Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009!

Recent weekends and off days are always packed. Mr. G and i were trying to sort some prepartions before it gets too busy nearer to date. With him, it's always getting things done in the fastest/shortest time, hee... Fortunately, so far i'm happy with all our buys - wedding bands, some furnitures and now trying to sort out gown selection by next week.

A new year is arriving and i'm all excited for a busy year to come! :) Looking back at my posting during the start of 2009, setting my resolutions.. Hee... i'm so glad that i had achieved the list; a great year for me :D and of couse, not forgetting about celebrations!

Celebration @ Auntie Maybel's House

Greedie Sha Sha, heeee....

Pot Luck with Home-cooked Food!

Celebration @ Mr. G's Sis Place

Baby Joseph is sooo adorable

Wow... e Food, yums!

Me with Baby Joseph - Merry X'mas!!

'Super' Kids!

Time for Games.. Run!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apple iPhone

Hee heee... yes yes, i've ordered my iPhone today and Mr. G ordered his yesterday! So looking forward to the delivery in 2 days' time. But i can only get mine in 2 weeks'.... Still, hope its' gonna be a user-friendly mobile as described by Hui Hui :)