Friday, November 30, 2007

Who is My Secret Santa

Today at work, our lovely committee arranged a different way of buying gifts for our X'mas party this year. Basically everyone has to pick a card from the christmas tree and you will need to fulfill one of the 3 wishes written in the list.

Meanie, Me, SH, JO

Though one of the rules is that you are unable to disclose whose list you've got, but well... GIRLS!! Just can't shut up, heee... Obviously i know who got mine...... it's our dear Noormie. Hmm, since she is the leader of party planner team, i guess it is essential for her to set a good example - To fulfill ALL my wishlist!! Wahahaha....

Guess who's wishlist i've got? *Hint: Someone i named in my blog, whom possess evil thoughts but with a lovely heart, hee... :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Get Your own Email

I've been trying & figure out how I can get my email. EO manage to get it as her friend in US & me too, asked Sha Sha to help me out since she is in US now. Unfortunately, she don't seem to be able to sign up.

I understand that we can only sign up like, or - depending on your country. I goolged out many different tricks over different blogs and sites that guide you to regsiter your own email address. Try & error i finally got mine via this link (This trick only works on certain computers):


Yeappie ~ i Got it after few trys

If you couldn't get a satisfying mail account at Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or Gmail, you can now get it at The sooner the better so you don't end up with an email address like

**Might encounter some errors like 'We are working to fix a temporary problem with our sign-up service. Please try again. - Well, just keep trying**

However, if you really really can't get through, you might just want to get an account with the domain instead. Just go the this link to sign up:

It's still pretty new and I belive there are still lots of names available - so grab your email today :)

Note: Some said "The error 32 comes up if their server[s] is busy. Keep trying"

Monday, November 26, 2007

Swing, Swing ~ Time to Exercise

My body is aching badly now :( cos yesterday, Mr. G & i went to the golf driving range to practice. Hmm.... Thinking back, i haven't touch on the golf club for more half a year... Neither did i exercise *Lazie Xerene*

OMG... I barely practice for an hour and now both my hands are aching & my back too!! Guess i need to start exercising again & have a more healthy lifestyle, hee... But first of all, i need to pop a panadol ~ probably plus some massaging & 'ko-yo' maybe? heee....

practice time! Heeee :)

Irresponsible Pet Owners

Serene posted on Stomp! Okie, here's a little intro about her - She is actually Mr. G's coming sister-in-law & over the weekends, she found out there's a dead bird just at the lift lobby. The worst part is that no one bothers about it and the poor dead bird was left there... unattended with worms around it... Eeeeeeks!

Read more on the story at:
(with photos)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Orchard x 2

Today i made 2 trips to Orchard - Morning with Mr. G & i just came back from town with PJ & Auntie May. We miss Sha Sha & Liting - quite some time never meet up with them le. Sha will only be back from States at end December & yes yes, i'm preparing a list of 'To-Buy' items for her to bring back!! heee....

Singtel 2G Network Busy
Before i left home, i met some hick ups with my mobile phone! Oh man, i couldn't call out nor receive calls - only thing that is working is the sms, still can receive & send. It keeps saying "Network Busy", arrghh.... Feel so frustrated especially you are going out & its the time when you need to make phone calls!!

So i called the customer service & know what they told me. The reason why my phone has the network problem is because Singtel's 2G network in West area is not functioning well and their technical engineers are still rectifying this problem.

So i asked: How long would they need to solve this problem
Singtel: About 2 to 3 months' time
*OMG -- that's way toooooo long, isn't it*
Singtel: But it's only the network in West area
Me: So meaning if i am in town, i can call & receive calls normally?
Singtel: Yes.
Me: Are you sure?
Singtel: Definitely, i'm sure we have no problem with the network in town areas or other place except west area. However, if you change to the 3G simcard, you would have no problem in west area.
*Weird eh - but it's really true.. on my way to town, the phone was back to normal*

Alright, i took quite a while talking to the Singtel staff and by time i reach Orchard, it was close to 9pm. Only met up with the gals for a while - had some light snacks at Bakerz Inn and Auntie May headed back with Ken. Donn was overseas, hee... So PJ need not rush back & we decided to do some late night shopping. Suddenly, someone popped out infront of me... "HI!" Ahh... it's my cousin Karling eh - what a coincidence, she's actually going town to catch a movie.

Cousin Karling & Me

Me waited for Mr. G to come pick me home, so we went around Orchard Road, shopping + snapping.. or should i say me............ Hee ^^

PJ & Me :)

Show me your 'Tongue', hee - PJ & me doing silly faces

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bid Goodbye to Jas

Tired tired.. another long work day preparing for next week event, heee.. but very looking forward to it! Cos it will be my last event of the year *Hurray*

Today is also the last day for Jasmin, she's really a FUN colleauge to have, look at the pics you will know, heeee.... Most of the pics are just like her - super love to pose funny shots!!

look at all e funnie pose, heee...

Me & Jasmin

One of Jas' gifts: Cook book (me frown cos they showed me Strawberry Rice)
*Xerene is an Anti-Berries Person*

Before she goes, it's like Paparazzi at work... Cameras on action, lots of snapping.. One pose, 4 cams were at stand-by, heee... I especially love the picture below, cause of the effects - like poster wor.. ^^ Then i was pondering why this picture took by my camera is soooo different (as in much brighter) as compared to other pics taken with my cam. Finally, i figure out what leads to this effect, heee.... so i keep haunting SH, asking her "Do you know why this photo has a special effect??" - i was so eager to share the answer with her!!

i like this one! Best Poser: Evil Jo-jo (hiding her butterfly gang identity)
Best Comedian: Alexis aka Meanie (look at her "wahhhh" effect)

So here it is: Because when we were taking this picture with my camera, another camera was snapping too & it's flash adds on to the background on-top of my cam's flash light, hence it became super bright, hee.. :p

Farewell Jasmin, we will miss you & your boooobies!! wahhahaha....

Photo taken with Jasmin previously

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am a Handy Gal :)

Hee... I just did something that i've never done before... Yes - i fixed up 3 light bulbs!! ^^ Well, it's not as tough as i thought, basically just some screwing and turning & there you go >> done! But i used to have some fear in fixing them cos it seems like you will get electric shock in some way or etc.. *scary*. After fixing up the first one, hee.. i just went ahead to twist up another 2 bulbs. Hmm, abit fun but still i think i shall leave it to Mr. G next time, heee...

Actually just came back from dinner at Vivo with Auntie May... while star buck-ing, we discussed that we might most likely be exploring a little partnership so there will be a new place for ya to do shopping, hee... Will keep ya all updated :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yen's Wedding

Yesterday was another busy day. Touched down Sg in the afternoon, immediately had to head home to get prepared for friend's house warming and after which, to attend Yen's wedding.

My flight got delayed again, so by time we rushed down to the house warming session.. most of them have already left. So we didn't stayed there too long & we headed to The Central instead. I miss 'gai gai' with Mr. G, heee.....

Time was really rush, actually i haven't even got myself prepare to the wedding... just rushed out with jeans & a more former top. Since we are at the mall, i was hoping to get a dress if i could find something i like. Geee... i am luckie, last week i bought a last-minute dress for Mel's ROM, a day before... now worse, 2 hours before Yen's wedding, heee... *Oh ya, thankie Mr. G for buying the dresses! ^^

Yen's Wedding

Yen is so prettie that night :)

Me, Yen Yen & her Hubby

some pics i took at e dinner

Next month, it'll be our brothers BIG day- my brother & Mr. G's brother. Many weddings recently eh.. hee :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

No Shopping Tonite - Just Praying Hard

I received a call from Mr. G around 7pm... Bad news, something happened in Sg & i so wished i'm beside him now. Though i know he can handle it himself, but i'm still worried. How i wish i can fly back immediately...

Really no mood to shop now though i've planned to do some shopping at Tsimshatsui tonight. Shopping is not my piority cos i can always buy my stuff back Sg, so decided to stay in at room to rest & order my dinner instead. Take a dip at e bath tub, rest & wait for Mr. G's call.

my dinner for tonite

Watched TV in room while eating my pizza... They always show the latest TVB serials around 9pm. The drama currently showing is 通天干探 - The Ultimate Crime Fighter:

i was watching this - seems not bad

After the drama, they actually have a variety show that talks about a popular group back in the 80's (四朵金花 - 汪明荃、沈殿霞(肥肥)、王愛明 及 張德蘭) <--- i googled this of cos. Then they played a song which i find it soooo familiar..... Ahhh... cos my mama always listen it last time, hee... So she told me e song name is call 万水千山总是情 (by Lisa Wang) when i called her just now - Here is the retro MTV, heee... learn to enjoy :p

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A more Sunny Day in Hong Kong

Sunny as in my mood, heee... i'm feeling better as compared to yesteday. The weather in Hong Kong is turning cold & you can see along the streets, everyone is putting on their jackets already & ladies - boots! Basically today i just went Mongkok and having 3 main things in mind - must buy for this trip:

1) A pair of Boots

2) My bubble jacket

3) Long sleve Tops for Mr. G

Oh ya, one thing for Meanie - your Xu Liu Shan, here! *Xerene has helped u drank your share*

e left side one is yours, Meanie! ^^

Hee... these items are to prepare for our Taiwan Trip which is.... 3 wks away!! *Grinzz* Hey... i also found a new shopping place at Mongkok- Argyle Centre. Wah... lots of clothes to buy there & shoes too. As time is limited, i just had a quick bite at a stall along the street:

my Taiwanese Pork Ball Noodles (really cant' wait to go taiwan eh, heee)

munchie munchie....

Also visited the popular outlets in Hong Kong - Esprit! Today, i only manage to get one item, my boots... so 2 more items to complete my list by tomorrow.

e bag is for 'show' only, heee

a big bossini outlet @ Mongkok

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unlucky Day in Hong Kong

Sigh.... first thing i realised when i checked in at the hotel is that i dropped my mobile in the cab!! Though it's an old phone used only when i'm at overseas but..... still, feeling sad now - e feeling of loosing something is always not good.

One thing about HK taxi is that, if you ever drop something... sigh, u can forget about getting it back. Contacting the driver takes a million years! You call ONLY the main line to report & when I asked why can't i get the taxi company's directly as I have e taxi no... They just told me, they are unable to track which co they belong to and there are approximately 40 to 50 taxi companies if i want to call one-by-one. So only choice is to call main line then they will pass the message to the taxi companies and then to the taxis via radio call etc :s

Anyway, i tried calling my mobile phone within 10 mins after i dropped it... Ring Ring (a little hope) though no one picks up... Tried agin.... Then the 4th try.... "The number you call cannot be reached"- ENDED. i can stop dreaming about getting my phone back.

Alright, people always say - "There's no point crying over spilled milk". Okie, so i nagged it over msn with my friends & i got over it - in a way, heee...

Time for dinner & it was quite late liao... close to 9pm. So just grabbed any resturants at Causeway Bay. Hmm... i seriously never purposely or intended to eat here... but heee... yeap, i went >> >>>

ordered only 6 ounce, regret - Steak is too small -- smaller than my jacket potato

Outback Steak House again!! *What's new?! - Alexis aka Meanie always said* - i knew u'll say tat to me..... heeee. Though nothing - i ordered my tenderloin steak again but this time round at a Different Branch! Not at Tsimshatsui... (Meanie, new location hor)

my aussie cheese chips

look at e cheeeeeese, hee...

By time my dinner, its prettie late so just walked around Causeway & headed back hotel. Hmm, i shall say this trip will not be as fun as e others cos i still prefer to travel with e gals, heee... U know, gals' instinct - love chit chats & gals talk. Uncle, u're indeed quite lor soh..... His job: help me take some pics & save my ears. Thank u ^^

Monday, November 12, 2007

my $32 Dollars Laksa

Today's Lunch Menu: Super Laksa recommended by Cafe Brios' Chef

looks yummie?? heee... e most expensive laksa i've eaten

Speciality: Comes with Lobster pieces, Prawns, Scallops etc

The Taste: Average only, nothing spectacular. Basically you pay for the seafood.

The Presentation: Good! Looks yummie & you just feel like taking a bite.

Overall: After taxes, this bowl of super laksa cost $32!! Hmm, i don't think i will pay on my own for this bowl of laksa... Think i prefer those 3 buckeros famous Katong Laksa, heee.... :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mel & Binson's ROM

A looooong day today cos since morning i've been going out & just came back home not long. Today's actually a big day for our friends, Melissa & Binson as they are getting ROM today & ceremony will be held at their new home - Nice decor and the design of the house is prettie!

Start >> Melissa & Binson's ROM

(before) Ms. Tan & Mr. Wang

during e ceremony

Officially introducing Mr & Mrs Wang! heee...

Congratulations & here's a Toast to Mel & Binson- May your wedding be the beginning of everlasting joy & happiness!! :)

Here's some pics we took with the couple & friends...

Me & Cassie @ the backyard of the house

heee... yes, me trying to kiss e bride ^^

Mr. G & Mrs. G wanna-be, hee heee

Next >> Mount Faber

After the ROM, we decided to head back home to change into casual wear cos it's kinda weird if i'm going to wear the dress out - Mr. G says too dramatic, wahaha... So we changed & we went for coffee at the Cafe on e Hill.

we're at Mount Faber

Next >> Kent Ridge Park

We rested awhile at Mount Faber and next, we decided to go for a 'spin'. KM suggested a place that has nice residential area & view.. so we drove up to a place near Pasir Panjang - which when we were there, found out that it's Kent Ridge Park. Yeap, my first time there too :p

We are at Kent Ridge Park!

Our Canopy Walk

Next last two places we went for the day was Sunset Way for dinner & to KTV. But we ended our KTV session earlier cos Mr. G is not too well & yeap.. he's now sound asleep after 2 vomits... *Xerene is praying hard that he don't vomit again* I too, have to go turn in le - having event tomorrow. Nitey everyone :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taiwan Trip Confirmed!

Yeappie... first thing, we got a call from the agency few days back that our Taiwan trip has been firmed and today, we need to go down to make e balance payment + attend some briefing.

Okie, Mr. G has agreed to be my sponsor for shopping in Taiwan ~ Hurray!! i luv ya my 'sugar daddy'!! wahahaha....

Basically, today is a pack day for me... Becos tomorrow is our friend, Melissa & Binson's big day & we need to go get gifts for them. Next myself, i haven't got a dress yet... oooOps.. So i'm hoping to do some last minute shopping.

After e briefing, while Mr. G went to his tuition, i quickly take some time to do my manicure & by time we reach Marina Square, it was close to 8pm - quite late le.

1st Stop: Food Station - Makan!
2nd Stop: Buy a Card
3rd Stop: Buy a Gift
4th Stop: Buy my dress

gifts for their coming wedding use

Phew... we completed all these things within 1 & half hours, hee heee.... For me now, after a looong day outside, i need to rest for tomorrow & do something important --> my mask! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yeah! Mr. G is Back!

Heee... finally after 6 days at Dubai, Mr. G is back home!

Actually me wanted to wake up at 5am to go pick him up at airport & surprise him... but..... Erm, when i woke up, it was pouring soooooo heavily. Hee.... so i decided to wait for him back instead since he had also planned to get breakfast for me on his way back.
Didn't go much place today, except to Orchard the whole afternoon & watch a movie - which we slept there! Not because we are v.tired... but the show... sigh, really quite disappointing; too dry.

on our way to Takashimaya

Unpleasant Taxi Ride

*NC16 rating - Before you proceed to read this, pls note that this post has "valgur content".

Okie, as you can read from the post title, this is about a cab driver i've just met. I popped in to his cab after my coffee session with my colleagues.

The Scene: It was around 1am & e cab had a strong 'cigaratte smell'.... i mean i don't really mind but when he (an indian driver) starts talking... my mouth just Zipped!

Taxi: *NBCH*, that F**ker... he want to play right! I will play with him! Jus now i only one person, nevermind.... i call my friends already! They all stand by.

Later i'm going down to find him... This F**ker ang-mo, tink what! They come here try to play isit!! Go back their country lah! They tink they very good??!! They r rubbish! *CB*

*Xerene just kept silence.... don't wanna irritate him or prop him anything... feeling abit scared also... thinking "will he beat me up if i irritate him???" - calling for HELPPP inside my heart

Taxi: *NB*..... I now veri angry... I tell u ah... these 3 F***ker jus now never pay me e call-booking $$. Just throw me $5!! KNN!! Now still got mid nite - wat throw me $5 & run away??!! *CB*! Tink wat! Don't need to pay?! U tell me lah...

...... oooops.... he asked me....... well, i know irritating him or arguing with him is definitely a no-no... so xerene decides to 'fakely' sing-a-long with him abit....

Me: Ya lah.. tis people also.. aiyoh.. how can they just don't pay up & run away... Think u call police lah

Taxi: *CB* ang-mo, they think they wat! all rubbish!!

Taxi: Police?! Huh! they so slow! Nvrmind, i noe where he stay... xxx condominum... tonite 3 - 4 o'clock... i will go there wait for him... but i park my taxi far away... *NB*, i sure whack him later!!

... he continues, continues & continues.....

Nevermind.. he go MOS now... i know where he stay! my friends all ready liao, later tonight we sure WHACK him!! *CB* They tink wat! Come Singapore try to play around! In Singapore, u do anything sure can catch u one...

Jus go back to ur country lah! *CB* ang-mo

Yes... he keep repeating all e valgur words & story again & again.....

Terrible terrible.... YES, my ears just suffered in the whole ride & all I just want is to reach home fast & safe :(

Finally..... i reach & i said "Oh ya, you can U-turn (there is sign) here & i stopped at bus stop."

Taxi: U wan to U-turn......? (Me: yup, just U-turn & stop at the bus stop) .....

Taxi: U wan to U-turn ah......but i want to drink coffee leh....

Ah....... Help.... what can i say? No??? Sigh..... Because aparantly if he U-turns & drop me at the bus stop, he need to make a big round to go back to the coffee shop. Well.... so in the end, i said don't need to U-turn which i have to walk slightly further up....

I seriously felt he is quite 'over' in this matter, another words - typical egoistic guy who doesn't know how to control his emotion. Worst, working at the front line.

Well since he said 'in Singapore you cant run away' - then why did he keep annoucing the crime he is going to commit later? Hai.... just trying to boost his ego maybe?

Darn, my luck :(

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my Pre-Deepavali Night

After work, we asked Beanie for dinner at nearby Lau Pa Sat... We gonna miss her lots!!

Before Beanie goes >> >>> :)

Beanie, Me & her fav. Bear

Byeee~~ Beanie

some farewell gifts for her

Dinner @ Lau Pa Sat

~ A Surprise for SH ~

When we are about to finish our food, Leah & Noormie went to buy a cake to surprise our coming Birthday Gal - SH! She was soooo surprise when e cake popped out infront of her face, hee....

Advance Happie Birthday SH!!

After the dinner, left with myself, SH, Ina & EO - e 4 of us again.. EO suggest maybe we can go KTV & i remember there is one Party World at Boat Quay.. so we take a stroll over & sharks! Think either they have moved or closed down the branch - no where to be seen.... Our legs are tired & half-way sweating now, just want to grab a seat anywhere close.. which is well, Coffee Bean - spending e rest of our nite there having Gals Talk :)

snappin away~~

EO & Me

Farewell Beanie

Sad sad..... Sigh... Yes, Beanie is leaving us... to a faraway land called The World of 'Dou'. She has resigned & decided to migrate to this farway land to start her own plantation in beans.. Yeap, to plant her own beans to sell - that's what she alway said! heeee....

Alright, back here - we were sad & shocking to learn that today will be her last day as it was supposed to be next week. We were still discussing during lunch if we could go for dinner during her last day or so... but now it seems too late. Luckily, we had lunch together today & happened that Jasmin brought along her camera... so at least now we still have some pics for memoirs.

These few months, i've been travelling a couple of times with Beanie, hence more or less.. kinda have feelings attached. Yeap, Xerene's feeling sad now but yet also happie for Beanie that she can finally go to her happie beanie land.

Next, we all look forward to have a Pot Luck X'mas Celebration at The World of 'Dou' ~ with 'live' performance from Dao-Pok (yes, her hammie's name) on 8th Dec 2007 ^-^

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Waraku - The Central Branch

Last evening, i met up with my group of friends for dinner at Waraku. I've never been there but was recommended by SH - she says the jap food there is nice, especially their paper steamboat & prawn tempura - Must Try, hee...

Initially i wanted to go to the one at Cuppage but Sha Sha said The Central Branch is not that 'smelly' so we went there instead. But when i called to reserve a seat on Friday, they said it's fully booked! Think next time gotta call much earlier to reserve seats - which means now we will need to go down to take the queue no.

waiting for our seats

So nice.. they served u drinks while waiting. Meanwhile we went to the Yamakawa Supermarket @ the basement - they sell all kinds of tibits and stuff imported from Japan. All the packaging there look sooooo 'kawaii', heee... We manage to get our seats after 40mins of waiting - all our stomach r calling for fooooood!! i ordered e Kaminabe Wazen cos it comes with e paper steamboat + prawn tempura + sashimi (all-in-one)

my paper steamboat - Beef with Clear Soup Base

Me & Princess Sha Sha

May, Ken, Yaodong, Sha, PJ & Donn

After our dinner we all went to a nearby KTV pub @ Boat Quay. Sha & Me feel like back to old days when we stepped in, wahaha... like back to e days when we were around 18, we used to go to a KTV pub at Tanjong Pagar (those were the days) ^^

oh man, my face is sooo red - barely had 2 cups of drinks only

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining