm this year onwards, no more 20%)

Think their next private sales will be around June... shall stock-up again then :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Hobby Coming Up

*Yawns* Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy... Hee, think i slept too late last night, chatting with Mr. G till 3/4 am!! Nice though cos recently we've both been quite busy on work stuff and 2 weeks later we will be travelling so most likely i can't see him for a week :(

On Saturady, we went to a cell group and it's my first time meeting up with Gav's colleagues. Though i've seen some of their photos before but kinda different when you have met up with someone face-to-face.

Anyway..... Da-dahh.... Look at what he bought for me over the weekends, heee... Yes, you probably will see Xerene blogging about her new hobby soon, Badminton! It's been years since i've hold a racquet but having the thoughts on playing badminton is kinda exciting, for now :)

All time favourite - Yonex

Saturday Nite - During Car Wash, Haha.. :)
Background pic above: I was trying to take the Singapore Flyer while on my way back

Saturday, March 8, 2008

S.P.A.M - Sports Party Animals Movement

Sounds interesting eh? Hee... This event is highly recommended by our dear Meanie.

Venue: Powerhouse @ St. James Power Station

Date: 15 Mar '08 (Saturday)

Time: 8pm - 11pm

Entry: SGD 15

Check out more at this link:

Hmm... It's been like 10 working days since Meanie left us. Kinda miss her craps and her 'loud' voice. Alright, we used to sit at different ends of the office and everytime when she's on the phone.. i could hear her talk, erm... especially her laughter: HA-HAA--HAAA.....

Let's do a recap for our 6-mths affair... Heee

Classic Moments with Meanie

It's just a pity we didn't travel to Hong Kong together... Anyway, keep in touch Meanie! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dinner with G's Friends

Just came back from AMK Hub after dinner with Gav and his group of friends at Ichiban Boshi. Heee... coincidentally, Tissue Lady was heading to the same shopping mall for dinner too!

And yeah i roughly know where she will be having her dinner, so i kinda peeped into Pepper Lunch to see if i could spot her... Eh hey! There she is with Mr. Porky enjoying their dinner :) As we're pretty late for the meet up, we didn't go in to say 'hi' to them. So practically we just waved and waved at each other through the glass window as we walked pass.. all the way till the escalator (n still waving).. Hahaha... Anyway, the dinner session with his friends was good. Had a great time talking to this fun group of nice people.

After Dinner --- Heading Home

After dinner we went straight back to home cos tomorrow's another long day (arrghh... "Xerene the Accountant" Day eeeewwwss). Oh! Back home, found out Gav's sista-in-law, Serene is back from Shanghai! And so sweet of her to give us a little 'surprise' - placed a lovely gift in the room.... Thank U! :)

Sweet little gift ^^

That's my simple journal for today and now.... Time to be Miss Junkie cum Couch Potato again! My Doritos Nacho Cheese and TVB serial is calling me! Heee..... Nitey folks :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Left Hand Drive Car on Sg Road

Saw something interesting on my way home just now while on a cab.. A car with a ‘Left Hand Drive Car’ sticker on the back of the car, which is just next to the car plate (something like the pic below).

Have u seen this??

Initially Liting & I thought, maybe it’s a sticker just to trick people.. You know nowadays, lots of funny, interesting and weird stickers around...

some examples :)

Till… red light, our cab stopped next to this Mazda... (both of us were really curious to find out) Hey! It’s really a left hand drive car! The driver looks like a Japanese guy (or uncle)… but pretty obvious he’s not a local. So I came home and ‘google’ to find out why LHD car exist in Sg, which I thought was illegal as LTA says, “Armoured vehicles, Camper Vans, Caravan trailers, mini-buses with cooking and sleeping facilities and left-hand drive vehicles are not allowed into Singapore.”

Later which I found out from another website ( it says.. In Singapore, you wont’ be allowed to register your left-hand drive car if you bring it with you (unless you have a diplomatic exemption). Ah… so that guy must be an ambassador from some country or linked to the government in a way or another.

Ok now i can confirm, Left Hand Drive Cars DO exist in Singapore and on the road.... And i've seen them with my own eyes! :p

Sunday, March 2, 2008

GV Movie Club

Weekend's been busy for me.. running few places and taking care of Mr.G - He's not feeling too well since he came back from Dubai :(

But still manage to have time for movie! On Saturday night, we went to watch the show JUNO and as you can see the pic below.. he's on 'Drowsy Mode' after some medicine. Oh ya, we also applied for the GV movie club member as usually catch our movies there and surprisingly, its a free membership. Think they just want you to visit them frequently, heee...

How to get the "Popcorn" card? :)
Very simple, just go to GV webbie or click here. After registration, you'll be able to collect your card within the next few days at any GV cineplex. You'll then be entitled for perks like... $1 OFF Combo of the Week, $6.50 Movie Tickets - every Tuesday, Priority Seat Selection etc.

Isn't this "Popcorn Card" cute?!!

Mr. G tryin to get some rest before movie..

Movie: JUNO

my thought: Not as entertaining as i thought it would be... But overall, the show is pretty lively and engaging.
my review: 7/10

Basically Sunday was a rest day for us... Just went out for makans and spent our time watching TVB serials again! And not forgetting with the company of my Nachos Cheese Snacks. Heh.. Junkie Me :)