Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Second Stop - Turku, Finland

Bidded goodbye to Germany happily (you will know why shortly) as we headed towards Finland.

I was expecting Turku to be a quiet and peaceful city; well somehow boring in my thoughts and was prepared to stay in the hotel room for full 3 days as hubby goes for his work meeting. To my surprise, the place we are staying - Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs is surrounded by many many shops and departmental stores *Great!*

About Germany: We shopped mainly during our stay at Frankfurt city, focusing at Goethestrasse aka Frankfurt’s ‘Fifth Avenue’. A street where women will love, i think :) You can find almost all the brands you want there, from LV to Pradra to Chanel, Miu Miu, Hermes, Cartier, Tiffany etc

And yes yes, i left Germany happily cos hubby got me a Chanel bag there! Hee hee... At times i do ask myself, "Why do women love bags, especially those that cost so much?" Some call it materialistic, some say its silly but who cares as long as you like them. Guys do love expensive cars and watches too, don't they? :) Simply unexplainable.

Any way, back to my first Chanel purchase experience. When we went into the store, the SA told us there was only one classic flap jumbo in store, which is in black. I also spotted the patent black classic flap but it is only available in mid size. Contemplating if i should buy or wait? Size vs Material? For the high price, i couldn't really make up my mind as my ideal choice would be a metallic or patent in jumbo size. So a little disappointed, we stepped out of the store, continued our shopping and went for a cup of Nespresso coffee along the street.

I guessed during the coffee session, hubby knew my mind was all about the bag (or probably written all over my face, hee hee). He then said, "You like the bag right? If you can decide and really like it, then buy it." So we finished up our coffee (quickly, hee) and he brought me back to the store. What can i say but to give a BIG BIG hug & kiss for my dearest G ~ Thanks dearie for the bag & belt. Hee, yups got a LV belt too. Okie no more gifts for the year *zipped*

Well i'm not the only one shopping, hubby got quite a lot of stuffs too and 2 gifts from me :D
He commented, "Wow, good exchange ya... 1 cufflink and jacket in exchange for a belt and bag!" Geezz...

Our room in Hilton Frankfurt

Strolling along the street
H&M is everywhere

Only manage to pop by LV, all others were closed
Next morning, all charged - Ready for shopping, heee...
Apparently all shops in Germany close on Sunday so Saturday was the only day we could shop before leaving the city on Monday
Enjoying Hot Cup of Coffee
Happy Hubby getting gift for Wife, hahaha... (one-sided thoughts)
Yippies! Thank you Hubby!!

The restroom in Chanel store
Happy or Not Happy? *Bleh*
Unveiling my Gift

The SA says she will be doing a special packaging for me... Hmm, just dust bag different i reckon?

My First Chanel - Classic Flap Jumbo in Black Lambskin *Love it*

We arrived Turku - Only walked for less than 5 minutes and asked Mr. G to turn back, it's tooo cold

Market Squaure infront of our hotel
2nd Night in Turku - Hubby brought me to candle light dinner to try their famous Reindeer Meat :)
Popping Snails :)
Tomorrow we'll be heading to our last destination, Helsinki, before flying back home. The weather here in Finland is really cold and windy, we kinda miss the hot and sunny little island :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Germany, Day One

Yawnzz... a bit tired right now, sitting at Starbucks in Frankfurt Airport waiting for Mr. G to arrive. Total 7 hours of waiting and the good news is that 4 hours have passed, more than half the waiting time so 3 more hours to go!!

Bought a HotSpot card for internet access which helps to ease the waiting time so much :)
It was such a coincidence. Never thought i would meet someone here till i hear a familiar voice calling my name at Frankfurt checkpoint. It's Ai Lin!! Apparently we were on the same plane and she is also alone heading to Cologne for an exhibition. Both of us, first time travelling to Europe, were so excited and happy to see each other, hee... :)

We parted after collecting our luggage as she needs to head off to the train station while i explore the airport for the next couple of hours.

First stop - Supermarket. Spotted so many interesting chocolates and goodies which i wanted to buy back already, geezz. Talking about food.. Hmm, before i took off last night, i had such bad cravings for bubble tea (i ended driving out just to buy a cup!) and local food. Must be the thought of having sandwich, pasta, steaks and potato everyday which makes me feel like i'm going to miss local makans.

Actually only 11 days but i made it sound so drama like i'm going away for 11 months! Haha... Well well, this is Woman 5.0 :D

Touched down Frankfurt @ 6.15am

Wonder how dreadful it would be without internet....

Our meeting point, Starbucks :)

A good way to pass time - Watching TVB drama with iphone

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tag-A-Long Trip

I used to meet Maybel for coffee sessions ~ girls talk, chit chatting and gossipping. Hmm.. but nowadays, it seems like we have to change to baby sitting sessions for catch up! I forsee her place is going to be 'The Rabbit Babies' Meet-up Place' (along with BB Alexis, BB Shermaine & BB Charlyne) where the little ones will play together while mamas catch up, geezz..

It's been only a couple of months since i last visited Baby Alexis and she grew so much! Well done Maybel for your 'never give-up feedings' (apparently i heard Alexis is a not-so-easy to feed little gal and Mummy Maybel has to use "special tactics" to coax her in drinking the milk!) :D

And in less than 24 hours, i will be on a plane to Frankfurt! Hee, so looking to the trip as i have not been travelling since last November; also my very first visit to Germany and Finland :)

Mr. G is now in Brazil and i shall meet him in Frankfurt 2 days later! For now I do miss him and i guess i will be missing little one from tomorrow night...

"We will be play mates"

Will be missing her smile and her innocent-looking chubby face