Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Posting on Phuket Trip

Official NO WORK for this week! Yeappies! No plans to go overseas so shall stay in Singapore, do some shopping, relax and spend more time with hubby.

So whilst our part time cleaner is doing house work, i shall take some time to blog on our November Phuket Trip - Heh, my first beach resort/island trip; aside from Sentosa :)

When we are doing the planning, many of our friends told us beach resort places are very nice. Indeed, it was better than i expected, its definitely a good short get-away. However, i guess if you want to travel during public holiday seasons, a must must to book way beforehand as we spent 1k on our Tiger air tickets!!

Mr. G's friend recommended him La Flora at Patong Beach, so we stayed there. One word - Fantastic! Love the location, our room is 15 steps away from the beach, excellent service and spacious room :) We booked the direct pool access room and the balcony is linked to the pool. As its a small boutique hotel, the place is not too crowded with people, quiet yet accessible.

Well, for other reasons.... :D this is a very memorable trip for us :)

Welcome Drinks & Flowers from the Staffs of La Flora

Our Room - Open Concep, Hee..

Mr. G at the Balcony with Direct Pool Access :)

Hungry!! Time to Makan!

After Food - Mr. G tries Para Sailing. Well for me, i backed out *_*

Mr. G, all READY!

So for me, my job is to take pictures heee... Board the speed boat :)

Oooh... Mr. G's UP!

And UP! UP!

After this, Mr. G tried Jet Ski. Same, i was scared so we shared one. Of cos he was the main rider :)

Time Passed So Quickly and it was Dinner Time :)

After Dinner - We went out for a walk + Watched the 'Ping-Pong' Show, Heee..
(Ping-Pong Show: Very interesting indeed. To guys, i guess it's a great place for them heh. Not recommended to sit at first row unless you are prepared to go on stage!)

Back Hotel with Sweet Decor

Next Morning - Time for Sun Tanning & Beach!
(I'm finally prepared to get tan, for once :)

Followed by Lunch + Shopping + Massage (Awesome!)

As it was our First Trip to Phuket - We went Phuket FantaSea (recommended by hotel)

Phuket Fanta Sea: Take Pictures, Eat Buffet, Play Some Games, Watch a Play
(Hmm, a place more for family with kids)

Mr. G trying to aim for the basket

It's soooo Far! The ball can't event get near the basket :(

So we tried another Game & Mr. G won a little plush for me, hee :)
(Can you see i'm tanned??)

Ah.. i love this picture i took - Like Postcard? :D

Last Lunch before we leave Phuket.. Mr. G with Classic Bottled Sprite

Heart-shaped Rice! So cute :)

Good Bye Phuket!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hokkaido Honeymoon

Heee... Finally i am posting my pictures on our honeymoon trip. We took quite a number of photos and for  a new try, i edited the colour and picture contrast.

Overall: It was a good relaxing trip and very minimal shopping which i thought its really good for honeymooners? We signed up the tour package with Chan Brother and overall, we were satisfied with the food and accommodation arrangements.

About the Tour Group: Very very punctual bunch of people and everyone was in fact ready even before the indicated time - well, meaning i have to wake up extra early to get make up done etc. If you're late by 5 minutes, i guess everyone will look at you when you board the bus, heee.... Nah, they are very nice people and family, really. Uncle Richard & Auntie Alice even wanted to treat us Snow Crab which doesn't come cheap - but of cos we insisted to pay :)

Special Person: Remember when we last visted Taiwan in 2007, we saw Chen Shui Bian, the Taiwan president back then. This time for our Hokkaido Trip - Guess who we met? Heee... Never did we expect this, but 933 DJ Ding Zhi Yong was in the group! :) On the second day, Mr G finds him familiar and told this lady (apparently his mum, Katherine) that he look like Ding Zhi Yong. She smiled and replied: "He is Ding Zhi Yong". Honestly, they are very nice - no 'air' and not atas, heee... When i was sicked on the 5th day, Katherine was so sweet she came to our room and passed me vitamins :D

Now, moving on to picutre time! Heee... expect a loooong post cos there are some many nice pics i wanna post, really :)

We're touched down to Japan! :)

First Stop - Eat!! After 11 hours of journey

Next - Do some shopping :)

OMG! The raw corn taste soooooo yummie *Slurps*

Wish i could buy a box back :)

They are proud of their products


Ice cream!

The very famous Bai Zhi Lian Ren - White Choco Biscuit

Lovely factory where they made the delicious choco biscuit - Feel like you've visiting Willy Wonka's Factory, hee

Where's our next stop? :)

Time for Dinner again!

Mr. G tried to buy a pack of Ta-ba-ko but.... they need a local pass! Too bad hubby, hee

Day Two of Honeymoon

This is Japan - everything is very organise, every breakfast plate :D

Next, we went Flower Land! Beautiful place :)


Sun Flower - so bright!

Let's Try Something Diff - JUMP! My first 'jump-up' pic, hee

Guess how many times did Mr. G jump to get this?

Due to poor photography skills, hee... He said "Bu Tiao Le!" *_*

Ice Cream Time again - Lavendar Flavor? It's quite nice :)

Delicious! Tender and yummie Kobe Beef *Yum Yum*

Look at Happie G with his slice of Kobe Beef from Katherine, hee
So sad, I couldn't eat because i was not feeling well - and i LOVE beef!! :(

Buy Buy Buy - Goodies!

With da famous 933 DJ-Ding Zhi Yong & Katherine

First Pressie from Hubby *Thank UUU*

Take Order Here :)

Oi~ishi~i Ne :)

Last Dinner for our Trip - Ra~Men