Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Passed - Yeappie!

Yeappies.. finally i passed my 'evaluation' after 2 tries. The Q&A book really helps! :) Ah.. but still, most importantly i need to pass the Final Theory in 2 weeks' time, so i'll just continue to read that book.

Oh ya, my very very first trial on Saturday, driving beyond the circuit-outside the school! Scary.. but i guess i'm lov'in it!! Seriously, i look forward to my next lesson and if time allows, i am hoping to arrange more than one lesson a week. That means i have to spend both my weekend at BBDC?? Hmm.... shall think about it ... :D

Friday was my company's corporate day. I thought the whole day event was really good; it was meaningful, motivational, yet fun and exciting. Hmm... how should i say... a very good mix of all activities? :) We started off with some fun exercise, then to MD presentation, to some kiddish clap & sing-along song, follow by witty team building sessions... proceeding on to sexy salsa dance class and not forgetting, drinking session with the team :)

So Sunday was my R & R day. Decided to pop by Mr. G's sista's place to visit his nephews and niece - cos we had missed her birthday 3 weeks back.

Joseph's look changed in 3 weeks'!

Cute Joseph

Gavin brought them to 'fishing'

Wallace counting his fishes - he caught 13!! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Its a MCQ Week

Today, i received a call from the driving school-BBDC.... You know what, it was a kinda follow-up/reminder call saying: "Hey Xerene, we noticed that you have booked on the Final Theory Test in first week of April and are you aware that you need to pass your 'Evaluation' 2 weeks prior to the test?" Heee.. i was surprise that do such 'customer service' calls but its good, cos at least they make an effort to remind you.

It was my second FAIL for the school's evaluation test last Sunday and my lastest date to pass this is by next Tuesday!! So this Saturday's evaluation test is a 'die-die also must pass'! Thinking back, rather regret why i didn't listen to Mr. G.. i should have gotten the MCQ revision book since i don't have time to go down for a practice session. Now = 2 fails + waste time + naggings/teachings *_* (but i know you meant well my dear, heeeee :D)

Studying Hard.. i am! :)

So i've finally got my Q&A book yesterday! Been reading on it :)

Oh ya, i attended 2 practical lessons till date and so far so fun, heee... It's kinda interesting coordinating the clutch, changing gears, braking etc.. Except that i seem to have a problem controlling my steering wheels. Just weird, either over-steered or under-steered, ah.. need more more practice..!

Hmm... or i shouldn't say it so early? Cos Mr. G was telling me.... "Fun?! Wait till you drive out to the main road, changing of lanes and so forth..." Oooops! Picturing that scenario now seems far from fun. Anyway, shan't think about it first whilst i still have the interest going on. Looking forward to my 3rd lesson this Saturday! Till then.. :)