Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet-up with Couz

Just back from dinner session with Couz Karling & Janey. Time passed really quickly everytime girls sit down and start chit chatting, heee... I'm glad to hear that they are both happy with work and all things are good :D

After i ate the Oreo Cheese last week with Hui, it left me with a not so satisfied feeling so i guess it led me to having cravings for nice Oreo Cheese cake. Both couzies wanted to ensure i have a good sleep tonight so they decide we should walk around till we find a cafe with 'nice-looking' Oreo Cheese cake. As the nearest stop was Coffee Club, they first suggested the place and i immediately said "No - i just had it last week. It was alright but their oreo cheese look very grey" heee.. So we headed on to our search and ended up at Flying Chillies (a Thai Restuarnt) @ Orchard 313.

Verdict: Xerene is now satisfied (can sleep well, hee), especially with the presentation of the cake :)

Target Spotted! As we walked passed Flying Chilli :D

We wondered why they took so long to serve the cake.. Well, worth the wait :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Alone Week

Recently Mr. G is back to travel mode - Dubai, Jakarta, now Hong Kong then Malaysia - so home alone week for me.

Sometimes i do miss him much even if it's only a couple of days and though we still chat every night. I can't imagine in May where he will be probably be home for only a week or so? Alright, won't want to think about it for now. Just looking forward to hubby back in another 2 days! :)

Last week, it was home alone week for Hui Hui aka the new Mrs Pee. So we met up for dinner, had a good girl's talk session, did some shopping and went for dessert. Hui was so sweet, she just popped out 2 Jagabees and said "Nah, for you" - Reason, she said i need to put on weight, haha...

Our Dessert @ Coffee Club - The Bottom One is Mine, Make a Guess to the Flavour on this Greyish Cake?
(Answer: The gray colour, clay-look alike cake is actually Oreo Cheese! Taste alright but colour seems really off)

This Ain't No Normal Jagabee - It's with Lova! Hee hee...

Sad that L'occitane discontinued their Shea Organic Cotton Range, so i just had to source for altneratives
This Kiehl's Moisturizer is not bad too - Mild and non-greasy feel :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Here!

Our delivery today......



The new Stokke Xplory v3 in purple! :) We went to buy this stroller last weekend at Taka Baby Fair and although we still have a couple of months before we can start using it, the discount offered was better than usual so we have to decide.

I'm particularly attracted by the high chair function and adjustable height, reversible facing etc which distinguishes it from the others. Well i did lots of research, price considerations and was contemplating which to get - Soooo many strollers out there in the market, so many different reviews (pros & cons) - wow, tough choice!

After much thoughts, we decided to go for this one as there are many ravings about this Xplory; also quoted as 'One Of The Best Parent Friendly Stroller'? We'll see :)

About Stokke Xplory:

We ordered the cup holder too :)

High Chair Function / This is how it will look after set up - love the Purple!

Last weekend before heading to Taka Fair with Mr. G:

At East Ocean Restaurant for Dim Sum

Yummie Pan-fried Carrot Cake :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hubby's First Valentine Gift

Da-dah! Here's my first gift from Hubby:

An ironing board? Heee... Yeah, he bought it on and jokingly said this shall be my pressie since he haven't bought any gift for me. Heh, trying to hint me to do more housework...?? :) I'm glad this is not really a gift for me but i'm sure our part-time cleaner will be happy to have a good new ironing board :D

Every year on valentines day, lovely G will send me flowers and i'm so happie that he didn't forget this year. *In thoughts: "Marriage is not the end of surprises and romance?" Heee... i do hope so. Earlier in the day on Valentines, sweet Mr. G sent flowers to my work place. This year slightly special, i got 2 bouquets! Of course he won't send two but just happened that the florist delivered the wrong flowers on the actual day and they re-sent the correct order on the following day. That's why i ended with two; the one and only year i will get 2 bouquets from Mr. G :)

1st Delivery - The wrong order

This is the correct one with Ferrero Rochers! :)

Thanks Hubby!! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello 2011!

Finally, my first post of 2011 hee... :D

No excuse, just lazy to blog i must say. Wanted to blog about Chinese New Year, company CNY party, Hui's wedding and babies - Liting & Maybel has been upgraded to Mummy status!! and so many more.. but but kinda lazy and not really into taking pictures recently *_*

I need a new camera, that's what i have been telling Mr. G, hee... Very tempted to get the Nikon 3100, should i?? :)

Anyhow, i just came back from a home-cooked Sukiyaki steamboat dinner at Mr. G's sis place - yummie and my appetite is back! *Hurray* Ate lots and i'm still snacking away now with beard papa puff, fruits and chips! Wheew....

Okie and now, picture time :D

River Ang Bao 2011 :)

Golden Horse

Da Rabbit Year!

Another Big Golden Coin

Family Photo :)

Company CNY Party - The Forever 'Bikini Brendan', hee..
*Always adding fun & spice to the party*

My Group - Union Theme

And finally.... It's their wedding! The fun & loving couple - JX & Hui! :)

And we realised we had the same solemnizer, heee
*Congratulations babe!!*

Hubby & I @ JX & Hui Wedding, The Fullerton

Ex-PC Mates :)
(Coming up next: Our dear Evil Jojo & Wesley's wedding this coming November)