Thursday, September 23, 2010

He calls me "Queen Bee"

What's the first thing you have in mind for this word - Queen Bee? To me it sounded like someone you would described as very demanding, clamorous, insistent; somewhat fussy :s

This nick or desciption came along when I have some request, erm.. well, quite a number of requests and comments on our wedding pics. Well you know dealing with a Virgo (actually 2, plus Mr. G himself) can be quite annoying at times, I agree - cos perfectionist, we are. Hee....

But our photograher was so patient and nice handling our (ok, ehemm) our my feedbacks. So last night, he sends us the final draft. When Mr. G replied him, he says: This time round, "Queen Bee Xerene" loves it! Hmm... what is Mr. G implying to? So i asked him.. "Dearie what do you mean by "Queen Bee" - he just gave me a Big-wide smile *_* Left me wondering if I'm really Little Ms Fussy.. Hmm... But I think i'm nice not Little Miss Meanie, haha.

*Bleh* Anyway, now happie Xerene is looking forward to wedding video and getting the photos printed :)

Meanwhile, some pics here which i was planning to post up since August, hee hee

Happie Mid-Autum Festival @ East Coast Park

August ~ Our First Birthday Celebration as 'Husband & Wife' :)

He secrectly reserves this place...

Lobster Soouup Dessert on-da-House! :)

Back Home...
Make a wish~~Make a wish
Hubby bought me a cake

So did i! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, Five!

Today is a special day to us as it our 5 year mark! :)

Didn't really go 'celebrating' but a short and sweet sms from Mr. G made my day - no more Monday Blues!