Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inspired to Cook

Recently we've been pretty homely cos i want Mr. G to get ample rest. This weekend, we spent our day catching up with friends and its a long time since i saw baby Hugo, heee... Now he has grown so much bigger in size but luckily still quite tame.

Baby Hugo

Just now, we had Shabu-shabu for dinner.... Ah, just make me want to prepare it at home soon. I actually bought this mini shabu shabu cooker close to..... hee, 2 years back! Till date, it's still wrapped in the plastic bag, box untouched and kept at a corner in the cupboard. I think its really time to get it heated up! *Hope its still working* I shall aim for the coming weekend of not latest, the following week, heee.... :D

Nice ambience there :)


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome back Serene :)

Serene is back today! :)

I wanted to get this wallet from Sg as a little gift for myself but its been out of stock for quite some time. Have been waiting for LV to call but till date, no news... So since Serene is going to Italy, i asked if she could help me check out if she happens to pop by LV during her trip.

Yeah, she is lucky and manage to get the last piece there! *Thank you* And of course, she stock up quite a few bags too! Ah.... i want to go Europe too, heee... :D

Vernis Pomme D'mour

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Here!

*Happie Happie* :D

Fast delivery from neighbourhood shop! New bed is here, heee.... Ordered it yesterday and it arrived this afternoon. So first thing after work is to go get new bedsheets. Okie, this is gonna be a short post. Nitey friends and i hope it's going to be a comfy night.... :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goodbye Hospital - Yeah!

At last, for this weekend i need not spend it in a hospital! Mr. G had finally got discharged from the hospital this week! He's feeling much better now and thanks to friends who have been showing lots of concern. As for me, i can have more rest now le.. been running up and down hospital for these 2 weeks.

My mood now; pretty excited as i am writing this post, hee hee... Cos today, we have finally decided to get a new bed!! Ah.. no more squeezing. *Hurrays* Spent our morning at Ikea looking for new bed but unfortunately, didn't see something that we really fancy. So we decided to try our luck at a shop within the neighbourhood area. Heh... surprisingly, we found something we like and most importantly, it works well with our tight budget, heee.... :D

Can't wait to get one! :)

Prepartion for the new bed:
- Xerene had just finish packing and clearing space for the new bed
- Mr. G bought another new pillow today

Hee... we are really gan cheong ah, aren't we? :)

Sunday shopping

Saturday, June 14, 2008

ES Wedding

Finally its the day! The wedding of Gavin's brother, Eythan and Serene :) We have all been waiting for this day, heee...

Though we are unable to participate the morning session as planned, but at the very least, Mr. G can attend their wedding and not spending the day at hospital :) Here are some pics in the morning:

As ya know, i kinda spent all my time at work and rushing home to see Mr. G.. That means i don't have time for shopping too :( Till the wedding day, i have not got a dress for the night. So i decided to grab the few hours of free time in the afternoon to do some last minute shopping. Hee, i knew some friends will have this thought in mind... "Hey, what's new?" Anyway, i manage to do my shopping for dress and accessories, manicure and pedicure within 3 hours. Okie, Xerene's not really proud of it cos its soooo risky, what if i can't get? *Heh*

Guess how my dress looks like? Heee...

Fortunately, in the evening i still could help them out a little. This is my work station..!

The night for the couples were really rush too, with limited time and 50 tables to go around for photo taking was not an easy task. Looking at them, hmmm... let my imagine run wild a little... Can i don't go for traditional wedding dinner? Hee... i shan't think too much... till the rock comes, hahaha....

Oh.. they are going for honeymoon today and wish they have an enjoyable, happy and lovely trip! :D

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Drop-dead Tired

Yeap yeap, recently not much update at my bloggie... Cos Xerene is really tired.

Actually just back from SGH, sigh sigh..... Not a good news but Mr. G has been hospitalized. Hence these few days i've been rushing like mad. Morning wake up go work - Knock off, head home - Touch and go, cos i gotta bring porriage for him.

Though I'm tired but i am more than willing to do this. Power of love? Heee... Probably. As i've been in new job for just a month, i can't afford to take leaves.. So no choice, the only time i could see him will be after work.

Yet, work has been really packed for me too. Taking up the new role is not easy; piles of things to learn and have to put in lots of hard work and efforts. A very fast-pace environment there and sometimes, even going to the loo... i gotta 'run'. Very challenging job indeed as stated during my application *_* But i believe once i've got the hang of it, it can be very fulfilling too.

Adding on, there's an important occasion next week. It's Mr. G's brother's wedding and i'm praying hard that he can be discharge from the hospital early next week to be in time for their big day. Of course, praying that Mr. G can get well real soon....