Wednesday, August 29, 2007 Cont'd.... Thnk u Gals ^_^

1st Surprise: frm Seow hui. Venue: Office, this morning.
whoa! it's a bundle of COMBOS (cutely bundled)!! my fav snack, hee..... As usual, i make funnie & excited sound everytime i seeeee combos (must be Pepperoni flava). Then, there was e mysterious gal who left a little cutie lamb at my desk, with my name written on e soft toy. Later, i found out tat tis mysterious gal is Alexis! oh man.. both of them r soooo sweet, heee..

But i left wrk quite late as i'm always out of office recently & wrk is piling... Shyanne keep askin me, "xerene, y are u still here? it's ur - suppose to go off early" Arrgh.. i really wanted to but but, me dun seem to be able to clear them till 8... Oops, but i've got a date with my buddy, Liting @ holland v, so no choice gotta rush off frm wrk.. jus gotta continue tommorrow i guess :)

2nd Surprise: frm Liting. Venue: Breko, this evening.
after orderin food & while we were talkin half-way, eh... a little cakie popped out! + bearrie card + 2 choco. Actuallie i miss Liting cos quite a few wks nvr meet her le & we had a great time chit-chatting. Gal, we must arrg to meet as often like last time okie! ;p

Jus wanna say Thnk U my friends for ur gifts & dinner & wishes & messages!

A Happy B.Day ~ Surprise from Dearie

Today is e day i turn 26.... Was feeling sad initially as i can't spend this special day with Gav cos it's also e day we met each other, on my 24th Thgh today he is far away @ norway but but... hee, witty Mr. G left a little surprise gift for me ~ sweet sweet We were on e phone & close to midnite, he asked me to check if he has put his sunglasses were in place. so I went to check e cupboard & hey..! i found a card + gift there ~ surpise & happie!!
Inside his card, he wrote down e exact message which he sent me 2 yrs ago.. While i read his card, it's like walking in memory lane.. bringin me back lots of nice memories. i must say he is really quite sweet & likes givin surprises.. Love e Precious Moment gift too, especially e words :)

Isn't he sweet, heee~~

Oh ya, me shall start bloggin frm today too! & thank u babes, for sendin me e wishes :)