Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Again? Uncompleted Trip Journal?

Heee... seems like i got stuck again. Never seem to complete my trip journal always *Ooops* Have been really busy at work and kinda lazy to surf net when home.

This week been pretty busy with my driving test date finalized, i have to complete all my 5 stages of driving lessons no later than 26 June! After work was meet ups with friends and colleagues for dinner, squeezing lessons in between and a good news to share..... Our dear Ms. Keng is getting married this Sunday!! i wrote my wishes to her saying she always never fail to surprise us. Back then at PC, she was the one whom as not attached and now... she is the first to get hitched!! Always a slient killer, heee...

And over the weekends, i'll be flying to Penang to attend her wedding with the fun group of ex-PC mates! I'm sure its going to be fun and maybe it's excitement that's causing the insomnia tonight :)

One bad news... my lappie is down *Sobs* Now thinking hard if i should get a new one or have it repaired....


Met up with ex-PC mates for buffet at Grand Copthorne
~ The place where we used to run our events *nostalgic* :) ~

Got a new bangle watch while searching for new lappie ~ Found it quite interesting :)

HK Trip - Goal to Complete this Trip Journal!
Popped by Stars Avenue ~ The 1980's Star

Look like Post Card? :)

Met up with my cousin before heading to Macau

The must-visit place in Macau, The Venetian

Out from Casino

Whilst on the way to Senado Square

At Senado Square

Back to Tsimshatsui - Last Night at HK

We found out this place! Nice chill out place :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hong Kong Day 2

Shall continue with my Day 2 trip journal. Hee.... i really hope this would be a complete trip journal, hahaha... i always have the tendency to stop at 3rd/4th day :D

Day 2 was still alright but... hmm, had some hiccups with Mr. G in the afternoon *_* But luckily it was just a short one.... and there we go; continued our tour. We took quite alot of pics (as usual), heee... but there's one very 'funny' photo we took. Not too sure why G hugged me this way too but i can see the person who is taking the photo for us was giggling away....

Day 2

(Disney Land, Tung Chung Factory Outlets)

The cutie Disney Train! :D

Quite alot of people that day...

Sunny weather!

With Chip 'n' Dale

i think my photography skills did improve a little? :D

This is the very 'funnie' photo, hahahha
(Pose ≠ ambience)

Heee.. self-shot while taking e raft

Lunch @ The Adventure Island

They gave us each a "Star Guest" sticker!

Da-dah!! Mickey & Simba sticka :D

Taking the Cinderella Carousel ride

It's Gooooofy!

Tigger & Pooh!

Time to go to our next stop... Bye Disney :D

Next Stop - Tung Chung Factory Outlets

The place where you can find heaps of outlets

Mr. G says Tung Chung looks like our Jurong West, heee..

i got a pair of Crocs at only HKD 88 (less than SGD 18)!!

Mr. G bought quite alot at Esprit Outlet, hee hee

My second trip to Disney Land HK and i really hope i can visit the Tokyo one soon!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Hong Kong Trip

It's been a year since my last work trip to Hong Kong and finally this time round it's for tour!! :)

But then again, it's probably not the best time to go there now due to the swine flu. Everyday when we were there, the media and news kept reporting about. I was pretty scared as i wasn't in my best health condition during this trip. The tension in Hong Kong hyped after the 1st confirmed H1N1 flu was announced. Immediately that morning, a notice was slotted to our room by the hotel management. Then on the street, quite a number of people were putting on mask and there after, we decided that we should get one too! Well, better play safe then be sorry.

So some pictures during the last 2 days will look like that! Hee.... It was a fun trip after all. Minus the swine flu hoo-haa *_*

Let's put one on!

Day One
(Causeway Bay, Central, Lan Kwai Fong)

Mr. G's first step to HK!

Airport Express to City

5* Hotel @ Causeway Bay

It's Tea-Time!! :D

This Seafood Horfun is yummie & can serve 2 person! SGD 8
*Loves the fresh prawns & scallops*

Mr. G's still at work.....

Dinner Time at the renowed restuarant for Roasted Goose - Yung Kee
(Approx. SGD 50 per pax)

Drinking my Double-boiled Soup

Gavin with Goose & Chicken Feet!

Us @ Lan Kwai Fong

The must take photo, heee

The very nice coach store at Central

Heading back to Hotel...