Monday, August 31, 2009

31st August 2009

Today is Mr. G's birthday. Hmm... also the most unforgettable day for me, ever :)

As he 'present' our love story, i couldn't hold my tears. And when he asked, what could i say except "Yes, i will"

The exquisite Gabrielle Diamond

The Place - Top Floor of Fullerton

Our Dinner @ The Lighthouse

In Happie Tears

It happened at the balcony... :)

99 roses from Dearie

Happie Take 1

Happie Take 2

We are engaged!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Birthday

I'm back from my first cruise and it was a wonderful trip! :)

I just thought the trip was too short. Although it says 3 days 2 nights but..... the total hours we spent there was probably around 1.5 days only. It was fun and we did quite a few interesting stuffs together like swimming (oh man, it was like close to 7 years since i last went to the pool), playing table tennis (my first trial and with a ping-pong ball expert), heading to gym (ok this one not that bad... the last time i went was maybe 4 years back? hee) and watching topless dance performance (hmm... interesting indeed)!

Nonetheless, i was really happy and felt soooo sweet when Mr. G prepared a little surprise for me :) It was 12 mid-night and we were having our supper... Well, Mr. G just wished me 'Happy Birthday', so i thought that's it and as we head back to our cabin... i opened the door and saw the cake and champagne placed nicely in our room. *Thank you Dearie*

Mr. G's pre-arrangement with Star Virgo :)

i love the Cabin Setting

The champagne was good! :)

Lovely G :)

Oh ya, the weird thing is that i didn't realised that this was also my "2nd Honeymoon"?? (The first fake one being in Beijing, we wanted to ensure a queen bed arrangement and checked 'Honeymoon' option, heee..) Not sure why this happened but apparently, Star Virgo left us a card wishing us a blissful honeymoon on board and that explains why our cabin was decorated with heart shapes ballon, heee.. Hmm, I guessed it must be the travel agent.

Basically at cruise it's very relaxing, you don't have to plan your itinerary; where to go, what to eat, places to visit... everything is all there! And yes, you kinda just keep eating there as they provide you with 4 meals a day + dining credits. So don't plan for a too long trip, else i bet you will definitely add on a few kilos back home! :D

Here we come!

This is our cabin :)

Chinese Dinner at The Pavilion

Watiting for my food... *Hungry*

Yum Yums

At the Deck

Enjoying the open-air Jacuzzi :)

After Swim

Love the balcony!!

Jap Food for Lunch

The 'romantic table' as described by the waitress, hee..

Western for Dinner

Mr. G & I - Cutting my 2nd cake
(with compliments from Star Virgo)

Monday, August 24, 2009

So, this is it!

Heee.. Been wondering what has happened to - why can't i post picture? Tried finding solutions through Blogger Help but don't seem to be able to find much info. Now now, i finally figured out why!! :D

If you face the same problem, at Dashboard click onto 'Settings'. Scroll down to "Global Settings (Applies to all of your blogs.) At Select Post Editor, choose 'Updated Editor'... and you're done! That's it, very simple yeah? :)

Now that i can post pics and with my new camera, heee.. it's time to start my photo blogging again :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Camera!

Bought my second Canon Ixus yesterday and i'm lovin' it! Slim and all-in with functions which was missing in the earlier version - Battery life indicator, slow sync flash (good for night shots) and option to stamp date and/or time! :)

I got the Red Canon Ixus 100 and of course from my favourite electronic store, Parisilk @ Holland V. Haha.. nope, they didn't pay me to advertise but i just thought their electronic goods there were really at better prices as compared to the market rates and most importantly, not default goods :D

Immediately after purchase, there i go - start the use on my new cam at my family fuction - BBQ at NSRCC. Whoa.. love the bungalows there, spacious and clean. Except that it's really quite 'wu lu', rather way out. This big family function was arranged for my Hainan Island cousin, which was his first visit to Singapore. So many relatives were there, even my grandfather's brother! Heee...

Ah.. what's wrong with blogger, really. Can't post pictures till now... :(


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Super Slim USB

Hmmm.... what's happening to It's got a very weird layout page for posting and you just can't find the icon to post up pics... (Anyone experienced the same?)

Anyway, my home alone days ended - Yeappie! Mr. G is back from Shanghai with my new super slim USB. Hee, i've asked him to get them at 'Sai Po Guang Chang' 塞博广场 which my couz brought me there during my last visit. Now suddenly, it brought me memories of the days where i ran events with the gals; Evil Jojo, Keng Keng. Missed those days at PC.

Mr. G bought 2 USB sticks (as small as a SIM card!) - the blue one for him & pinkie one for me! :) Hee, really mini and i shall post up the pics when blogger is up again. Oh ya, i'll be going for my first cruise next week!! Looking forward to my short break and yes, i'm going to spent my birthday on board :D


Here it is :)

4Gb + 8Gb = RMB 320 only

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Skin, Finally

Ooops... near to a month since i last blogged, hee... Very very lazy i must admit. Though much things had happened - especially family, certain things are just so hard to put in words or maybe i don't know where to start from.

Anyway, i've just realised this blog skin of mine (which apparently i had it ready way back in October 2008!) which was still sitting in my folder, heee.. so finally finally, today i shall upload it first whilst the other info like side banners to be updated again. Quite bored with my 'Shoe Factory' skin and maybe with this new blog skin, my blogging interest will kick-start again? :)