Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Celebration Continues!

Last week of August is always a celebration week for us, with our birthdays falling on the same week :)

But this year's celebration seems stretched... I feel like i'm having surprises every couple of days, it's a good thing of course and i'm lov'in and enjoying every second of it, heee... cos i probably won't get the chance to have soooo many good things happening at the same time again, ever?

Starting from sweet birthday surprise at cruise, to celebrating Mr. G's birthday, and then came along with the very 'special question' - a surprise romantic proposal, gifts from colleagues, followed by 2 nights' stay at Ritz Carlton celebrating our engagement. This week while celebrating Liting's bachelorette's party, heee... i got a belated birthday pressie from lovely Auntie Maybel & Liting and last but not least... i passed my driving test on Monday!! Yeap yeap, the ball is still rolling... This Sunday, it'll be our 4th year together and 2 of good friends are getting married! Whew... long list ya? Hee:D

And i hope good things are coming along your way too! :D

Birthday Gifts

Baby Joseph's Birthday Celebration

Joseph's sooo cute! :)

Us again :)

Our Stay @ Ritz Carlton

Great Room, Great Service

View is Fantastic!

Night View from Room

Hee... Trying to take some shots :)

By the Pool

Another Surprise from colleagues! Lovely Ladies, they are

A Colourful Friday :D

Buffet @ Hibiki

Can you spot bride-to-be wearting a cute little tiara?

Chupa Chups Toast to Liting! Heee...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photos Uploaded!

Yeah..! Our desk top is finally fixed - so i've uploaded some pics on that special night.

This year i don't seem to be quite good with electronics gadgets - my lappie was down, followed by camera and desk top. Now that 2 are fixed, i'm still thinking if i should get a new lappie, hmm...