Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Journey in Life

Time passes soooo fast!

Blink ~ Gavin is now Mr. G aka Hubby, heee
Blink ~ We are back from our Hokkaido honeymoon
Blink ~ It's been 10 days since we got married!
Blink ~ Back to reality, back to work!!

I'm really glad and happy that our wedding went smoothly, really thanks to our dear friends who helped us throughout the day :) *Thank U!!!*

Besides them, we are so lucky to have engage a team of very good and professional photographer (Yong How from 1950 Photography), videographer (Christopher from Ichiro Films) and music band (A Little Dream) - i still think they are the best! Hee heee :)

Many people asked me.. "So Xerene, how's life after marriage? Do you feel any difference? Or is it only your left hand weighs heavier (now with the ring and wedding band)?"

Hmm.... i must say the difference is not extremely huge but you can feel small little things happening, like hubby dotes on me more! Haha (maybe temporary) but still, i feel Mr. G's kind of sweeter towards me now, geeezz...

Meanwhile, it's only 10pm but i'm feeling sleepie already!! Cos way back in Hokkaido, we slept at about 10pm almost everyday. Yawnzz... And yes we took many many many photos during our trip and i'll be posting them soon :) As of now, nitey mates! Sleep early! :D