Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009!

Recent weekends and off days are always packed. Mr. G and i were trying to sort some prepartions before it gets too busy nearer to date. With him, it's always getting things done in the fastest/shortest time, hee... Fortunately, so far i'm happy with all our buys - wedding bands, some furnitures and now trying to sort out gown selection by next week.

A new year is arriving and i'm all excited for a busy year to come! :) Looking back at my posting during the start of 2009, setting my resolutions.. Hee... i'm so glad that i had achieved the list; a great year for me :D and of couse, not forgetting about celebrations!

Celebration @ Auntie Maybel's House

Greedie Sha Sha, heeee....

Pot Luck with Home-cooked Food!

Celebration @ Mr. G's Sis Place

Baby Joseph is sooo adorable

Wow... e Food, yums!

Me with Baby Joseph - Merry X'mas!!

'Super' Kids!

Time for Games.. Run!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apple iPhone

Hee heee... yes yes, i've ordered my iPhone today and Mr. G ordered his yesterday! So looking forward to the delivery in 2 days' time. But i can only get mine in 2 weeks'.... Still, hope its' gonna be a user-friendly mobile as described by Hui Hui :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kelly Duggan's Hen Nite Partie!

It's been quite some time since i last updated my bloggie, heee... Been busy busy, lots of things to sort out preparing our big day next year :D

Venue, bridal, house, reno, furnitures... (all the $$ spending stuffs!) But I'm glad that everything seems in place now. Well, the last but not least important item on our list will be the venue which we hope to do so by next week *Xerene prays hard that all will be fine after some hiccups*

Recently just realised that quite a number of my friends around me are getting hitched this year or the next! Hmm.... diamonds getting cheaper due to economic downturn? Hee heee.... definitely not the case but i guess my friends and i are in the age where its 'time to settledown' :)

The next wedding will be my colleague, Kelly! Unfortunately we can't attend her wedding at Adelaide in 2 weeks' time so we decided to give her a SURPRISE Hen's night party! It was a night with lots of fun nad laugther which inspired me to probably organise another one for Maybel next month! :D

Credits to Virginie who came up with this creative T-shirt & organising tis partie!

We r all READY!

SURPRISE...!! This is Bride-to-Be, Kelly :)

Da-dahh! Changed, dressed-up, ready to be on mission!

Shots tat r too strong, for me... which i could only take a sip :(

Look at our bling blings :D

Oosh @ Dempsey

Let's see how many tasks to go, hee hee...

Wahaha... Finally some guy just pulled out his undies' label - N it's in 2 seconds!!!!

Partie 'All Nite - Gate Crashing @ Clarke Quay :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Booked! To HK!

Just saw the tv advert that Jetstar is having it's 'Take a Friend for Free' promo again! Missed the last one so this time we booked immediately, heee...

Was browsing through the destination.. Haha, we decided to go Hong Kong again in January. Yeah, quite excited cos i can go top-up my beauty stuffs again and eat my 'Xu Liu San', hee hee.. :D

Promotion ends tomorrow, 15 Oct... so go book now cos the fares are downright cheap. We paid SGD 303 for 2 return tickets!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Alone Week

Today is my 6th day of home alone. Ah... 3 more days and he will be back from Dubai!! Yeappies!

Just finished my call with Mr. G and in future we are unable to Skype le... But luckily i found a calling card that's 50% cheaper than phonenix card, heee. After many days of work, he finally get some time off and he mms me a photo taken at the desert :)

Look so fun, well, wished i was there too :)

I seem to have slow down again in uploading my pictures, heee... Been busy doing some plannings for the last 2 weeks; a fruitful one though. Anyway, here's the photos i've taken during Liting's wedding :)

Pretty Bride :)

At the Foyer

Happie Bride

Yeah! She is now Mrs. Soong

With my secondary school friends & poly mates :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Celebration Continues!

Last week of August is always a celebration week for us, with our birthdays falling on the same week :)

But this year's celebration seems stretched... I feel like i'm having surprises every couple of days, it's a good thing of course and i'm lov'in and enjoying every second of it, heee... cos i probably won't get the chance to have soooo many good things happening at the same time again, ever?

Starting from sweet birthday surprise at cruise, to celebrating Mr. G's birthday, and then came along with the very 'special question' - a surprise romantic proposal, gifts from colleagues, followed by 2 nights' stay at Ritz Carlton celebrating our engagement. This week while celebrating Liting's bachelorette's party, heee... i got a belated birthday pressie from lovely Auntie Maybel & Liting and last but not least... i passed my driving test on Monday!! Yeap yeap, the ball is still rolling... This Sunday, it'll be our 4th year together and 2 of good friends are getting married! Whew... long list ya? Hee:D

And i hope good things are coming along your way too! :D

Birthday Gifts

Baby Joseph's Birthday Celebration

Joseph's sooo cute! :)

Us again :)

Our Stay @ Ritz Carlton

Great Room, Great Service

View is Fantastic!

Night View from Room

Hee... Trying to take some shots :)

By the Pool

Another Surprise from colleagues! Lovely Ladies, they are

A Colourful Friday :D

Buffet @ Hibiki

Can you spot bride-to-be wearting a cute little tiara?

Chupa Chups Toast to Liting! Heee...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photos Uploaded!

Yeah..! Our desk top is finally fixed - so i've uploaded some pics on that special night.

This year i don't seem to be quite good with electronics gadgets - my lappie was down, followed by camera and desk top. Now that 2 are fixed, i'm still thinking if i should get a new lappie, hmm...

Monday, August 31, 2009

31st August 2009

Today is Mr. G's birthday. Hmm... also the most unforgettable day for me, ever :)

As he 'present' our love story, i couldn't hold my tears. And when he asked, what could i say except "Yes, i will"

The exquisite Gabrielle Diamond

The Place - Top Floor of Fullerton

Our Dinner @ The Lighthouse

In Happie Tears

It happened at the balcony... :)

99 roses from Dearie

Happie Take 1

Happie Take 2

We are engaged!