Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home Collections

I'm quite excited every now and then when i see departmental stores going on sale, heee... Love popping by Takashimaya and Tangs to shop for home stuffs and these few weeks pretty i'm happy with our buys :)

Got my WMF pots - don't know whey but i love WMF stuffs. i think they have good quality cooking pots and pans. *Thanks to PC babes for contributing to my WMF collections!*

We're heading down to DiGio in a couple of hours to select our photos... Arrh.. Mixed feelings. On one hand, i hope the photos are nicely taken but on the other, Mr. G and i had an agreement not taking any additional pictures. Haizz... i hope we can do that? *keeping my fingers crossed*

Monday, June 14, 2010

2nd Photoshoot - In SG

Another photoshoot? Hee hee... Yes yes; we have taken up two bridal pacakges. But seriously, not on purpose - believe me :)

It was in fact quite a hassle to go through the procedure again but after the shooting last Friday with DiGio, i kinda changed my mind! I felt really quite different taking pre-wedding shoots in Taiwan and Singapore. Both expereiences are great (with both the nice teams) but if you were to ask me which i prefer, i guess i could only tell you this when we've got the actual albums.

Heh... here's the preview of my MTM wedding gown. i love it to bits.. :) Thanks to Jeslyn from DiGio, she is a fantasic designer and of course, a very nice and patient lady.

Miki - my MUA :)

New Template

It did crossed my mind that if i should stop blogging? Having Facebook being so interactive, linked to iPhones etc... you can simply post updates and photos anytime, anywhere. But on the other hand, i can't bear to close my bloggie, since it has been with me for near three years.

5 minutes backed, i decided to discard the idea. As i logged into today, i noticed that they have some new updates! :) As you noticed i have changed my blog template and, at ease. So much flexible as compared to last time where i had a hard time trying to find templates i like or trying to work out the html languages to customized my template. Now i can change my background, customise fonts, layouts and colours with just a few clicks! Well, with the introduction of 'Template Designer', it really helps to revive my interest back to blogging and i could change my template easily everytime i get "bored" over the blog skin. For now, i have chosen a 'celebration' themed background which matches with my wedding prep *Geeez*

So yes, you'll be expecting more updates coming along :)