Sunday, September 30, 2007

Slippers? Oh no....

Only tis morning then I realized tat I dun hav a pair of slippers (totally forgotten abt it) - n I had to wear heels to downstairs & buy my lunch today…! Cos e strap of my slippers snapped while in HK last wk, hee.. tink too much walkin.

So Mr. G suggested we should go get it later after his tuition & we headed to Tiong Bahru Plaza to get our dinner & do some shopping there. But it seems like I won’t be able to get my slippers today cos I dun seem to see any design tat I like & I dun wanna jus get a pair for e sake of buyin… meaning I gotta do my slipper-search again tis wk. Instead, Mr. G got himself a new pair of slippers :)

Our buy today: Slippers for Mr. G + Protein Drink for Mr. G + Fake Eye Lashes for Me - The Face Shop (only $4.90)

Thght of trying out fake lashes again & hopefully I can succeed in putting it up nicely. Cos e last time I bought a pair was like 2 yrs back n I gave up after a few try, hee… e Sales Asst frm Face Shop keep promoting to me go get a pair which looks prettie dramatic & said it's not exaggerating.. but Mr. G & i felt i should go for e pair which gives a softer look effect for a start.

Tat's all for our Sun shopping & we headed back home after a drink @ Yakun. I guess last nite we had stayed out till quite late le & will be gd to get some rest now esp. where tom is a wrkin day again :p

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jumbo Nite & Zouk Kids

Yawnn..... jus finish my shower & feelin rather tired now le cos jus came back frm zouk. It's been quite some time since i go clubbin. Oh ya, Jo-jo & EO are still there!!! hee.... they r e real partie babes ;p

w/my prettie cousins @ Zouk

inside zouk ~ with EO & JO

i headed back home earlier cos Mr. G is alone at home & not feelin too well again. Today i had to go zouk cos gotta meet my cousins there. Last wk nvr turn up, v.bad liao, hee.. so tis round no matter wat, i gotta go meet up with them & before cousin Pang flys back to Shanghai. oh... when i was there, i saw Yaodong there too!

By e time i reach zouk, it was close to midnite le cos before tat was havin dinner @ Jumbo, Riverwalk with colleagues. Our main aim to go Jumbo is to eat e Chilli Crabs there, cos our dear Ms. Keng had nvr tried chilli crabs before... After makanin, we stayed there & start our gals talk which u noe, hee... it's gonna be a loooong session & we stayed there till e restaurant started packin n we noe its time we should go.

Happie Gals @ Jumbo, River Walk

Oh my, tis is my 3rd time eating chilli crabs in e mth of Sep. *Crabbies overdose ^~^*. Tis time, we ordered 3 crabs for our group of 6 & i thght e serving was jus nice - not too much. But for taste wise, hee... i'll still give my vote to Marina Long Beach :)

**So meaning... Dearie, i wont' mind another Crabbie session anytime soon too, geeee....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Perfect Nicks

I'm takin a little break & thght of blogg... heee... cos i wanna give SH a BIG applause to e Perfect nicks she gave to Mr. PMS, heeee..... of cos, not forgetting our dear Mrs. Ju-On too. Okie, SH gives gd nicks & now Mr. PMS is now oso known as Unappreciative Rude Old Mad Man!

Still in office now & i'm just waiting for 8.30 so i could head home to rest & wait for Mr. G to be back.... :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happie Mid-Autum Festival

Tday's mid-autum festival & i kinda expect a gd evening out with Mr. G... But a little ups & downs today cos dun noe why... wrk was e topic again, arrghh.....

Luckily, he stopped talking after a while & mood was lighten up after dinner... phew... otherwise our 中秋节 will be gone. We went to Esplanade again tis yr as we did last yr. So now.... Mr. G gotta do something to pacifiy me abit, hee...

1st: Pay for e food, hee........................ 2nd: Buy me a Häagen-Dazs Belg. Choco Ice cream

OKIES, 1st + 2nd = Happie Xer again! :)

Hee... orite, time to take a stroll @ Esplande after eating! Hmm... tis yr wasnt' as exciting & happening as last yr, dun noe why, e crowd was much lesser & programme wasnt' much too... Suddenly, we saw some performers on e street... & dearie quickly took a picture for me with 孙悟空:

~ He's sooo talL ~

Sigh.. unfortunately, my hands wasnt' fast enough to help dearie take a pic with them... :(

Strolling along Esplande

oops... 猜灯谜, guessing some written poems on the lantern??

As we stroll, we took some pics & since there's nothing much there, we decided to head home shortly. Hey hey.. but happened to see a Shadow Wayang Performance gg on, so we sat down & watch for awhile as they told e legend abt e Moon Goddness (Chang-er, 嫦娥), e Great Archer (Hou-yi, 后弈) & how e rabbit landed on e moon accompanyin Chang-er.. hee... they put it in modern & humerous way which i thght was prettie interestin.

Tat's how we spent our 2nd Mid-Autum celebration & now i noe how e legend of Chang-er & rabbit comes abt, & tat Chang-er & Hou-yi r husband & wife, hee.. *faints* well, cos e story i heard was when i was a little kid & wasnt' too sure actuallie ;p

~ e Wayang show ~

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Conrad Mooncakes ~ Nice

I tried Conrad's mooncake last yr at a festive fair but didnt' get a chance to buy it as it was too last min. & all their mooncakes were sold out *not even one box left*... Hee, so i tell myself, tis year, die die must get... :)

After such a long wait (1 yr!), e festive season is back again! Hmm.. actually was quite last min. tis round too as i only called to reserved e mooncakes on Tues, while at HK. Luckily, it's still available, otherwise i would have scold myself for being last min again.

So tis evening, we headed down to Conrad & collect our mooncakes *with my new red shoes, hee*. Actuallie Mr. G thght he must well get some mooncakes at Conrad since he needs to get it for his clients too. But i've called Conrad yesterday & checked for him... they say "Sold Out". Whoa... abit 'kua zhang' eh.. cos they said its sold out & might not have stock coming in even on Sat/Sun. Okies, so we jus try our luck today..... & hee.... Mr. G manage to get another 4 boxes (but only types left thgh). Well, at least, we dun need to go run to another place to find.

Happie i got my mooncakes (can u spot puffy fish? heee) ^-^

We headed back to car to drop e mooncakes first, cos they're quite heavy... Stomach is growling... but before we take our dinner, Mr. G wanna go get his CDs first since we parked at Millenium Towers & Sembawang Music is jus there. Hee, Mr. G wanna get e OST of 881... yes, 881 ;)

After our dinner, we went shoppin at Suntec.... Mr. G's bought some clothes & actuallie i wanted to.. but but, need to be discipline cos i say 'no shoopin today', hee... n i did it!! my legs began to feel tired shortly... guess it's becos of my new red shoe... so we shopped abt an hr & decided we should head home to rest. Actuallie planned to meet up w/my cousins today cos Cousin Pang is back frm Shanghai but tink Mr. G needs some rest le so will meet them again sometime on e following wk :)

some snaps taken while restin outside millenium towers... my legs need to rest

Thursday, September 20, 2007

~ Our 2nd Year Anniversay ~

Time flies & today is our 2nd year anniversay, hee... Lucikly i came back today, otherwise we would hav miss tis day together again (which i reallie hope not).

I touched down Sg ard 5.10pm today & immediately i head home to prepare & wait for Mr. G to be back as we planned to go out for dinner today *can't wait to see him ;p*.

At first we wanted to hav jap food for dinner & went to Vivo City to search for a restuarant... Ended up we went to Marche instead cos Sushi Tei's queue was pretti long, arh.... despite it's wkday. i was quite shock tat e Marche at Vivo was pretti small, well, cos frm outside, it looks rather spacious. Anyway, we mange to get a seat within 5 mins & start explorin e food.

I would give an average to their food there as e.g. e rosti was not v.well cook (which is kinda my must-eat item), so abit disappointed.. Hee, Mr. G then suggest maybe we could go to hav some light food afterwards. We shopped awhile at Vivo & yeappie..... me got a pair of red shoes which i hav been always searchin fo tat colour - but jus dun seem to see e right design many times.

Me & Dearie outside Marche

While walkin back to e carpark, food came into our mind, heee... so we went to eat some light food at Toast Box. A happie day for me today & i just look forward to celebrating more anniversaries with Mr. G *wink wink*

Me & my Red Shoe.. shhhh....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last Nite @ HK ~ i miss Dearie

Today's my last nite for this trip but we were too tired to go out till too late also as SH & Beanie have to get up early tom. So we jus went out as planned, to Central for dinner, H&M & Lan Kwai Fong.

Luckily i called early tis morning to book a seat @ Yung Kee, otherwise we gonna wait for 45 mins to get a seat. Should u visit there next time, must must remember to call & reserve a seat cos it's always super long queue at e resturant :)

We had, of cos a must eat there, Roasted Goose + 1 meat + 1 veg + 1 soup + Noodles + Desserts, totalling a bill of HKD 810... Hmm, abit exp thgh.. but nvrmind, still within allowance, hee hee.. Other than e must-eat Roasted Goose, i guess i would recommend their desserts too! Esp. their mini egg tarts (酥皮蛋挞) *nice nice*

Dinner @ Yung Kee Restaurant

At Central, HK

After dinner, we wanted to rush to H&M, but so sad.. esp. Jasmin, e shop closed at 9pm :( so we headed back to Causeway Bay instead as we didnt' want to shop till too late; SH & Beanie still gotta wake up early e next day. Who knows, we ended up shoppin again... bought some clothes & make-ups.. by time we reach hotel, it was 11+ oreadie. Hee, i guess gals jus cant' skip shoppin eh, despite how we hard we planned not to gai gai till late nite :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SH & Beanie Arrived HK!!

Yeappie, this is the first time ever tat we have 2 teams for overseas trip, so we are all kinda looking forward to today!

SH & Beanie touched down in e afternoon & came to e site, prepare things for tomorrow & off we head back to hotel, change & went off for dinner. We planned to go to Tsimshatsui for dinner as we wanted to visit the Outback which we used to come almost every trip...

Look at e humongous beef steak.. yummies ~ love it in medium rare :)

Makaning @ Outback

We only took around 1.5 hours for e whole dinner & as I said yesterday, our bag freak ~ Beanie needs to go visit e Aunite @ Mongkok. So we went Mongkok again... Maybe becos we were quite tired in a way, i forgot my main aim is to visit e Esprit Outlet... alamak.. Anyway, we'll be gg to H&M at Central tomorrow & will see if i can go make time to visit Esprit outlet tomorrow :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Work Day @ HK

Whoaa... today's a long day eh, woke up quite early & i jus got back to e hotel. Went to eat korean bbq for dinner with my cousin, her hubby & Jasmin at Mong Kok. e place is quite 'ulu' cos it's situated at e 8th floor of some building, hee.. guess u wont' really go explore tat place unless someone brings u there.

When we first step in, it was like.... oh no we r gg to smell later. Actuallie Jasmin & me were quite prepared for tis & even chose to wear clothes we plan not to re-wear, hee... Surprisingly e food there was quite nice! e variety was quite gd & e food were fresh.. For me & Jasmin, we didnt eat aloooot tis round as we had a v.full lunch at e hotel - International Buffet (which we r gg to eat for another 2 days). Arrghh... everytime when i go overseas its really lots of eatin, hope i don't put on tooo much weight, hee..

Dinner with my cousin, her hubby & Jasmin

After our dinner, we went to walk ard at 女人街 (ladies market) cos we wanna get some casual pouches.. so i got 1 & Jasmin bought 3! Tink when beanie is here tom, she would wan to get her cute bags again cos she's a bag freak!!

Along e Streets of Mongkok

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hong Kong ~ 5D 4N

First thing, heee... Mr. G & i are okie le & i promise him i'll do somethin abt my wrk.. i head straight to airport after he sent me to e door I was kinda tired as i slept pretti late last nite updating my resume.. hence i fell asleep when i board e flight. But... when i woke (close to 45mins later), i found out tat our flight has not take off yet.. then Jasmin told me tat there was a flight delay as there were too many planes taking off at e same time & had to queue *puzzled* Anyway, gd thing is tat we landed HK safely :)

By time we reach e hotel, its already close to 5 & we checked-in, pack awhile & head out to source for our vodafone. Shortly, Jasmin had to meet her friend & i walked alone at Causeway Bay, waiting for e vodafone to arrive (cos e device was sold out totally in HK - wat a coincidence) - so i went to take my dinner... Funnie thing is tat in HK, maybe it's becos the shops & restaurants are everywhere, as in quite messy, it's not easy to decide a place to dine, u kinda jus feel tat u may find somethin else to eat at e next street. Hmm, so jus keep walkin & walking... till i ended up at a jap restaurant near Times Square (where i went to grab a Original Gazed Donut first!) hee...

Sat along e conveyor belt & i start ordering. Though i speak cantonese, hee.. but i started to converse with the waitress in English as i wanna act 'tourist'... cos i thought of ordering more food & erm... yet afraid if they will feel why this girl needs to eat so much, so i might as well act a little blur, wahaha...

my dinner: Krispy Kreme Donut + Jap Food

i headed to collect my vodafone device after my dinner & didn't go gai-gai this round cos still abit tired & have been walking around there many time. Save my energy for e rest 4 days & looking forward to SH & Beanie's arrival on Tuesday! ;p

R & R + Crabie = Happie Xer

A gd start this morning as everythin was back to norm :) he reschduled his tuition class cos he wanna spend more time together cos i'm flyin off to HK tom morning.

Reallie feels gd to rest & slag @ home eh, hee.... We had our lunch at home, rest.. then take a short nap, finish our last 2 episode for e tvb serial &.. okie, time for dinner! Oh oh.... Mr. G is bringin me to Marina Long Beach....... to eat Chillie Crabs!! Yuppie, i was kinda craving to eat their chilli crab since last wk.. *thnks dearie*

We simply love chilli crabiess :)

Crab Attack.... ;p

After dinner, we met up with friends for a drink at 弹唱人, a place at Tanjong pagar, near to Red Dot traffic. Our second time there & the place is not too bad, cos not much crowd... jus tat e drinks abit exp - but i guess it's becos they hav live singin there.. like 木船. Stayed there for 2 hrs... & hee, next destination : Supper at Fong Seng. Well, usual me, it's gd to eat............. so i had my mushroom cheese prata - jus one.

Mr. G with Binson & Kok Meng

It was a Happie sat (i thght) till we head home & arghh..... happen to talked abt my wrk again.. which i guess i need to do somethin abt it... so i shall end my writing for today & cont'd to update my resume...... (:s)

Friday, September 14, 2007

~ Chapfallen ~

Today isnt a gd fri..... first, loads of wrk to rush as i will be away to HK next wk.. then Mr. G wasn't happie tat i need to wrk late cos we planned to go out after wrk.

Sigh..... me actually wanted to put down wrk to go out first & wrk tom instead, but everythin jus dun seem rite today. Ended up, SH & Jo stayed in office with me till 10+. Jus feelin down & moodie now...

"Thank u babes for stayin back in office..... just to keep me company.."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1st experience with Tremor

*Hi-5 Ms. Keng, our wish came true... hee... i was actuallie hopin to feel a tremor & it happened ard 7.15pm today! crazie rite...

Earlier tis year, while SH, Noormie & Pauline was talking abt e tremor thingy, how scarie it was... e same reply came from Ms. Keng & me.. we were like.. "Sharks..! we missed it" heee... & both of us wanted to experience it so much.

It was prettie sudden when i felt my seat was swaying left & right. Erm, luckily most of us were still in the office & at first, we were tryin to stay cool, jokin abt where e earthquake is frm & so forth, me & ms. Keng still turned to each other & said, "Yeah, finally!!" hahaha.... *2 weirdos*. Meanwhile, all of us thght e tremor will only last for few seconds (like e one earlier tis yr) but........ few mins later, e swayin seems stronger & my excitement became.... abit scarie.

Suddenly, our dear noormie was so scared, so grabbed her teddy bear (yes, teddy bear.. dun as me why too) & wana go off, tink everyone felt something was not v.rite & we packed up in a min & wooo... off we go. by time we took e lift, e tremor has stopped & when we stepped out of e building, most ppl had oreadie evacuate..

so was i Excited/Happie/Scared? hmmm..... well, mixed feelin i would say, hee.. but at least i got to noe how it feels like!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Work: Overload

Oh man.. i've been reallie busy at wrk recently. Miss dinner sessions with my friends.. Not quite a gd Monday with e start of 'bird shots'... arrghhh.... Event is 2 days away & i wont' be able to rest till mid Oct, reallie dun wish to tink abt it more..

Gg to HK again tis Sun & look fwd tis round as SH & Beanie will be gg too (except e wrk part)... As for now, sad to say... i gotta start wrking again....

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Movie Time ~ Evan Almighty cum Crispy Chicken

It's been quite some since i went to catch a mid-night show... so decided to go for one: Evan Almighty! Need some laughter to spice up my life cos work has been really tedious recently.. can say i'm drowning.....

Oh ya, i purposely choose to watch this show at Orchard Cineleisure cos i could do some late-night shopping + (most importantly) i wanted to try the Crispy Chicken that Alexis keep promoting to me. Saying it's super uber nice, a 'must try', very deliciousie etc... hee. *Greedie me can't resist food*

So i tried & it's really nice! Which probably might be the leading factor for cathching a movie at Cathay in future as i foresee i will have craving for that! Geee..... Ok, i think i'm a "mountain tortise" cos i've beeng hanging out only at GV cinemas :s

my thoughts on Evan Almighty:
Good! Nice! Funnie~~~! maybe becos i love comedies, hee... if u need to de-stress or want to lighten up ur day, no harm gg for tis movie :)

my ratings: 8.5/10

Mr. G & i were so afraid we might fall asleep during the show - not too use to watching movie at such hour.. but ended up we were fully awake as we enjoyed the moive *GReat!* ;p

Friday, September 7, 2007

Coach + Crabie Day = Happie Xer

it’s a Happie Friday! Finally my coach hobo is here & I must say a BIG thank U to my dearie!! Me reallie love the bag :)

~ my 1st Coach Bag ~

Today, we’re havin a gd time at wrk as we celebrate our last ‘birdless’ days… & after wrk, hee….. Mr. G brought me to eat one of my fav. Food, Chilli Crab + ‘man tou’ ~ yummies @ 老地方, Henderson Rd.

Oh ya, dearie can we hav another Chilli Crab session soon? i wanna go Marina Long Beach, miss e crabs there too ;p

Monday, September 3, 2007

881 - Hmmm....

Today's on leave cos tink i need a little break off wrk after soooo many projects & one more nex wk... rather tired actually. Miss shoppin on wkdays too, less crowd :)

Had of lunch first, then we went Queensway Shoppin Centre to get his Oakley sunglass first... then we took a short break for food! Katong Laksa @ Queensway is goooood. Oh ya, i bought e CHEAPEST earrings ever! Less than S$1, only 90 cents - for one pair of earrings which r selling at ard S$3/S$5.

Mr. G's new glasses & my new earrings :)

It's almost 3.30pm & time to go off for our movie at GV Grand. We decided to watch 881 instead of Evan Almighty as some friends commented it's quite a nice moive.

my thoughts on 881:
No doubt e glittering stage & fanciful costumes r appealing but it's i felt e story can be much better cos e story seems abit off later. Given a choice, i tink can watch tis show at home rather than at cinema.. Overall, not too bad for local moive but way to go! ;p (also one nice song frm e movie below)

Had a good rest today & yeap, gg to charge up for work tommorrow... :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mr. G touched down today!

Finally, after 7 days... Mr. G is back! Hee, i know it's only 7 days, but it's e period tat he travel.. wrong timing. I thght we were luckie as my HK trip was cancelled & could celebrate our b.days together.. suddenly his norway trip popped out..

Anyway, it's over & he is back safely, hee.. guess he's v.tired after e loooong flight, now sleepin soundly while i write him his belated card... ;p

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Partie 5.0 ~ ON

TGIF, time to Partie! Oh... today we were all happier than usual as we celebrate our "birdless" day!! Partie group includes Jo + Seow Hui (SH) + Esther (EO) + Ina & Me!!.

It's approachig 8pm by time we reach bugis for steamboat & we were all v.hungry & tired. Tink e most tiring person is Ina whom came straight frm sentosa & stayed all e way to 3am!

Our dinner @ Xian De Lai Steamboat Buffet ($17.80/pax)
my thoughts:
  1. Food are fresh but choices were rather limited
  2. Service is too slow, keep forgetting what we ordered
  3. Soup base not too salty, quite nice
my ratings: 6.5/10

After our 3-hour steamboat, hee... next will be dessert time!! Oh man, u really must see how PC babes eat desserts.. Thumbs up to Noormie who is ever advanterous (Durian + Avocado, Strawberry + Blueberry Ice).. everything to her is like "NICE!" hee.... SH --> she can jus finish her big pack of jap lunch, drink a big cup of ice lemon tea, then cont'd with her ice blended Starbucks coffee & maybe another ice kachang! hee...

Our Dessert @ Ji De Chi 记得吃 ($2 ~ 6/bowl)
my thoughts:
  1. Okie, e MUST-TRY.. hee, my fav Peanut Paste (simply uber smooth w/thick peanut taste) ~ yummiesss
  2. Basically all their paste item r good. If u feel like havin some hot desserts, it'll be a gd place :)

my ratings: 9/10.

After our dessert, hmm... close to midnite le... Still wonderin where we should go, we went toilet-search first then still yet to decide a place, we walked out of Bugis Junction & cont'd strolling. I got a feel it's like back to old sch days where u'll walk in a grp, then everyone was like asking, "where r we going?" :) Finally.... we walked to...

Our Partie @ Loof ($14 ~ $22/cocktail or beer)
my thoughts:
  1. Nice embience.. oh, remember to keep ur fingers' crossed & sing "rain, rain, go away.... "
  2. Good place to chill out, chat, star-gazing.. music not extremely loud (gd)
  3. Sofa rooms... v.comfy & nice! v.cosy & i would prefer tis compare to e outdoor. Too bad, as they have only 4 or 5 rooms, u need to be really luckie to get one!
my ratings: 8.5/10

Overall, PARTIE 5.0 - Successful! Fun nite with e gals... & i wan another outing!! heee..... ;p

i m soooo red :s

Waiting for Mr. G to be back

Yesterday was Gav's Birthday, but i'm so sad tat i could not spend it with him... & worst still, he's was not feeling well in Norway...

Seldom i spent my Sat without Gav... Supposingly he should be back today, but but.... hai... last min. got a delay & can only be back tom. Hee, actually i tried to video down my wishes on Thurs nite & intend to email it over. But e file was really too big, over 100mb, not matter how i zip it jus cant send thrgh... Anyway, shall pass to him as a belated wish when he's back tom!