Friday, April 22, 2011

New Gadget Recruited

It's Good Friday today - rest and relax at home and looking forward to go for this Sunday's Easter Service whilst Mr. G goes for his golf session :)

Last Saturday hubby says he will bring me to a 'secret place' for dinner and kept me in suspense till we reached the destination. The place is indeed quite 'ulu' but nice ambience there; with options of both indoor and outdoor dining areas :) Actually Mr. G had heard it over radio advertisement and decided to explore this new place together. Hmm.. I must say strict hubby can sometimes be quite sweet and dar at times, geezz...

(P/S: Couzie Janey, radio advert works!!)

Our Saturday Dinner @ Bunker Restaurant

Outside the Restaurant

Thanks Dearie :)

Ooops! Mr. G says "Cover ur plump cheeks" *_* / Cheers ~ Need a mug of cold beer during this hot weather *Slurps*

On Sunday, yippies i got my new camera!! And yes we went to the same old favourite shop - Parisilk. Did some research online, called to check out the prices with other shops and it seems like Parisilk's still offering one of the best package in town :)

My new Nikon D3100! Can't wait to take pictures with it :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Updates

Mr. G's out of town again... and while he is away, i have been working on late nights. Many many events coming up, work seems never ending, hmms... Yesterday, one of my colleague who sees my still around at work after 8pm jokingly said, "Hey Xerene, go home - this is child abuse!" Oppssie... Of course i won't wear myself out and I'm glad i don't feel extremely tired - thank God for blessing me in good health :D

Okie enough of work. On the leisure side, Mr. G and I went to Goodwood Park's weenkend local high-tea earlier this month. After which, hubby thought we should go around Singapore hotels to check-out their brunch or high tea every first week of the month! I told Mr. G, "Well, i don't mind" hee hee.. As for Goodwood Park's Coffee Lounge, overall was not bad. The food was tasty but they should really look into adding more variety as you kind of get bored over eating the same few dishes after a couple of rounds. And ya, there were M√∂venpick ice-creams for desserts but why was there no chocolate flavored? :(

Da Local Delights *Yum Yum*
(Weekend Price: SGD 33++ per adult)

Eat n Eat

Goodwood Park's Coffee Lounge - Nice Ambience :)

Meanwhile the things I'm looking forward to:
- Hubby's home sweet home tomorrow :)
- Getting my Nikon D3100 over the weekend!! Can't wait to have it in my hands, heee