Friday, November 28, 2008

Back from Trip :)

Touched down Sg last night around 11pm.. Overall, my experience at Beijing was pretty good. Lots of laughter throught the trip with minimal arguements, heee... i always felt couples tend to have more arguements during holiday trips as compared to norm cos they see each other 24/7 and sometimes, they just can't have the same view on certain stuff, isn't it?

Fortunately, my 6 sticky day with Mr. G was still alright..... plus we didn't want to strain ourselves - more energy, less frustration. To us, getting enough rest is more important, even if it takes to visit less places or to do less shopping *really* :D

We spent a fair share of our time doing cultural visits along with shopping and dining; can say its almost 50/50. Okies, gonna start posting on my trip journal! :D

Beijing Day 1: "It's soooo funny!"
Weather: Cold
Area: Wangfujing

I touched down Beijing airport at around 7.30am and Mr. G was already there waiting for me :) As its really too early for check-in, we had to roam around the airport and.... we slept there for like 2 hours, just waiting for time to past *_*

Okie, this is funny. I booked the hotel room through (also my first time using this portal), there are few options where you can pick, though non-guaranteed but they will try to arrange according to your preference.

The list includes things like, e.g. Twin Bedded, King Bedded, Early Check-in, High Floor etc etc... Then i saw this option "Honeymooners". Heee.. and yes yes, i went to select it cos i didn't want them to alocate me a twin bed. And i thought by choosing this option, they won't be so idiotic to give a 'just married couple' a twin bed room right? *Evil thoughts*

True enough... they arranged a 'special room' for us! Haha... in fact a room specially for couples, much much spacious and with a big bath tub. And guess what.... 15 mins after we checked-in to our room.... 'Ding-dong', our door bell rang. The hotel actually arranged a little surprise for us!

It's a cake writing "喜喜", which means 'Happiness' and she greeted us, "新婚快乐! ", meaning 'Happy Marriage'.

When we closed the door... Omg... we were laughing like mad! But but, i felt they are so sweet to have arranged this. Basically, we just stayed around the hotel area on our first day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Trip - Alone

Going to board the flight in 15 mins time.. This is the first time i am taking a flight alone! Still alright just that you don't get to talk. Since the minute i reached airport... other than "Check-in" and "Can i have 3 cookies" (bought Mrs. Field cookie for supper)... that's it!

Anyway, today it's a pretty rush day for me. Leaving work at only 9pm, the moment i touch home, take a shower and there i go.. head to airport almost immediately.

Okie, time to go.. bye Hui & friends. Se ya next week! :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 days to Beijing

I felt i've been pretty busy this month with wedding and trip preparations. Don't seem to have enough time... The week before was busy finding 'little pink dress' and this week, pack with last minute search for winter clothes, packing and planning the itinerary.

Mr. G had reached Tianjing this evening and thinking back, it's been quite awhile since either of us have travelled for work. These 2 days will be a short break for us and i'll see him on Saturday! Ooooppps...! Just went to google the weather at Beijing.... it says, ''Right now in Beijing, it's -5ºc but feels like -8ºc!" *_* *Glurps...* Definitely not what i expected initially when i confirmed this tag-along trip. Oh man, you'll probably will get to see dumpling alike human pictures posted in this blog soon! :s

Friday, November 14, 2008

Binson & Melissa

After a year of waiting, here comes the BIG day of Bin & Mel! This couple held their wedding dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court on Wednesday, which happens to be their 1 year + 1 day ROM anniversay, heee...

It was also the very first time i was one of the 'jie-mei' (sister).. which supposingly should be 12 of June this year (Gavin's brohter, Eythan & Serene's wedding) but unfortunately, Mr. G was ill then and we had to back out. Being sister was quite fun but pretty tiring too; waking up at 4.30am to get prepared.

The morning gate crash very fun but i played a more passive role cos the other sisters were so much a better negotiator in getting ang baos! Here's some pics taken on the day:

Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy (酸,甜,苦,辣) Big Breakfast Meal! Hee...

First Game ~ Say 'i love u' with candles!

Wait wait..!! Check if ang bao big enough first.....

Scooping out the treasure key - no hands please ^_^

Finally, he got the bride! :)

The brothers' car

Gavin & Binson

Sistas & the Groom

Me, Charmaine, Mel, Cassie

The Dinner

We wish them Blissful Marriage!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ah.... been sneezing the whole day... I've caught a cold :( Hopefully 'Febs' can cure my cold syptoms and it makes me wonder if flu jab really works? Or probably you will still catch a cold but not flu? It's the second time i am down with cold since i had my flu jab 7 months ago.

Nonetheless, i am still going to watch my TVB serial now! Heee... This drama, Moonlight Resonance or Tang Xin Feng Bao II is really good, just like Evil Jojo commented :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Foodie Weekend

Just had steamboat for dinner with Mr. G, heee.... How should i say? Simply 'satisfying'! :D i love eating steamboats and buffets, hehe... so I am now thinking and have plans for the next steamboat session with SH and the gals! *Grinzz*

After dinner, supposingly we had planned to shop for my dress. Cos in 10 days' time, its Binson and Mel's big day! And i've yet to buy my little pink sista dress for morning and don't mention about the night. Anyway, as expected, it might not be a good choice to have Mr. G shopping with me... cos after 15 mins, he commented "actually it's better for you to shop with your friends." *_* - Alright, i totally agree that too. So instead, we went for dessert :)

This weekend of mine, seems like a makan-weekend session. Friday after work, Mr. G brought me to a restuarant near my office; at Maritime House - Mariner's Seafood. I like this place! Food is nice, quiet ambience and at reasonable rates. The setting reminds me of 'Ship Restaurant' at Far East Shopping.

As you can see, i've been lazy again on my updates but here's some pics for the 933 Sg Hitz Awards last Saturday. Hmm... seriously i thought it was just a pretty average show; or in fact, quite boring. Probably because there were not many artist attending. Those who attended will go up the stage at least thrice! So you are seeing the same person up to the stage again and again... Hmm, will definitely prefer a concert :)