Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kelly Duggan's Hen Nite Partie!

It's been quite some time since i last updated my bloggie, heee... Been busy busy, lots of things to sort out preparing our big day next year :D

Venue, bridal, house, reno, furnitures... (all the $$ spending stuffs!) But I'm glad that everything seems in place now. Well, the last but not least important item on our list will be the venue which we hope to do so by next week *Xerene prays hard that all will be fine after some hiccups*

Recently just realised that quite a number of my friends around me are getting hitched this year or the next! Hmm.... diamonds getting cheaper due to economic downturn? Hee heee.... definitely not the case but i guess my friends and i are in the age where its 'time to settledown' :)

The next wedding will be my colleague, Kelly! Unfortunately we can't attend her wedding at Adelaide in 2 weeks' time so we decided to give her a SURPRISE Hen's night party! It was a night with lots of fun nad laugther which inspired me to probably organise another one for Maybel next month! :D

Credits to Virginie who came up with this creative T-shirt & organising tis partie!

We r all READY!

SURPRISE...!! This is Bride-to-Be, Kelly :)

Da-dahh! Changed, dressed-up, ready to be on mission!

Shots tat r too strong, for me... which i could only take a sip :(

Look at our bling blings :D

Oosh @ Dempsey

Let's see how many tasks to go, hee hee...

Wahaha... Finally some guy just pulled out his undies' label - N it's in 2 seconds!!!!

Partie 'All Nite - Gate Crashing @ Clarke Quay :D