Friday, September 23, 2011


MIA? Almost 3 months with no updates! I have been really busy with our new arrival, BB Charlyne! :)

Ok now that our new helper is in, i finally find some time to update my bloggie :)

So many things happening, Mr. G & I were so overwhelmed by our new joy and i guessed we took it off quite easy beforehand - so well, lesson learnt - need to prepare all our stuffs for the next one! (Yeah, we are still planning to have more little G and little X)

With my favorite month August (our birthdays and wedding anniversary) being my confinement period, it was no fun at all like previous years. But when I see BB, heee... well, she just melts your heart.

Now now, coming up in October is a month i'm so looking forward to! My mama is full-time taking care of baby and my very first visit to Germany and Finland. Haven't got time to really plan the itinerary though so i believe we'll just pop by a few places of interest, find a nice cafe, sit down enjoy the weather (or probably too cold, haha) ~ have a hot cuppa coffee and relax! :D

Alright, here's some pics on our little joy :)

Our Little Angel :)

Also our Sunshine Gal! :)

Day 30th ~ Celebrating her Full Month

According to Tradition - Cut Hair Ceremony, heee..

She don't seem too willing eh, haha.. so skip the botak head

Our Birthday Treats ~ Enjoying High-tea at Rose Veranda, Shangri-la

From this pic, you know we had a good time at high tea, hee hee

Reason why Mr. G laughed so happily - This is the sweetener and he accidentally pour tea in it!
Well, not only once but twice or thrice?!! Hee