Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happie Birthday Wallace

Recently have been posting quite alot on weddings and ROMs.. Seems like 2007 is a good year for marriages. So.. now it's time for some birthday parties!

Went to Mr. G's sis place for celebration of Wallace's birthday but i was quite late cos they started the 'cake cutting' session 15mins after i reached. Oops, so ended up had a rush dinner :)

During the 'cake cutting' session - Well, i took out my digi cam as usual trying to snap some shots.. Then came along 2 professional cameras! Okie, i was quite shock to see pro cams around, heee... What they did was to snap and print out the pictures immediately! *So Fun!*
So... before we go, asked him to snap for us too!

Time to cut cakie :)

Look at the pro cam & photo printer!

2 pics taken, hee....

Using my own Digi Cam - With Serene & Gav

Tomorrow's gonna have 2008 count down - December is really a month of celebrations! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wedding on X'mas

A wedding on Christmas day & the reason my bro gave was - Easy to remember & in future can just celebrate anniversary together with Christmas (save one celebration & date to remember). Haiyo... He & his 'abstract' thoughts as usual.... ^^

Anyway, I like their wedding car! The Beetle Cabrio is super cute...

Here comes the bride & groom!

~ Tea Ceremony ~

Officially my 'Da-Sao' (Sista-in-law)

In the evening, the dinner only started after the solemnisation, which is kinda a little late.... Think all are starving but i guess it's more important the get the attention of the guest to witness this holy event :)

Cairong (my sister-in-law) is sooo pretty that night! In total she changed 3 gowns - all of them i felt are pretty special which she specially custom made.

During the solemisation

Me - Bro - Sister-in-law - Mummy

Taking some shots with Mummy

Sis & Bro - Can i shout out "I'm the younger one!!" Sigh...

Okie, i admit i "Forced" my bro to pose this!! Hee...
(He was complaining.. "i look so weird to pose this in this attire") Haha...

With Mummy :)

Cousins Photo-taking Session

Karling & Me

Me with my Cousins
(Top Left: Cousin Liangzhi - also the photographer for the event)

The 5 of us - We grew up together

Now we gotta organise a dinner before my brother flys back to New Zealand next week :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My 2007 X'mas

I felt this year's Christmas is a little quiet... Didn't really get to feel the 'mood' even on the eve. Hee.. Or maybe becos i was trying to be discipline, didn't even drink a sip of alchohol cos was so afraid i can't wake up the next morning for my brother's wedding.

But i did have my fair share of fun during office celebration and the night spent at Mel's place! :)

See what i've got during the Gift Exchange:

Thanks Noormie (my secret santa) for fulfilling my 3 wishes!!
i got a pair of caps (B & W) @ Mel's place

PC Celebration

Meanie's gonna kiss me...!!

At Mel's Place

We were all kinda lazy to prepare food for dinner, so the easiest way out is to.... Dial '62-35-35-35' - Pizza Hut Delivery!! hee... Knowing that they will bound to have overwheelming orders, i placed my order as early as 11.30am! *Kiasu*

Later that night, some of Mel's friend came & they brought along their new pet - a golden retriever. He is soooo adorable! & i start missing my dog too... :(

Mel & Me enjoying our dessert

Thanks Charmaine for buying these Yummie desserts!

Isn't he cute??!!

Look at this Big Kid here, heee... ;)

A peaceful Christmas count down this year indeed.... BUT i do MISS Partying!! *Calling Party 5.0 team + DMLS*

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Just came back from Mr. G's bro ROM at Telok Blangah Hill Park. The place is nice!! Set-up, ambience, music.. everything seems so perfect :)

Mr. G writting our wishes on the polaroid

While waiting for the solemisation

Me & Mr. G's mama

These muffins are cute :)

After the solemisation, the bride had to throw her flower bouquet and all singles female were called out - Hee, which includes me. First throw... Think all the girls were so shy to catch the flowers and the bouquet of flower just fell on the floor. Then male singles were being called out - Mr. G has to come out too. 2nd throw...... and some one got the bouquet (see below)!!

The Couple

During the wedding solemisation

Me & Serene, the bride

Heee... Yeah, it's Mr. G who got the flower bouquet!! The myth is that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to get married - Hee heee... Well, we shall see ^^ --> & of cos he gave the flowers to me :)

Mr. G got the flowers! ;p

Then to my hands, heeeee :)

A night view

After Dinner - Playing kids stuff - Blowing 'bubble'

Photo-taking Session

Funnie Shot with Mr. G's nephew & niece

Time for a serious one ^^

Brothers & Mama

During Dinner

Yeah, it's Mr. Wee - PC Show

i like the balloons :)

Time for Desserts!!

Before we go off.....

~ Congratulations & Wishing Them Joy & Happiness Always ~

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trip Journal - Day 2

Day 2: Kaoshiung ---> Taitung

I thought i would be pretty tired to wake up at 6am but surprisingly not, heee... Maybe becos its only the start of the tour.

1st Stop: Spring & Autumn Pavilions (春秋阁)
A place where you can see the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas - BUT, when we were there its under renovation!! Sigh.. so quite a few areas that we are unable to access. Mainly just go there to take some pics, that's it. Nothing very interesting here.

e Place under renovation

Outside the pagoda - Obviously, i need a haircut soon!!

Rarwww like Dragon

2nd Stop: Mei Non Hakka Village (美浓客家村)

Not really a very 'village' place cos pretty commercialise already. A small place where you can learn a little more about the Hakka culture.

At the Hakka Viallage

Me & Mr. G outside one of the small house

Playing the puppet show

3rd Stop: Fo Kuang Shan Monastery (佛光山)

We reached this place around 11am+. Hee... so by time, i was feeling alittle hungry, then when i saw the place..... i almost FAINTED! The temple is far high up! With choice of either steep staircase or walk path - either way... it seems sooooo far away... *Xerene was hoping that there were helping transport like cable car or mini bus etc* Help.....!

Finally, we reached the temple.....

4th Stop: Hon Yeh Hot Spring (红叶温泉)

Ah..... My FIRST time to Hot Spring eh :) & i was describing to SH & Evil Jojo about my hot spring experience. So i said "The hot spring is very hot!" Hahaha.... Darn lame but that's what came into my mind first when i wanna describe the 'how i feel'.

Okie, besides that its super relaxing and i love it! You are surrounded with nature as you dip yourself in the hot spring... with views of mountains under the starry night - nice nice!!

We only spend around half hour there cos it starts drizzling and they said you would need to get up once your fingers starts to get 'wrinkled' :)

We are ready for the Hot Spring

After the 'Dip'

5th Stop: Master Bear Resort (小熊渡假村)

I love this place cos it's very cosy and you far away from the city. This resort is situated at one of the Mountain at Taitung - nice air and environment there.

Reached the "Little Bear" Resort

After dinner, they even organised some games for us and we also lighted the Sky Lantern (天灯) - You need to write your wishes on the lantern and if manage to light the Sky Lantern, it means your wishes will come true! Heee.... They also put up some fireworks & I've uploaded 2 videos too! :)

Writing down our wishes on the lantern

And it's time to go to bed after all the activities - actually feel quite sleepy after the hot spring dip. I kinda have a feel i'm gonna fall sick... so quickly i popped down a panadol & indeed i had a good sleep for the night :)

This is my Room :)

Tired -- Crawling to bed