Sunday, October 28, 2007

Relaxing Sunday

Slept till 12plus today cos yesterday went to watch midnight movie, Superbad with Mr. G. The show is darn funnie eh but lots of F-word used, heee.... but i like! wahhaha

Today, basically a super slag day for me. Woke up ate my lunch, watch our TVB dvds, take naps & hee, went out. First, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza cos gotta go NTUC.. then take a little rest at Yakun for tea. Then went to Chinatown, take a little stroll.. visited e new temple opposite Maxwell Market - very nice inside & super comfy, its air-conditioned, hee... Then headed for our dinner & went KTV! :)

Relaxin Sunday, how i wish i could have another rest day tomorrow :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fancl's Promotion

Fancl is having a promotion for their Mild Cleansing Oil & jus nice i would need to get them! Wanted to ask Auntie May to help me get 2~3 bottles, cos its' her birthday month & i thght she would have 20% off.. but now Fancl has changed their policy to only 7% off during your birthday month.

Quite a big diff eh, but still i needa stock up le :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Reaching Sg in Threee Hours

I'm now at KLIA, gonna wait for another 2 hrs for my flight.... Feeling v.tired now after a loooong day. And by time i touch down Sg, its gonna be close to mid night.... sigh... don't wanna tink abt it..

Jus finish our dinner actually, hee... so Beanie & me are blogging at KFC, cant' wait to go home... miss our bed!! OH ya, we've got a new blogger born today, heee... She's Beanie & i tell ya, her blog is really abt beans lor... i Tink she really got overdosed by beans! Pop by her crappie website ( to take alook at all e cartoon beans she had blogged, hahhaha... Basically she spills beans all over her blog! *_*

our shag faces

A little more energetic after food

We didnt as much pics as yesterday (total of 101 photos taken) hee... but did take some at the hotel lobby while waiting for the cab to pick us up. Happened to see Laurie Young, e speaker, who is also heading to e airport.. so we took a picture with him before he flys back to London! Oh ya, he is also currently working on his fourth book, From Products To Services, which will be published in 2008 :)

Me & Laurie Young

me tryin to be funnie, heee

Again, me & beanie was playin with e camera while waiting to board e flight.. Used self-timer to take some pics ^^

Beanie & Me waiting to board e flight

Dunnoe if Mr. G is coming to pick me thgh... but i miss him lots, heeee.... Orite, tat's all folks, wish me a safe flight back home *Yawns.....*

super tired ~~

Thursday, October 25, 2007

KL Day Two

While waiting for my turn to take shower, me shall blog down about my day, heee... As usual, after work we headed out for makan & as Beanie has not visited Bukit Bintang area before, me jus showed her around to Lot 10, BB Plaza etc.. but we don't seem to find any shops we wanted to visit there, so guess where we went?

Hahahah.... Yes, Bangsar Village again! Cos Beanie has been talking about a dress she wanted to buy (since last nite) & was comtemplating if she wanna get it. Finally, her mind is set & we went to Bangsar - but there's quite alot of wine & dine place there... so we don't mind gg there to take our dinner BUT of cos, NO Outback, heee...

We decided on a restaurant named 'the social' - eh, nice embience but sigh.. didnt' realise tat its a restuarant cum bar, which later came a group of guys who talked sooooo loud while playing pool & they were directly behind us *noisy!!* :(

Dinner @ the social

Beanie & Me

After dinner we decided to eat some dessert & at first wanna go to Haggen Dazz but we saw Baskin Robin Ice Cream! - highly recommended by Beanie. So we went there instead.. in fact i was attract by e appearance of the shop, so colourful... kinda like super deliciousie ^^

Beanie usual self - Doin funnie things, wahahaha

e Yummie Ice-cream

2 gals enjoyin BR ice cream

Greedie Xerene - Stickin out my tougue again, heee

After ice cream, hahaha... me still not satisfied yet, heee... Hence, went to a Starbucks near JW Marriott to grab a cup of Iced Mocha~~ *Greedie Xerene* Yeah... finally my stomach is happie... :)

buyin StarBucks :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Landed - KL

Flight got delayed again tis round.... so we landed KL an hr later. Meaning i'm late for my manicure session & poor driver, he waited outside for us.

During Flight Delay

E cab ride to JW Marriott was prettie long, so Beanie & me slept in e car & by time we checked in to e hotel, it was ard 5 oreadie. Whoooo.. we loved e room there man! Tis time they gave us a room with nice view - i remember last yr when i came, it was not as nice. Oh maybe its becos we kinda used to stay at HK hotels where their super small, so when we stepped in ~ heee, feel so luxurious *cosy cosy*

so nice ~ love our room ^^

e KL Twin Tower view in our room

Drop our stuffs, rested a little while & quickly we headed off to Bangsar Village. Manage to chng my appt time frm 4.30 to 7pm... luckily they're still open. Our first time to Bangsar Village & tis shoppin mall is BIG.... Not much crowd too, maybe cos its wkday. While i'm doin my pedi & mani, Beanie didnt' wan to join me, so she went shoppin instead.

Prettie?? hee... i chose Deep Red :)

Heee... guess where we headed for dinner? heee... Outback Steak House again! we didnt' purposely went to search for it, basically when we stepped out of Bangsar Village, its jus right opp - so we thght, must as well go there to make it like we're doin a 'Outback Hunt in Asia', wahhaha... But we were quite disappointed with e steak there.. As compared to HK,
no where near.. :( but still, we took 'happie' pics for memoirs.

Oh ya, hee... we got a complimentary dessert again (2nd time) - 1st time was when we were in HK, cos e steak wasnt' cooked in e way we wanted, they gave us their popular dessert - Chocolate Thunder Frm Down Under. Again, now in KL they gave us e same dessert cos when they asked for our comments, we felt e steak wasn't v.nice. But but, its true eh.. reallie not v.nice

Makanin @ Outback, KL

Enjoyin my Oreo ShakE!

After dinner, we were tired le & since tom's gonna be a long day, we decided to jus head back to e hotel to rest... Nite nite... zzZZzz...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Miss Popularity is Here!

Sigh... thgh tom's gg KL but seems like everything is in a rush now. Today wasnt a wrk day for me cos lots of things dun seems to go well. & ya, i'm still in office now clearing my wrk stuff, calling UK side etc etc... *i wanna go hm fast cos Mr. G is waiting for me*

One consolation, today i got Miss Popularity ~ yeah, my first benefit make-up. Thanks ah JO for letting us tap to ur order, hee... Evil JO shared e excitement over MMS, look!

Okie, gtg now.. cab's waiting for me ~~

my Miss Popularity

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movie Nite - Brother

Just came back from Junction 8 not too long - after the movie, Brother. i will give an average to this movie, though not as boring as i thought it'll be. But i like Miao Qiao Wei, for his age i think his still v.charming eh, heee...

Before movie, we shopped ard Junction 8 & i passed by a shop tat sells this very interesting soft toy! I told Mr. G, "wait, wait... i MUST take tis picture". Quickly take out my cam & snapped a pic.

It says: Beanie Love Cats! & happened tat my colleauge, whom we called her Beanie owns a cat & she LOVES her pet cat like mad, heee - jus find it v.amusing to see e name of e toy (coincidence eh). This Beanie alway says" I own 2 hamtaros (hamsters), 1000 fishes, 1 cat & a 300 dollars bunnie!" heee.... & yeah its true except e fish lah - she is an extreme animal lover :)

Beanie now' die-die wanna get tis soft-toy

Actually wanted to meet EO for supper after movie & pass her some stuff but i guess she got other dates, hee... so we didnt meet up & headed back home straight after movie.

Oh ya, a good news to share, my braces is going to be off in December! Hurray! Hee... been waiting for tis day man. But i think i gonna be more punctual for my last 2 dental appointments cos i overslept in e morning again & it was e 3rd time - think e dental asst gonna knock my head lor, hee.. Fortunately, they are very patient ladies.

On way back in e car.. hee, me jus took take some snaps to tell DMLS - their birthday gift was useful! Like this little coach wrislet because it limits your stuff - can only put a packet of tissue, blotters, camera, HP & its FULL - no more space for wallet *evil thoughts* :)

HK Movie - Brother

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vivo Again ~ Dinner with EO & Ina

Heee.. yeaps, Yesterday went Vivo City again, hahha... Been there like at least once a wk. Kinda like to meet up at vivo cos it's one of e nearest place frm my office & near home ;p

Today's friday (finally!!).. i arrged for dinner with SH & 2 ex-colleauges - as for Mr. G, he has got a ASMI dinner to attend. Vivo was as usual, crowded cos its friday & not easy to find a place to dine. So when SH & me stepped in, we jus aimed for a cafe/restaurant where there's no queue - & we found Thai Accent. Recently SH & EO jus went to Thailand for holiday ~ saw their blogs abt e description of e food, like its sooo yummie, heee.. .makes u wanna fly to Bangkok for a short trip too.

We expect e food will not be as nice as wat they ate in Bangkok, but at least we can get seated immediately. At first we got an indoor seat but i saw eh... e outside seats looked more 'romantic', hahaha.. so i requested for a chng once available. It was barely 10mins & e waitress got us a seat outside - jus then, EO arrived - GoOoooD! can order food liao, heee *xerene is hungry*

Despite repeating "ok, let's order now" - it seems like its soooo difficult to finalise our order. Got cut off like bombarding EO who sent her to vivo... then abt SH & EO dinner at bangkok .... then to EO & her wrk.... then abt things at current office...... then back to EO & potential guy.... blah blah blah... Finally, after 20 mins & 2 trips of e waitress coming over to ask if we could take order - e four of us eneded up ordering e same food >> Phad Thai *very duh....* hahhaha...

Dinner @ Thai Accent

Starbucks was our next stop after dinner & hey!! guess who i met there! hee.... it's Princess Sha Sha & PJ, heee.... Oh ya, finally EO meets PJ - cos i intro both of them over MSN & they've not got a chance to meet up with each other till now. Sadly, PJ & Sha Sha cant' join us for coffee. So e 4 of us cont'd of coffee session & talked till half past 11.

Surprise Guests - PJ + Sha Sha (Ina was actually getting iced water for us :)

SH & Me playin w/cam while EO & Ina gets coffee, heee
(background pic was actually PJ)

Jus nice Mr. G called & he picked me home along e way. Heee.. didn't fail to take some snaps with him cos he dressed nicely tat evening.. & tat's my Friday nite tis wk :)

<--- in lift / in car --->

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Luckie Xerene

Yeah... 1 special incident happend to me tis evening. After wrk, i went to meet Sha Sha & Liting (J@n) for dinner after wrk at Holland V. As Sha Sha went to park her car, both of us headed to e Noodle house first... & along e way, eh... jus nice i saw PariSilk, a pretty well-known place where they sell discounted electronic goods (also e place i bought my Canon Ixus 75

Oh ya, i suddenly recall tat i need to check e price of e camera's batt cos Ms Keng wanna get one & i've previously mentioned to her tat they might have special price for e batt. So i walked in e store & asked e Sales Person (an indian).....

Me: Hi, i'm just wondering if e promotion for e canon battery is still on? Ya, for Canon Ixus 75... Cos couple of mths ago i bought my cam here & ur colleague mentioned tat there's a in-house promo which cost only 54 for one.

Sales: Hmm.... i tink no more promotion now... but let me check...... (he went to check with, i tink his boss then came back)

Sorry.. u see (showin me a canon leaflet) e promotion for e battery is over.. ended in 1st wk of Oct, now it'll cost 70 for e Canon Batt.

Me: Ohh...... Erm, but i tink e other time, ur colleague mentioned e promotion it's an in-house one, not frm Canon eh

Sales: But i tink tat one also no more already....
Me: Huh.... But now got any other promotion? (hee.. me abit auntie wor)

Sales: I tink dun have... over already..... (e sales guy mumbled something & walked back to e cashier area)

*Blurr* i thght he asked me to hold on for a while... didnt' reallie catch wat he said... anyway, jus waited for him to come back again.... Awhile later, he came back with a Canon Battery & put infront of me.. (something interesting is gonna happen!! hee)

Sales: When u buy e camera? u have e receipt?

Me: Huh.. few mths back... Neh, with ur colleauge, Michael. But receipt i dun have...
Sales: Ok........... Here... take it! (he pushed e battery to me)

Me: So how much isit now?

Sales: No no no... u take, u take..

Me: No no no... how much isist first???? (well well, u noe... sorrie if i'm alittle too racist, hee... but met with quite a no. of indian sales person.. they everytime say 'take it' 'take it'... then when u ask e price... whoaaaaaa..... super expensive one lor)
So me insisted & asked him e price again: No lah, u tell me e price first..

Sales (he insisted again): No... i give u.... FREE!! i give u.. take it, take it...

**STUNNED** Liting & me were super shock...

Me: R u serious? But i really wan to buy a battery (well teacher say, there's no free lunch in tis world)

Sales: Yes.... u take it, i give u one cos we have extra frm e canon promotion... u can take one

**Still stunning away (both of us)**

Me: Reallie........?? (hee... since he insisted, okie lor, wahhahahha)

Thank u so much eh.... wat's ur name??

Sales: Majj...
Me: Oh Majj, thanks eh.. u're really v.nice (wahhaha.. hey, wat can i say! he's reallie super nice mah, rite? heee)

So yeap! We walked out with a Free Canon Battery (still quite blur & puzzled)

Wahaha... e Free Canon Batt

After e dinner, we went to Coffee club for a drink.. By then Karen joined us & i shared with her my story, heee... When i headed back home, heee.... First thing, (me still excited) i told Mr. G abt tis incident again.. Hee hee... Guess its my luckie day today? ;p

Snaps at Coffe Club

Thank U Board:

I wan to thank Ms Keng for creating tis opportunity for me to step in to the store. hahha.... :)

Birthday Lunchie

Today we had a celebration at office for e Oct & Nov babies - SH, Rena & Joyce! While eating, we played a game organised by our partie planner Noormie... Hmm, something abt True, Truth, False. Eh... i was abit slow in catchin wat e game actually was but at last, after much explanation frm e rest, hee... Xerene got it! heee :)

Okie, basically tis game is about writing down 3 things/description abt yourself - Out of e 3, two must be something TRUE abt urself, while one will be a FALSE (write 2 True & 1 False) - Which these 3 description must be written in a way tat will Mislead ppl in believing e false description is true & e true description might be false. Confusing right? Yeah... tat is e purpose, confuse u then ask ya to guess.. Out of e 3 description, which is actually the FALSE sentence *hope u got wat i meant ;p*

Anyway, i manage to list down 3 things - hee, used lots of brain juices... So here's wat i wrote, Wanna make a guess which is the False Description abt me?

1) i finally manage to swallow a small tiny Tablet on Sunday!!
2) i used to dislike Red colour
3) i do not like keepin long finger nails

Had ur guess in mind? heee.... yeap yeap, e false sentence is actuallie no. 1 - cos i still hav not succeed in swallowing any tablets so far :)

E lunch lasted till 2.30pm (yeah, we were all happie!!) cos Shyanne did a 'presentation' on her Europe trip. It's v.interesting which makes me even wan to go for a trip to Europe -- as soon as possible, hopefully next yr :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To-Do-List for KL Trip

Tired day... cos had a long day & reached home not too long ago - today i was last to leave office. As i'm bloggin now, heee... i'm takin my dinner at e same time. Yeah, facing e comp to eat my dinner jus like wat Alexis (Meanie) did tis afternoon during lunch ;)

Heee... When i was OT-ing jus now, me took alittle time to plan my 'to-do-list' for my KL trip next week. Hmm, was tinking tis round i should cut down on shopping, instead i planned to do somethin more relaxin tis round - Manicure + Pedicure + Eye Lash Extension. Actually wanted to do my mani & pedi tis last wk.. but didnt' really hav time to go.. so must as well wait for a wk so i can do it in KL ~ cheaper mah, hee..

Tis morning Ms Keng sent me some places recommended by her frds in KL, so i called to fix an appointment first at Glitters Nails. For e Mani & Pedi, they quote me RM 30 & RM 40 respectively.. so meaning it'll cos me ard 31+ sing for both... it cheap! hee, so i booked two slots, one for myself & e other for Beanie! wahaha... i shall drag her there too :) (Famous for Chocolate. Manicure. Pedicure)

As for Eye Lash Extension, e place recommended was actually STRIP! Salon ~ Yeah, e place where we do brazilian waxies ^^.. tis Singapore firm has expanded it's branch in KL. They quoted me RM 170 (apprx 76 sing) for e extension.. E price's okie as at Sg, it'll probably cost ard 100 or so. But i thght i'll prob ask a couple more these few days before confirming which to go :)
(Famous for Brazillian waxes - maybe i should go for tat too? heeee)

While surfing e net... me found out some links tat recommend these services @ KL
(hey, i spotted tis Nail Clinique @ Star Hill Gallery >> where we'll be staying, convenient!)

Any recommendations - anyone? :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Maybelyn's Birthday - BBQ

Jus came back frm my haircut @ Reds... Feelin v.hungry but gotta wait for Mr. G to be back for dinner.

Yesterday, went to PJ's place for bbq to celebrate Auntie's Maybel 26th Tis gal here is a v.special frd of mine, cos i noe her since i was 7 yrs-old & we've been in e same class frm Primary 1 to Sec. 4 - yeah, she's really my childhood frd :)

By right, everyone was suppose to reach at 7.30pm. But i was stuck at wrk, so reached there at ard 8.30pm... also thinkin.. hey, i can prob start to eat once i reach, heee *lazie Xer* well, i must admit i'm not a v.hands-on bbq person - basically more to a helper in finishin e food :p
Duh.... when i reached there, ard 8.3opm, they jus got e fire... so meanin i can't escape frm bbq-ing. Fortunately, Ken was nice eh.. he bbq e food for us - of cos, our dear Auntie May hav to company her boy & help to bbq & serve e food.

Birthday Gal & Ken

Of cos, me not sooo mean eh, hee... felt bad & started helpin out too after some light food first - No food = No energy rite ^^ I bbq a few chicken wings & quite a no. of prawns before i get back to e seats & start eatin again, wahahha.... Jus nice, PJ has reached (finally)! By e time, most of e food was prepared & we sat down to makan & start our talkin-nonsense session. Half way thrhg... e guys (Ken & Yaodong) complained to me: "Xerene, e prawns r too raw"

Me insisted: "Hey, prawns should not be over-cooked, otherwise they taste awful"

Cos to me, i felt prawns will kinda taste too tough once overcooked, so once they turned orange - i picked them out frm e bbq rack. Hey, Liting also commented e prawns i bbq-ed looks gd, hee..... [so everyone jus cont'd eating e prawns]
Second complaint came (Donn): "Xerene, i really tink e prawns r not fully cooked"

Me: "But they turned orange before i take it out... How do u noe it's uncooked??"

Reply (Donn): "Cos it has tis, erm....... some kind of fishy smell"

Reallie!?? Errrm........... tink its time i should taste it myself, heeee. I tried one & found out... eeeee.... reallie got tat 'fishy' taste.. hahhaha..... Oops, i apologise & quickly go re-cooked e prawns *Paiseh*

I m working eh, heee :)

Photos in Sequel: 4 (Jan), 3 (Me), 2 (Sha), 1 (PJ)

Cont'd: 8 (Jan), 7 (Me), 6 (Sha), 5 (PJ)

Introducing e acting 'Gay' Couple & our new Couple, PJ & Donn ^^

Posing for e cam, hee... ~ gals...

E lights were off ard 11pm, quite early.. so they decided to play UNO spin. Somethin out of our expectations, e 1st game we played lasted for ONE hour... felt it's like nvr-ending... After which, my brain was dead cos i'm feelin pretti tired - so decided i should jus watched them play till e nite ends....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

KTV Session ~ Lalala

Yeah ~ time to sing! Mr. G suggested we should do some singing today, hee... & yeah, i'll love to cos i enjoy singin too. Hmm.. it's been close to 2 mths since we last visited Party World.

Oh... KTV is one of our past time & we'll usually go like once a mth, but mostly on Sunday mornings cos its e day where u would hav enough rest & not too expensive too :) So Mr. G picked me up frm wrk & we headed for dinner @ Smith Street first before the KTV session.

As we approach e recep to get a room, we then realised tat we do not hav e 'coupon' with us... walked back to e car & pick it up.. but... duh.. e coupons we had were all expired, wat a joke. Anyway, decided to jus head back & see if they can make so leeway for us.... hmm, which they did, hee.. then... Wat a coincidence, Mr. G saw his frd, Winston who is also gg to e KTV & his grp had many many extra coupons - so he was nice to pass us one & we ended up at rooms nex to each other.

We sang for close to full 4-hrs, yeah - jus e 2 of us... which in btw, Winston came in with his frd, talk some jokes, nonsense & sang a few songs, heee... Overall, a gd day & gotta noe some new frds too :)

we're abt to start...... ^^

Mr. G starts singin.... :p

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Syndrome

Sigh.… dunnoe why, tis is e 2nd Tuesday I hav been getting bad headaches in a row. First one was last week where I met the gals out for dinner at Vivo – I experience very bad headache & e same thing is happening today! My head starts aching at ard 3+ (same timing as last wk) & its kinda getting worse…..

But still I didn’t take panadols.. cos erm…. Xerene HATES medicine. Guess some of u noes tat I do not noe how to swallow tablets.. yeah till now. I noe lots of ppl will say, “Haiya… its e mindset problem, u are just being negative.. U tell urself can, & u can just swallow it. It’s easy, put is near ur throat etc etc etc. .

Seriously, I tried lor…. Many many ways as recommended, tryin out e tiny bitsy tablets which can be as small as sunflower seeds… sigh, but i jus cant get it thrgh my throat :s

But there was a doctor whom I met before, he understood tis problem & said tat there are really people who cant swallow tablets in their life! Heee… so hey, tis is true.. there r reallie ppl who can’t swallow tables & one real-life case is ME! Heee…

So how do I take medies… well, either I crush it (sounds disgusting rite)… & mix it with water (eeekksss) – which I really hate e bitterness. Luckily, iFound a new way out few yrs back! Squeeze e pills in an empty capsules! Oh ya, something weird is tat I can swallow capsules only, which I thght is a blessing in disguise (at least I have one option) :)

*Prayin my headache goes away sooooon... *

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Little Trevor - Happie Birthday!

Yesterday, Mr. G & i went to Toys 'R' Us @ vivocity to get a present for little Trevor, his nephew. We went to e Vivocity outlet cos it nearer to my office & his place too.. After our makan, we went to look ard in e store & were contemplating which to get for little Trevor.


Initially we wanted to get a red one - Cars, cos it's got some lights & music ~ tink kids will find it amusing, heee. Then we saw e other one, which is nice too - Toy Story with Buzz Lightyears, kinda more suitable for boy boy eh. Ended up we bought: Buzz Lightyears!
So i jus waited for Mr. G to finish his tuition before we head to his sister place for e celebration. It was close to 7pm when we reached his sista's place & we head straight to e buffet section (i love e mini cups cakes most - super cute), heee.... cos hungry le. After which, had some chit chats with uncles & aunties then.... went in to open little Trevor's present - he looked excited!! ^^

Cutie Cup Cakes

little Trevor with his new toy :)

Having buffet & photo session

After our buffet... e aunties had some KTV session, well of cos they were singing e old songs like 往事只能回味,王昭君 etc, hee.... So we stayed a while & quickly head to Plaza Sing. for our movie. Did a little shopping too & i manage to get a pair of white slippers.

The movie started ard 10.45pm & u noe wat, something 'malu' is happening! I saw a couple taking our seats so naturally i asked, "i'm sorry, did u get e right seats?" - & i showed him e tickets..

Reply frm stranger: "Erm.... I think u got to e wrong cinema, tis is cinema 5 not 3"

Duh........................ oh my god................ can someone show me to a hole?? :s Super paiseh man.

Haiz... no choice, oreadie asked & well, quickly sneak out of e cinema & headed to e correct one & get seated. U noe, sometimes Xerene can be super uber blurzzzz.

But e show was gd, thgh me got petrified at some horror scenes but overall, nice show. Have always like series of RESIDENT EVIL movies :)

Dearie & Me @ Basement of e house

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mrs. Ju-On (Part II)

Guess wat? Mrs. Ju-On came back with e list of items for purchase.. Haha. As we thght it'll be, a listing of 14 items became 6!! Meaning she cut down more than 60%!

Well, she read e list & said "This one don't need.... This one also don't need.... This one........ erm, also don't need lah"... :s *faintzzzzz*

Ok, next i should really scold myself for being a BIG mouth! arrghh... hate myself for asking her tis question. "Oh, we need to order batteries too." *eyes rolling.....*

Mrs. Ju-On started: Hmm..... we need it to run events? You mean those small ones, double A batteries
Me: Ya, need around 2 to 4 batteries per event
Mrs. Ju-On: Hmm........ (silence & squeeeeeezing her stingy thghts)........... we have RECYCLED batteries right?
Me: Ya..... but those r meant for e talkies
Mrs. Ju-On: But we have e charger right
Me: Ya.... but take quite a long time to charge full, at least over e nite
Mrs. Ju-On: So how much is the one we usually buy & how much is those rechargeable ones?
Me: Not too sure thgh, but e normal batts we buy ard 3+ for fours & recharge batteries usually takes quite some time
Mrs. Ju-On: Still, we have e charger & we can jus buy those rechargable batteries to use, which we could save on buying those batteries. Anyway, we already have the charger, we just need to buy the batteries instead of using those normal ones.
Anyway, you all can go ahead with this list of items first.. the batteries can leave it first.. In any case, I have my camera's batteries.. they are rechargable, can use it first ah.
... & contd's.....
Oh, I have also do up a list named "LOWEST PRICE LIST for stationeries", so who ever needs to order things, can refer to this list and make sure we meet the best price. Of course, these are not updated ones, maybe you can ask someone to source & update it.

Ok, Xerene give up.... no choice but jus hav to pass the list to Joann to source... poor gal...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fake it! :)

Just tryin out my fake lashes... & seems like i am gettin slightly better than last time. Still, not at it thgh - guess i need more time & practice to make it right, hee :)

*Lessons Online - How to Use Eyelash*

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stingy Mrs. Ju-On to e MAX

I seriously tink Mrs. Ju-On has some problem with her thghts in $$. I mean savings are good but too much of it... arrghh...

This is how it goes about today when a list of items for purchase was landed in her hands (which is also why we always didn't pass it to her):

1) Binder & Paper Clips
Mrs. Ju-On: When is e last time we ordered tis?
Me: I tink at least a yr ago...
Mrs. Ju-On: Hmm... but I think clips are things tat are non-consumable & I'm sure there are people keeping them in their drawer, maybe can check with everyone & ask them to pass back those excess items.
.... then...... *drrrrhhh..... Mrs. Ju-On starts to open her drawer & dig.....
There! u see... like me, i oso dunnoe when i start keeping all these.. nah, give u.. u can ask those who needs to take from here.

OK, item 1 - Don't Need

2) Post-it Pads (for ur info, not 3M brand.. jus some kuching kurak brand, cos it's cheaper)
Mrs. Ju-On: What do u all use post pads for?
Me: Well, if e document cannot be written on it & we hav to make some notes, it's gd to stick ONE post-it & write things to follow up on it.
Mrs. Ju-On: Are u sure? Or u all just use them to write down messages & stick it on ur board or table. But we have those board pins rite?
Me: Yeap....
Mrs. Ju-On: Then actually don't need to stick what, just use e pin to pin e paper on e board. Anyway, we have soooooo many recycle paper, we can just cut & use it as note pads.
..... she cont'd......
By e way, post pads are mainly used in 'Situations' (oh man... she use situations.. machiam like soooo serious) where u are not accessible to recycle papers. In office, we have sooooo many waste papers which we could use. I don't see a point the need of post-it pads.

*Xer almost fainted.....* - can someone help???? :s

OK, item 2 - No Use

3) Highlighters
Mrs. Ju-On: Do we use that?
Me: Yes of cos, we use them DAILY to highlight news reports, printed research materials & documents etc etc...
Mrs. Ju-On: Isit..?? (with tat kind of suspicious birdie look)
No, I think nowadays we seldom write on papers, we all typed in the computers. So why do we need highlighters?? The only thing, maybe during draft programme we would need to do some highlighting. But other than that, it's all in the computer.
Me: *speechless* pls can someone tell me wat's e link between highlighter & computer??
Chotto!! Wait! Mrs. Ju-On continues......
Mrs. Ju-On: I think nowadays, even pen & pencils are rarely used that's why we didn't buy and there's no point wasting money on all these things.

OK, item 3 - No Point

Orite... fine fine fine... watever man! Hence Jasmin & JO thght: "hey, r we suppose to use our blood to highlight???" Well... maybe?? arrghhh....

Oh man.. still feelin super shock & still half-fainted away... i can't believe it... can u either?? :(

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dinner with D-M-L-S

Met Auntie May, Sha & Liting for dinner tonite... i guess i havent met them for dinner since end Aug cos was v.busy with wrk & travelling recently.

Dun noe why.. i had a v.bad headache since late afternoon.. but i dun wanna cancel e dinner cos its kinda bad & i miss e gals too.. so i went straight after i knock off. Sigh... my headache was so bad i had to pop one panadol immediately when i stepped into e cafe, otherwise i tink i might jus faint :s

Hey, panadol really wrks! Ard half hour later, e pain was gone.. thgh still not feelin too gd, i guess its much better le. Hee... after dinner, e gals passed me a gift which was actuallie meant for my ~ they're so sweet, got me a coach pouch which they thght could match with my new hobo :) *Thanks Babes*

e after panadol me...

We didn't stay too long at Vivo cos we were kinda tired & went home after a drink at Pacific Coffee. Oh.... Thanks Princess Sha Sha for sendin us back :p