Saturday, September 27, 2008

FI Tickets Give Away

We just gave out tonight's F1 tickets to our friends! Cos we felt 3 days continuously going to the same place is pretty tiring and we shall rest today and prepare ourselves for the actual race tomorrow :)

Seriously when you are there, the atmosphere and all make you so much excited; better than i expected. Last night, we went for the 2nd practice session and the place was pretty quiet as i guess most people have attended the 1st session.
Anyway, 2 mins after the race started, we stood up from our seat and....... went to buy ear plugs!! Omg, the noise from the F1 cars are extremetly loud! You can't watch it without ear plugs.
Here's some pics we took last night. Normal digital cam just can't take clear photos of the cars cos they're way too fast!

Race is about to start!

Look at the empty seats

The clearest pic i can take with my Ixus 75

Short video clip

Monday, September 22, 2008

20 September

20th Sep marks a special day for Mr. G and I.

Yes yes, another year has passed and it's our 3rd year anniversay! Heee... I'm much looking forward to our 4th year anniversay cos its kinda a special date if you put it in writing any maybe.... perhaps it might turned out to be a 'very special date' for us :D

Dinner at Vivo

Seriously we don't really plan celebrations etc... But last Saturday, i was execited cos we went to collect our F1 goodie bag!! *Happie Happie* Can't wait for my first experience watching the F1 race next week.

Our Seat ~ Stamford Grandstand

Inside the goodie bag :D

Our pass for the 3 days!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sentosa Outing - Heading Home

Heee.. another late posting. Pics pics again... the morning before we left Sentosa. As we stroll along the beach after our breakfast... guess what i saw! 2 guys fishing but they went really way down!! I was amazed by their efforts....

Look at the water level....

Went to Underwater World as well, hoping i can see some new stuffs or changes there.. But after many many years, the place just look the same.

Outdoor Garden Breakfast

Sunny afternoon

At the 'touch' pool

Underwater World

Garden Eels

Seriously it’s pretty nice to sometimes plan a weekend get-away at Sentosa. Well, of cos you need not book the Premier Terrace, I guess just the basic catergory will do. And yes, I guess we will plan another Sentosa trip and I wanna try Amara Sanctuary!
At night was feast again! Filled our stomache with Chilli Crabbies, hee :D

At East Coast Long Beach

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sentosa Outing

Ah... This is a pretty late posting, hee.... In celebrating Mr. G's BIG '3' birthday, we planned a short weekend get-away at Sentosa.

Initially, I’ve got no plans to give him a birthday surprise cos he did previously told me not to… Well, because he is someone who doesn’t really get ‘surprise’ easily. In the end, some how I guess I successfully did give him a surprise with his friends turning up at Rasa Sentosa? Heee… Of cos, with the help of Adrian, Mr. G’s friend whom now had become the official group birthday planner :D

Since I thought his friends will be popping by, we upgraded the room to the Premier Terrace! Whew…. Huge balcony we’ve got.

Here are some pics we took :)

Heading to Sentosa - Start!

View from bed... Lazing... Nice!!

Time to Makan - Exploring Sunny Island

Evening - Time for 'Surprise Visits'

Wearing our YaWuu T-shirts, heee.. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Mooncakes are selling like hotcakes!? Yes to me, from my experience this morning :D

Called up Goodwood Park Hotel to check out their snow skin mooncakes yesterday, they say all sold out but will be back in shelf this morning at 9am. I know their durain snow skins' mooncakes are hot-sellers so we planned to head down at 9 in the morning.

Despite making the effort to wake up soooooooo early and reached the hotel at 9.15am, all i could get is... "Sorry, our snow skins' mooncakes are all sold out". Oh man, i seriously can't believe it, someone infront of the queue must be buying ALL of them! Else, how could it possibly be out in 15mins time?

Any how, we went to Taka Square to try our luck since we are in town. Hee.... yes yes, i manage to get 4 boxes!! But again, it was sold out within an hours' time! Are they really sooo yummy? i've yet to try though.. but i seriously hope they are, since we put so much effort in getting them :)

Not forgetting to buy my fav too! Conrad's traditional bake :)