Monday, October 13, 2008

Shopping Time!

First and foremost - Happie Happie Birthday to Auntie Maybel!! Another year wiser yeah ;p

And recently, i've been into sprees and online shopping again, heee.. Ordered lashes and OPI polishes from sprees. By early next week, i've got to quickly place order for VS and dermstore so Sha Sha can help bring my stuffs back... Good life princess Sha Sha is back US again for 3 weeks... taking a break, visit mama and her doggie :D *how nice*

Seriously, ordering stuffs from spree can sometimes save alot... 50% or more at times? At least the 2 sprees which i've ordered from gave me great savings :)

Items: OPI polishes for only SGD 10 bucks nett; as compared to retail price of SGD 23+
Feedback: Responsive orgnaniser and fast shipment!

Girls - Simply Red & Pink :)

Items: Ardell Lashes at only SGD 4 bucks or below; as compared to retail price of SGD 8.90+
Feedback: Great items and organiser, except that you gotta be a little more patient - shipment takes approximately a month.

Lashes made from 100% human hair

Oh ya, last week i was shopping for perfume and i found this! A pretty new fragrance from Dior introduced in August this year; said to be Asia-exclusive... In anyway, i simply love the scent :)

Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cousins & Babies

Today is the celebration of baby Joseph's full-month :)

Joseph is the Mr G's 4th nephew and this cute baby celebrated his first month at Amara Hotel. Check out his adorable pics! :D

Me & Baby Joseph :)

Here are his 3 nephews

Little Joseph is peeping! Hee...

Us & Joseph

And Friday, it was cousins gathering session again; with Ah Pang back Sg for a week. I haven't been hanging out late night and i'm surprise i didn't fall asleep while waiting for cousin Karling's call till 11pm!

Cousinz @ KTV pub

Me, Karling, Janey

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Race

Finally finally, Singapore’s first Grand Prix and the world’s first night race in F1 has arrived. In fact, it was my first time watching F1 too! Heee.... Okie, i'm not a F1 fan :)

Initially i was expecting it to be pretty boring; as commented by a couple of friends that 'live' is not that nice afterall and watching the race on tv is actually better. But i thought it's pretty exciting watching the real race. You can really feel the excitement hearing the sound from F1 engines and cheerings from the crowd hypes up the whole atmosphere. Nevertheless, i guess this might be my first and last time, cos i kinda am not ready to pay a thousand bucks for a ticket yet.

Snapping with Mini Ferrari

Tour around before the race

Look at the crowd!

After the race -- Our tummies need to get re-charged!