Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Pressie

Belated post but BIG Thank You to Hubby for getting me a BIG pressie, heee :)

Two weeks back, dearie was getting a watch for himself and he bought one for me too! My eyes was set with those with blings but they do come with a price. Sweet Mr. G just say "Ok, buy it" since it was something i really like. On one hand i feel guilty for burning a hole in his pocket but on the other - i'm really happy. What can i say but thanks and muacks :)

Meanwhile looking forward to spending Friday night with Mr. G when he's back :)

Hour Glass @ Ion 

The Signature Green

Monday, October 25, 2010


Haizz... Haizzz... Haizzz.... Unhappy Friday. Confusing Monday.

Seldom do i feel this way. But i'm sure all will be fine this week, i hope.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Work & Party

In good moods today :) cos my event ran smoothly and i met nice people there.

Been really busy with pre-events preparations so as you can see, some lag to the posting too :( Well, not expecting to get easy after this event cos upcoming, there will be another 2 events back-to-back.

Earlier this month, before everyone starts to get extremely busy, we had our company 'Summer Party'.
Guess what? Very contridicting to Mr. G's quote on "Queen Bee" - i was voted the "Nicest Person to Work with!" Hee heee... Agree? *Calling ex-PC babes to comment (non-positive comments need not reply)* :D

Besides that, we have a multiple dressing theme for that evening and it was my very first time, so seriously in getting dressed up. Went to costume shops... but as they were too expensive (old, dirty & expensive), we ended up at Mustafa Centre in getting some cheap accessories. Luckily our theme is not that tough afterall - Gothic; which make-up is the key factor. Me being goth...? Let's see :)

This is the party place

 Well~~come!! :)

 My team :) - we won 'Best Dressed Team' too!

 Goth Vs Vampire

 Awards! :)

Brendan - very popular that evening! :)

 KTV Time :)

Lianne, Kelly, Me