Thursday, January 31, 2008

Farewell Dinner for Leah

Another colleauge is leaving us.. A very nice lady by the name of Leah and we are throwing a farewell dinner for her as she will be heading back to Philippines in 2 weeks' time.

We went to Fish & Co at the Glass House for dinner and tonight i found out most of them are FANS of 'Lemon-butter sauce'!! Especially Noormie whom well..... practically drinks it - in total she took like 5 little bowls of sauces.

Leah, Me, Shyanne

Our Dinner for Tonite!

Tissue Lady & Woman 5.0 loves Juggle Freeze!!

Sharing our desserts - It's Deliciousie ^^

My all-gals work mates

Though we are all sad that she is leaving us but well... we can still keep in touch as friends, just like Beanie, EO and Ina :)

EO, Me, Beanie, SH

Below candid picture was taken by Beanie... "as usual" - zooming up people's face!!
Then laugh at it after that... :s

We are trying to 'BOX' that Bean! Heee....

*Leah, we will all miss you & take care! See ya @ Beanie's Big Day next year*

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eye "Tattoo" Review

Did my eyebrow embroidery and liner tattoo last night... It was pain... but well, it's already over!

I decided to give it a shot after 3 of my friends did theirs at No. 1 Salon at Bishan, which apparently is pretty well-known for eyebrow embroidery. FYI, you need to wait at least 2 to 3 months for your appointment!! It's really a loooooong wait and yeaps, it's tat POPULAR.

My appointment time was at 9.30pm and by time i finish, it was close to 10.45pm. Actually the 'tattoo' part was pretty fast and it took like only 20 mins to complete both my liner and brow.

When i reach there, i mean at that hour - 9.30pm, there were still like 6 person waiting for their turn. It was like a little clinic i thought - Sitting at the waiting area, fill up your particulars and wait for them to call your name so you can go into the "doctor's room", hee....

I was actually quite scared as it was my first time doing both the eyebrow embroidery and liner tattoo... Wondering how will the pain be like and if i could take it :( My heart was pounding fast as she started the first tattoo on my eye... I was tearing... But the beautician Amy was really nice, she pacified me and told me it's 'normal' and ask me to take 'deep breaths' - which really helps!

For the brow, i would say the pain is quite minimal.. or maybe becos i went through the tough one which i felt embroidery is like, hmm... "ants bitting" feel, hee... Well, for the results, i think it's worth the pain i went through! :)

SGD 150 for eyebrow embroidery
SGD 120 for eye liner tattoo + Pain

Monday, January 28, 2008

Miss Junkie

Hee... Yeaps, i've just satisfied my craving for KFC!! Was supposed to have it yesterday but Mr. G can't take fast food so we had to skip that. So the craving becomes more heightened and was so bad that i 'die die' need to go pack it back for dinner. Half hour after my dinner, Mr. G packed more food to stuff me!! *Super full now*

My dinner - Junkie food

My supper - 'Ceral' prawn

My supper - Lobsteries!

Of cos i can't finish the food alone, so Mr. G's sista-in-law, Serene ate with me. Hee.. the 2 of us finished up almost all!

Oh ya, i'm going for my eye liner tattoo & brow embroidery tomorrow!! Feeling a little scared now cos i kinda worry about the pain that i will be going through.. That's why my mama always says in cantonese, 'Oi lang mm yu mang' heee... meaning 'Ai sui mai mia'. But i just hope it will turn out well :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

East Coast Park Date

This morning, i wasn't feeling too well... so after our dinner, Mr. G brought me for a walk. Hee... actually it's been quite some time since we went to East Coast Park and for more than 2 years, we've never stroll along the place at night! And.... it's kinda fun! :)

Strolling along East Coast

If u ever notice... i've got straight hair now :)

Big Kid G taking off his slippers... ^^

He kept asking me to take off my slippers, but i didn't want to step on the sand with bare feet... especially during night time, i always have this thought that i might step on some snails or mini crabs or maybe Jelly Fish???!! *Frantic Xerene*

So in the end, he walked barefooted for a couple of minutes & ended up feeling uncomfortable and tried washing the sand away, hee... Anyway we didn't stay there too long and headed back home to rest and hoping to finish our new tvb serial.

Hope ya have a good friday night too... Nitey.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dinner with Sha & AM

Went to Holland V. last evening, a place where i used to hang out at least once a week with my gal friends. Somehow yesterday, this place gives me a 'new feeling'.. like i'm at a new place, heee.. Guess maybe it's been really quite a while since i last visited.

My first meet up with Sha Sha in 2008 & this 'big shot' here has been uber busy with work or some other stuff... "flew me aeroplane" twice!!! *Sobs* - But i must thank her for sending me home last night... Heee :)

Awww... miss the girls talk with them and we hanged out at Wala after dinner, talking about our secondary school life.. what were we like at that time.. Oh man, sounded like we are getting old.... Sharks.. Time really flies once you reach mid-twenties. Anyway, there's 2 girls who are missing from this meet-up:
*You are WANTED - PJ + J@n*

Dinner at Crystal Jade with Sha Sha

Auntie May's new toy for 2008 - miu miu tote bag!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bye... Eyelash Extensions

2 days back, i just went to remove my eyelash extensions after 7 weeks. Suddenly felt my eyes were soooo 'bare' & empty.

Alright, extensions are really convenient as you can skip the eye make up part, save on mascaras, cut down the time on drawing eyeliner & forgo eyelash curler. There are, however, 'side effects' for these beautiful lashes.

The 'after' effect: My lashes are now shorter... cos they need to cut some ends while removing as they're sticking with e extensions.

Sounds bad right? If you ask me if i've regretted trying the eyelash extensions.. My answer will be No, heee... Yeap, despite the side effects as i believe they'll re-grow very soon (that's why Meanie calls me 'botak' gal now, arrghhh....)

But I must warn that eyelash extensions are pretty 'addictive' if you fall in love with it. And i would ONLY recommend to friends to go for it IF they are prepared to have shorter lashes for a few weeks & have difficulties putting on falsies.

So now, i am trying out other alternatives like putting on fakes instead as they are not so 'streesful' to the lashes & it's also a cheaper maintenance :)

Few new pairs of Falsies :)

How are these 'fakes' doing?

1st: Dodo Club, SGD 4 for two pairs: Good & cheap! Sticks 'em up easily

2nd: Star Lash, SGD 12 for a pair: Not bad.. but for the price i would prefer to get ProLash from iNuovi (it's really good)

3rd: The Face Shop - SGD 4.90 for a pair: Not too bad, can buy that as 'practice'

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hoo-Haa of the Day

Haizz... i think i've made a Big Joke of myself for the day... or probably a week?

This loooooong story started with my new toy, yes... W960i. Okie, so far the phone is working fine BUT i'm really not so happy with it's camera performance as i felt the 'Flash' (which apparently i found out W960 has the LED light that turns on and it's not Xenon flash like a real camera and what is on the K790/K800 and K850i) is extremely glaring.

So much so that it affects my vision after shooting as it'll take approximately 4 seconds for the camera to 'snap' due to the autofocus and meaning i've got to stare at the glaring light for 4 seconds every shot. AND my priority to get a 3.2 mg px camera phone was that i need not bring my camera along everytime... :(

Though all other functions of this phone works perfectly well, the phone camera kinda disturbs me no matter how hard i tried to 'convince' myself. So i decided to call up Singtel and request for an exchange of phone.

Conversation of 'Demanding' 5.0 vs CSO
CSO: May i know the reason why you would like to change the phone?
5.0: The camera is fine but i've got a problem with the phone camera as the flash is extremely glaring and it kinda hurt/affects our eye. Problem is that i can't turn off the flash as it will mean as good as not taking picture - the quality is pretty bad without flash on.

CSO: *Giggling* But.. i'm sorry i don't think we can change a phone for you as your HP is working well
5.0: But the thing is that... i paid for the phone as a whole & if i'm unable to change, it gotta mean that i will be wasting my $$ which i've paid for

CSO: *Still giggling* I'm really sorry, because your reasons are..... *Giggles* I mean, the phone is working well.
(Pissed by the way he talk... so rude! so my next reply was.....)
5.0: Can i speak to your manager?!
(Oh man.. i can't believe i said that but this guy is getting on my nerve - i sounded like a 'typical Singaporean complain queen')

Anyway, i spoke to the supervisor-in-charge who was so much patient and helped me with my request. While waiting for the approval call - i told Tissue Lady, Evil Jojo & Meanie about this and they all laughed like mad.... All of them were saying, "Xerene, it's call "FLASH LIGHT" and it's meant to be BRIGHT. So i ask them to all take a picture so they can understand 'how i feel'.

Some say Ok while others say... it's bright lah but still bearable. Only one that supports me... LORRaINe!! She agrees! Anyway, here is my defending picture (picture speaks a thousand word)! Loooook!

i really hate starring this for like 4/5 seconds.........

I admit i probably am pretty 'demanding' about this but....... i really can't settle for something which i feel it's not right (typical virgo). Not too long, the supervisor from Singtel called me and told me that my request was approved *Happie was i*

I also told my friend whom i purchased the phone from about this too... and he send a sms to me, "Yeap, i saw the email le". OMG, i suddenly felt soooo embarrass cos i bet the staffs at the outlet whom read this email will laugh and curse me - this person must be crazy.. Flash 'too bright'.

Sigh... Can i defend my point again? Flash or LED light being BRIGHT is perfectly fine if only you DO NOT need to stare at it continuously for like 4 seconds or more.

Immediately during evening, i asked Mr. G to accompany me to Vivo to take alook at the available handphone models. Search, search & search......... I really can't find any phone that i like!! HELP... my deadline is Friday.

None that i like.. K850i (Great! but outlook Sucks!)

In the end after dinner & discussion with G, he has agreed to take over the phone as camera is not that crucial for him. Well, of cos he did 'nag' me as me always have the tendancy of buying stuffs and 'regret' after it - Good example will be my Sony T10 which lasted me for less than half a year.

Now that i have to go back to Singtel about my decision & yes............... i kinda feel 'embarrass' about this whole Flash Hoo-Haa thingy :(

Monday, January 14, 2008

Exclusive Nuffnang Glitterati

If you ever notice this... my blog seems to have a little more advert the past few weeks as I was trying out other advertisers like Goolge Adsense & But today, i decided to cancel them all! Cos firstly, Nuffnang has recently launched an exclusive program called "Glitterati" & secondly, too much advert makes my blog rather readers 'unfriendly' - i felt :)

(Glitterati (glit·te·ra·ti) means wealthy or famous people who conspicuously or ostentatiously attend fashionable events / Highly fashionable celebrities; the smart set)

Eligible for Loyalty Program
To be an exclusive Nuffnang blogger is a blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog. And i decided to forgo the rest of the advertisers as out of these three advertisers i've tried these few months, Nuffnang is kinda the one that rewards you the BEST as compare to the two. Not only that, i like the way they format your Nuffnang account - Simple & Clear *Oops.... Too "sales pitch", heee.. but i'm not paid to write this, basically my personal view*

How to Apply for Glitterati Club? - Basically as long as you are a Nuffnanger & fulfill the below :)
You do not need to apply and will automatically be included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as you do NOT have any ads from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia. Our crawlers will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours.

Yes, i'm tempted to be exclusive to Nuffnang so i can join their Loyalty Programme, meaning to get higher earnings & priority on their adverts. Oh ya, Tissue Lady has just signed up for Nuffnang an hour ago! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happie Saturday :)

Da-dahhh....! Here comes my new toy - W960i, heee....

Still exploring this toy here :)

Despite some negative feedbacks on this phone, i decided to go ahead to get it.. Cos i'm so in Love with it! i know you meant well Cousin Janey but as they say... LOVE is BLIND, yeah..!! Have been exploring the phone for about an hour, hmm... so far still ok & even try mobile msn with Noormie - FUN! :)

Headed down to Taka Singtel to get the phone in the late afternoon & i must thank my friend, Xianzhong whom helped me to reserve a set once the stock arrived on Friday... skipped the waiting queue and took only a while to settle the whole purchase. *Thank U* Before i head down, the set which i have reserved was actally the last! Whoa.... Seems like it's selling like Hot Cakes, hee..

Went to take our dinner at Sun with Moon Jap Restaurant at Wheelock Place. Our second time there actually and something i MUST order there will be the 'Kyoho Grape Sode', heeee....

Grape Soda + Grape Jelly = Yummies!

Our Dinner for tonite!

Mr. G & I unwrapping the abalone gift frm Singtel, hee..

Now it's TV time and i hope i can figure out how this new toy works.. Lots of function to explore. Wish me luck :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dinner at Sakura

Just came back from buffet dinner not too long. Though I’m not feeling too well today but I had a good gathering session with the girls. Bascially we were a noisy group, loads of laughter and chatting throughout the dinner :)

Munching away... :)

The Fun Group!

Noormie is not that 'serious' afterall, heeee....

Place: Sakura International Buffet @ Orchard Shopping Centre
Food: Average i would say - Food are still fresh though.
Price: SGD 27.80

Oh ya, I’ve just completed the Korean Drama yesterday – Couple or Trouble. May I recommend to ALL friends who have not watch this show to catch it?? Heee… Cos this show is really great!! *Blinks*

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spotted New Toy!!

Recently Evil Jojo has just recruited her new toy for 2008 - A digi cam! Hee.. & i spotted one too - It's Sony W960i!!

Yeap, this is the phone that i kinda find it almost Perfect. The functions are everything i'm looking for :)

- 8GB Internal Memory
- 3.2 megapixel Camera
- WiFi
- Color Touchscreen
- Lightweight - 119 g / 4.2 oz
- & it's Sony Ericsson!

So far, the only thing lacking is probably the colour range as it's only available in Black and i would prefer to get a White Phone.

Now waiting for Singtel to approve on my voucher... Can't wait to get this! :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Katong Laksa at Queensway

My weekends spent as usual - went movie, KTV & shopping.

Went to watch the movie, Aliens Vs Predator 2 on Saturday night but I didn't really find the movie as interesting as i thought it would be and there are many dark scenes - so meaning you can't see very the details of those aliens & predators clearly. So just headed back to continue on my current Korean Drama - Couple or Trouble (Couple Fantasy) (recommended & rent by Noormie, hee). This drama is kinda a must-see!! *Highly recommended*

Next to recommend: Katong Laksa at Queensway Shopping Centre

The Yummy Katong Laksa @ Queensway, L1

Price: SGD 3.00
Taste: Yummies!! Soup base is really nice. Unlike some places where the soup base is already very spicy even without chilli, here you could add the chilli paste and mix the spiciness according to your preference - love it to bits! Hee...

And i ended my Sunday hanging out at Party World with Mr. G :)

Look at our silly faces

Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Day of Work in 2008

Feeling tired now after my first day of work in 2008 - I've gotta re-adjust back to 'work mode' *Get Re-charge!!*. After work today, i went to meet Mel at the bridal shop near Shaw Towers.

This is the place, Divine Couture

Nice wedding gown!

Mel went to try out some wedding gowns at Divine Couture and i actually wanted to help her take some pics so she could see how she looks like.. Heee, unfortunately they don't allow that unless you have confirmed a package with them. Was quite surprise to learn that their package do not include photography (meaning it would be more expensive) as they are mainly a designer bridal boutique and only outsource their photography. The gowns there are nice but just off the rack, i didn't actually see somthing very 'eye catching'.

In there, there are so many pictures for you to refer to and now that i understand why people say you need approximately a year to prepare for wedding. I think lots of reseach to be done like what kind of gowns u want, the design, the theme etc... *Phew*

Oh ya, just out of curiosity - Some commented that outsource photography is usually better than the one provided in the package, is it true??

Anyone has got feedback or review on any of the below? :)

- InVogue Photo Studio
- ChrisLing Photography
- RObin Photography
- Tuckys Photography
- Studio D'fia (Andrew Choi), Montage Beetles @ Work
- Daylight Picutres
- The Edge

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 has Arrived!

The very first day of 2008 is here... First of all, Happie New Year to all and hope everyone had a good count-down yesterday, heee.... As for me, i went to Mel's place for countdown again & stayed there for a night too! :)

Started off our evening at Ichiban Boshi for dinner. Miss the place where we used to hang out for dinner.. Been quite some time since we last visited. Hmm, the food there is still ok but we especially only prefer the branch at Great World - Don't know why but i felt it taste better though.

After makaning, we went to have a cuppa coffee at Starbucks as there's nothing much to shop at Great World and it's still an hour away from the show. A while later..... Mr. G dozed off!!! Coffee didn't keep him awake so i thought we need to do something to keep him fresh! Start taking out my camera, did some snapping here & there.. then was inspired by his brother's MMS earlier - Hey, why not we take one & send to friends as greetings too? Heee...

This keep us busy for half hour, customising our MMS and sending out - It was fun!!

Dinner at Ichiban Boshi

Kinda my fav. sushi ~ Yummies :)

Coffee Time @ Starbucks!

Sleepy G....

View from Starbucks - Can u see how 'bored' i was

Mr. G customising the MMS

Yeah - This is the pic we sent out to our friends! Hee

We headed straight to Mel's place after our show and were just in time for the coutdown. Some started drinking and i joined in the fun too! Oh man, a small glass of baileys nearly knocked me down! My head was 'spinning' after a small glass - i'm indeed a poor drinker.

Enjoying my Baileys.... *Feeling Hot*
Cheers to 2008!

My 2008 Resolution

1) To get a driving licence

Not going to be greedy and name a whole list, hee... but that is what i want to get badly & am working towards it. And what's yours?? :)