Friday, July 25, 2008

Hip Hip Hurray!

*Happie Happie* This afternoon i received a sms from Mr. G... the bid results for his new car number plate has been released and we got the one we wanted!! Heee... A meaningful one, which indicates our year of birth.

Can't wait to take a ride in his first new car... :D

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ex-Farm Mates

Met up with my bunch of ex-colleauges for dinner on Friday... We planned to have dinner and after which, to partie with EO and Evil jojo.

But on that night I had a bad hair day and i felt my hair and my clothes are just not right... then plus EO changing her mind last minute... Hmm, dun seem to have the 'partie mood'. Since we have planned it earlier, we still went ahead and EO joined us for a while though despite feeling really tired. So it ended up we just sat down throughout the night, chit chatting.

Surprising, the night turned out quite alright... Jojo and i had some fun that night self-entertaining ourselves, heee.. We played five ten alone and with all our drinks on the house!! And ya, extra lychees in our martini lychee and of cos..... FOC, hee hee :D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A little Treat

Beautiful? Hee... i really can't wait for the last week of August where i will be spending my weekend there. The website of Rasa Sentosa Resort described this room so fabulously which won my heart over booking just the normal deluxe room. It says.....

"Enjoy spectacular vistas of the South China Sea and the horizon beyond in the spacious, Executive Panoramic Room, which also offer an open-concept bathroom with memorable views from the soaking tub"

"The room, which features panoramic views of Siloso Beach and the sea, has a private balcony with a sun chair for relaxing outdoors"

If you were me, i guess you will opt for this too eh? :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


I should now be joining Mr. G at the majong table.... But sigh, i am sick.... so i just gotta stay home and rest.

So i thought, why did i fall sick out of the blue... Maybe because of the recent bad weather? Or maybe because there's too much unfulfilled stuffs which i dwell too much to thinking about them, heee....

I believe if i had...Melben Butter Crab, Long Beach Chill Crab, KTV session & Party, heh.... things might have been different! :D

Ok this is kinda crap but in anway, i think i should go to bed now after popping the one & only pill that cures all pain - Panadol. Hope all the cold and 'feverish' feel will be gone by tomorrow morning.