Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Very First Step

Da-dah! Da-dah...!! Da-dah....!!!!

Can i get my license in 5 months' time?? Hmm...

Yeap! Finally finally i had enrolled myself to the driving school (after 9 years of passing my theory tests, which of cos the 'final theory' had already expired long long time ago)! And of cos after much 'pushing' from my dear Mr. G :)

Suddenly it makes me wonder, why-oh-why am i procrastinating?? Heee.. Anyway i'm really glad i've made the first step! Today i went for my FIRST lesson at BBDC!! Although its just attending the theory lesson but still, i felt happy and excited (can't imagine if it's the 'actual' / practical lesson, geeezz).

Decided to take up the class 3c despite knowing the fact that it's not easy to control a manual car - coordinating clutch, gear, accelerator etc etc.. but i wanna give it a shot. At least i tried and understand how it 'feels' like operating a manual car. Of course, i really really hope that there's no need for me to change to the 'auto' lessons later on... Gonna give myself 5 lessons, so wish me luck :D

Had a v.v.bad with G... fortunately, flowers linked us back to 'talking mode' again :)

V. day with Mr. G - Back to 'Sunshine' days ^_^

My Seafood Grill :)

Time for ice-cream!!

First time we wore 'couple t-shirt' for date
(A bit out-dated eh, heee.. but who cares?! ^_^)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happie CNY!

Today is the 9th day of CNY... so i'm still not too late to wish ya all a Happie Chinese New Year! :)

I hope it is a great new year for everyone but sigh... it didn't start off quite well for me. Been pretty sick these 2 weeks, with all sorts of virus surrounding me. Bad soar throat before new year.. then to fever, then to flu... and now back to soar throat. And of cos, i miss ALL the new year goodies! With the bad soar throat, you simply don't feel like eating anything... in fact, quite frustrating :(

Really hope my soar throat can recover by next week.... Anyhow, it's photo time again, heee.... my reunion lunch and visitings with Mr. G and family.

Reunion Lunch @ Asia Grand Restaurant

Wallace, Me & Baby Joseph

i like this pic! Do~Re~Mi

Smileeeezzzz :D

CNY Visiting

Self-shot with Wallace

This year i missed out quite a fair bit with my family. No reunion dinner with my family cos it falls on the same day with Beanie's ROM & no visitings cos most of my relatives went back to Hainan Island. Still, i hope they had a fun time there.. Did ya?? Cousin Liang and Cousin Pang :)