Monday, November 15, 2010

Hokkaido Honeymoon

Heee... Finally i am posting my pictures on our honeymoon trip. We took quite a number of photos and for  a new try, i edited the colour and picture contrast.

Overall: It was a good relaxing trip and very minimal shopping which i thought its really good for honeymooners? We signed up the tour package with Chan Brother and overall, we were satisfied with the food and accommodation arrangements.

About the Tour Group: Very very punctual bunch of people and everyone was in fact ready even before the indicated time - well, meaning i have to wake up extra early to get make up done etc. If you're late by 5 minutes, i guess everyone will look at you when you board the bus, heee.... Nah, they are very nice people and family, really. Uncle Richard & Auntie Alice even wanted to treat us Snow Crab which doesn't come cheap - but of cos we insisted to pay :)

Special Person: Remember when we last visted Taiwan in 2007, we saw Chen Shui Bian, the Taiwan president back then. This time for our Hokkaido Trip - Guess who we met? Heee... Never did we expect this, but 933 DJ Ding Zhi Yong was in the group! :) On the second day, Mr G finds him familiar and told this lady (apparently his mum, Katherine) that he look like Ding Zhi Yong. She smiled and replied: "He is Ding Zhi Yong". Honestly, they are very nice - no 'air' and not atas, heee... When i was sicked on the 5th day, Katherine was so sweet she came to our room and passed me vitamins :D

Now, moving on to picutre time! Heee... expect a loooong post cos there are some many nice pics i wanna post, really :)

We're touched down to Japan! :)

First Stop - Eat!! After 11 hours of journey

Next - Do some shopping :)

OMG! The raw corn taste soooooo yummie *Slurps*

Wish i could buy a box back :)

They are proud of their products


Ice cream!

The very famous Bai Zhi Lian Ren - White Choco Biscuit

Lovely factory where they made the delicious choco biscuit - Feel like you've visiting Willy Wonka's Factory, hee

Where's our next stop? :)

Time for Dinner again!

Mr. G tried to buy a pack of Ta-ba-ko but.... they need a local pass! Too bad hubby, hee

Day Two of Honeymoon

This is Japan - everything is very organise, every breakfast plate :D

Next, we went Flower Land! Beautiful place :)


Sun Flower - so bright!

Let's Try Something Diff - JUMP! My first 'jump-up' pic, hee

Guess how many times did Mr. G jump to get this?

Due to poor photography skills, hee... He said "Bu Tiao Le!" *_*

Ice Cream Time again - Lavendar Flavor? It's quite nice :)

Delicious! Tender and yummie Kobe Beef *Yum Yum*

Look at Happie G with his slice of Kobe Beef from Katherine, hee
So sad, I couldn't eat because i was not feeling well - and i LOVE beef!! :(

Buy Buy Buy - Goodies!

With da famous 933 DJ-Ding Zhi Yong & Katherine

First Pressie from Hubby *Thank UUU*

Take Order Here :)

Oi~ishi~i Ne :)

Last Dinner for our Trip - Ra~Men