Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"u not as efficient as b4 liao la" - OMG

Today i received a sms from Sha Sha... she said "hey... where's the ice cream pix? aiyo... u not as efficient as b4 liao la" Hmmm.... cos we went Ben & Jerry last week to celebrate PJ's birthday, took some pics with my camera; which i used to send them the photos almost immediately that day or not, the next. But this time.... *oops!* i haven't even look at the pics myself till now.

Been busy planning for my HK trip, checking accommodation rates - cos apparently i planned to stay at 3 different area, so gonna search for 3 different hotels for our trip :D Plus researching on Macau cos it's gonna be our first trip there. Not forgetting my driving lessons. Yeah...!!! i've passed my final theory and i need to quickly finish the course so i can go for my test. Again, BBDC business is extremely good. It's so tough to book on to weekends! And well, i kinda have to everyday log in to the homepage at least twice to check if someone had let go their slots... :S

Anyhow, here's the Ben & Jerry pics that Sha Sha has been bugging me!! Heee heee

Our $96 bucks tub of icre-cream!

Birthday Gal :)

Yums Yums!

Happie Sha Sha

The left-overs... looks yuckkie

but... i still pose with a smile, so.....
Sha Sha says "Aiyo, how can you still smile...,
let me SHOW U!"

"This is what i call 'Expression'!"

Scope your ice-cream!

Group Pic :)