Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maybel's Pre-ROM

Celebrated Auntie Maybel's Hens Night last Saturday, heee... We planned to dress her up, go dinner and partie initially.... ended up, we only did 1.5 of it?!

We dressed her up but she's not too happy with the shoes and we tried forcing her to put on falsies which she refused to - so i would consider this as half done. Plus, we did not really plan where to go for dinner, having the hope we could find some nice place to pop in...
It was 9pm, we are still walking along Robertson Quay, trying to find a decent place for dinner... too much to choose might not be good afterall. Anyway, we ended up at a french restaurant?

Tired and hungry... we have not more strength to search for other places. The dinner was quite nice except that i find their still water really expensive..! 10 bucks for a bottle! 10 minutes later, they opened another bottle for us..! Hooops.. 20 bucks for plain water! Heee.. so we had a deal. all of us are banned from drinking till we finish our main course, hee hee :D

After dinner, we were supposed to go party at Butter Factory... Then again, think age is really catching up, heee... all of us were too tired and decided to head back to the hotel to play cards instead. That's how we spent the night and we are all now looking for to 2nd Sep!! Her big day :)

She's getting married!!

Our dinner for the night

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updates Updates

Just back from the outing with my ex-farm mates and they were asking if i have abandon my blog, heee... Well, definitely not! :) Though there's quite a fair bit of things to blog recently... but don't know why, i kinda lazy... maybe work overdose? or i'm just procastinating :D

Ex-Farm Mates

Sometimes when i think back, i really felt happy that i got the chance to work with these girls. From colleauges we turned friends... hang out together, party, dinner, ktvs... And today, they were so lovely to give Lorraine and me a surprise! *totally unexpected* Popping out a cake for us and sang birthday songs. But but.. this Meanie (just like her name) didn't wanna let us go... She came out with "games" or ideas that both of us need to approach a guy and we need to ask them to "blow us" !! Or our cake i should say, hee... Anyway, the good thing is that i managed to escape it :D

Thank U girls!

Goodbye Zoom Zoom
About 2 years with zoom zoom, it's time to bid goodbye as we welcome. This device comes with 2 keys and seriously, it can be a real motivator for me to get my license! But then, hee... it's still not pushing me much though :s

Celebrating National Day
We love Singapore! Hee... All of us wore RED, our country colour codes T-shirts on that day :)

With Gavin's family

About my Work Life
2 weeks... and i'm 4 months to my new job. Things are getting better as compared to the first few months and i'm more familiar with the entire operations. Last Friday, we had a Summer Party and it was pretty fun :)

Finally, finally, finally... my dearest friend, Maybelyn is getting married!! The girl i knew her since i was 7... the girl whom i was with in the same class from primary 1 to secondary 4! We're going to throw a mini hen party for her tomorrow, heee... We gonna dress her up, make her carry a ballon/flower the whole night and make her drunk! Hee :)