Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Today's my first home alone day (at our new house) as Mr. G is away... fortunately for only three days. Met PC babes (ex, heee) for dinner as we started talking about pests at home. My only fear is cockroaches and i absolutely HATE them!! And yes, so so afriad of it.

It's so funny sharing on my weird thoughts on 'killing' cockroaches like using plastic containers (with a small little hole at the top - so i can spray Baygon in it) to trap them first, and they will soon be suffocated by Bygon!! *Hurrays!* But question; how can i cover them with the container as i'm soooo afriad of them, needed to say getting near them. Next possibility - i can use Bygon spray (those with a tube) but still, i find them too short and where can i get an extension of the tubes of at least a meter? It's crazy thoughts but they did cross my mind before, haha... Well, i know i eventually have to learn to overcome this fear.. sigh..

Ok, enough of these yuckkies stuff. Back to happy moments and i must say that i LOVE my Taiwan trip :)  Enjoyed ourselves very much at Taipei, had a great time and we love our photos! Hee... I would highly recommend pre-wedding photoshoot in Taiwan as their sceaneries are geogeous and the whole team from Lishe Bridal were so professional and fun people to work with :D Weather's great too! And honestly no regrets :D

We signed up with Lishe ( at their roadshow held in Vivo Singapore last year. In fact, we were not very sure of how it will work out (we haven't even heard of them before) but all in all, the whole experience and photo shooting exceed our expectations.

Out of our 7 days in Taipei, we only have about 3 days to tour around as the other 3 was spent over gown selection, photo shoot and photo selection. So we're still left with lots of other places to visit.. hopefully we can go there again sometime next year? :) Meanwhile, it's photo time! Picture speaks a thousand words, don't they? And i'll post up the actual pics when they send the soft copy to us next month :)

At China Television

First stop when we touched down, we went to watch 'Zong Yi Da Ge Da'

Special Guest - Liu Luo Ying :)

Next Day - Gown Selection at Lishe

They will serve you BIG cuppa Milk Tea, heee..

Outdoor Shooting - We only managed to take this outfit with own cam

This place is nice eh?? :)

Look at my crocs shoe, hee hee

The FUN Team! MUA - Vivi / Photographer - Ah King / Photograher A. - Ru Shi

They are sooo good in posing and of cos, they taught us how to pose de, heee :D

Time for Shopping! To Wu Fen Pu

Ah... Raining.. Luckily not on our photoshoot day

Too much stuffs? No luggage space? Buy a Doremon Bag! Cheap n durable, haha

Tired, tired...

Some snacks before dinner :)

2nd last day - To Dan Shui

Morning Hot Tea!

It's still raining...

Eating ice cream in cooling weather... Nice!

Mini Lobsters!!

Taste like soft-shell crab though...

Met a super 'Kawaii' doggie!! This is how the dog stands most of the time. Indeed, attract lots of attention

What are they looking at? Heee...

Haha.. trying to get ourselves a potrait :)

Last night at Xi Men Ding

KTV with the team from Lishe Bridal

Ah King, the photographer can sing well too!

Wonderful Trip! :)