Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We have Moved!

Yeah... finally we have shifted to our little love nest, heee :)

Last Saturday, we have officially moved in and time seems to pass sooooo fast these few days. After work it's all about unpacking, cleaning, shopping for household stuffs, sorting out deliveries, arranging for set ups and all. While having a little break for myself today (no housework to be done), i shall do some updates :) Have neglected my bloggie *_*

More or less our home is complete except for our dinning table. Sigh, talking about that... really dislike the shop (La Cafa at Furniture Mall). And please for those who are shopping for home furnitures, as i mentioned in my earlier post.. please do read forums before buying. This shop send us wrong items, wrong sizes, wrong colour, unbalance and dented table... Haizz... Wasting our time calling, coordinating, rushing home etc.

Now i'm kinda having a mixed feeling about my Taipei trip next Tuesday. Whilst looking forward to the trip, i'm not so excited about the packing part which i have to do it over weekend. Oh ya, i just called the tv station to book seats for the recording of "Zhong Yi Da Ge Da" (綜藝大哥大)! Still trying to finalise my itinerary and well... till then... I shall turn in early tonight! Nitey :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's Next?

There are so much happenings these few months, so much things to blog actually. We've been busy building our little love nest... hopefully we can move in by end March?  Sourcing for furnitures, contractors and other home furnishing was never too easy... In between we had some bad experiences but well, as least lessons learnt. I still ponder why some furniture retailers are so dodgy *_* So before you buy anything, i would higly recommend you to do some research over internet and read through forums like renotalk etc

Next, was wedding preparations. It's time we need to confirm our actual day PG, Photographer and we've been looking around since Dec last year. I posted at forum and the response were soooo good, many sent in their quotations for consideration.. and i really can't decide. Met up with a  few before meeting up with Yong How from 1950 photography, he is a pretty nice chap. Mr. G like his work and was very comfortable with him. And yeap, there we have our PG confirmed! *Okie, one more item less from to-do-list* As for VG, we confirmed our videographer much earlier as i've had in mind to engage Christopher Tay from Ichiro after viewing his work at Jamie's wedding; one of the best video work i've seen so far. With this combi, i really hope our actual day memoirs can be captured beautifully, heee...

Coming up in 3 weeks time will be our overseas photoshoot in Taiwan! :) Very much looking forward to the photoshoot cum holiday trip. Hope the weather's gonna be fine!