Monday, December 22, 2008

The Perfect Phone

Yeappie!! Finally after a long search for good camera SE phone, i've got it now in my hands!! :D

Happie me :) This 8.1 megapixel camera phone works just like it has been advertised - Perfect for pictures anytime! The cam spec includes face detection, image stabilizer, 7 scene selection, smart contract etc etc. Hahaha... most importantly it doesn't come with "extreme bright flash"! Hee.. If you ever read my post in January, i bought the SE W960i, which then i thought was my 'perfect phone', fell in love with it, ignoring some negative comments from forums and went ahead to get it... ended up i was so disappointed with it's flash! Alright, might sound abit drama but i did kinda made a hoo-haa about it at that time *ooops!*

Back to C905, this phone's camera functions can definitely be on par with digital camera. Oh ya, it comes WiFi and GPS too! If you ask me what the cons of this phone, i would say the 3G fuction & size? The phone doesn't comes with a front camera though it supports 3G calls. Meaning if you make a video call, you can only use the back camera and the other party can see you BUT you cannot see the screen *super weird right* Next is the size; not really slim nor compact, but for the amount of features you get, i'm pretty sure you can accomodate this area. Fortunately i rarely do video calls so i just have to make do with it. But again, it really puzzled me why the phone was designed in this way for 3G calls, doesn't make sense eh? *_*

I have left my canon cam at home since Friday to try out this new phone, heee.. Check out the pics taken by C905 below :)

Saturday - Visit to Mr. G's Sister New House

It's Baby Joseph! So fast & he's 3 mths + already :D

Little Joseph & Big Gavin

Grace's New Home Sweet Home

Went Keppel Marina for Drink ~ Nice Nice Place :)
(Background Pic - Using "Scene Selection Twilight Landscape)

Sunday - Dong-Ji (冬至)
(It means "the peak of the winter")

Went Shopping @ Orchard

Time to use e "Scene Selection" - Twilight Potrait

Tang Yuang, A must-have dish on Dong Ji

This week, i also managed to get my Hula Hoop!! Found it at Toy "R" Us. I seriously need to shed some fats. Can you believe i put on 3 kg in less than 3 months?! Even my mama noticed it and asked if i did put on weight when i saw her sometime back last week.

*Xerene seriously need to start exercising* i wanna put on my jeans again... very soon i hope :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Hours to Go!

Yawnzzz.... I've been feeling quite sleepy cos i slept at 'weeee' hours for the past 2 nights. Last night, i was skyping with Mr. G till 1.30am! I realised everytime when Mr. G is overseas, i tend to sleep quite late, heee... Either we'll talk on the phone or not, i'll probably spend a little more time surfing net.

Ah.. miss him though. Anyway i'll get to see him bright and early tomorrow at 7am! Yeappie, he's on his way back now from Dubai :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trip Journal - Beijing

Continuing with my trip journal or should i say photo journal, hahaha... We took at least a hundred pic a day... Well, went as 260 pics during our 4th day, hahhaa.. So in these few posting, i shall let the photos do most of the talking, hee hee :D

Beijing Day 2: "Food Overdose"
Weather: Very Cold
Area: Wangfujing & Xidan

Okie, another day spent at Wangfujing. We visited 'Forbidden City' in the morning and dropped by Xidan (a shopping area) for lunch. Forbidden city is nice historial place you should go but to be honest, the palace all look very repeative. Few steps after the gate, there will be a palace and then you go through another gate, again you see a similar palace and it goes on and on.... Though of cos there are stories tagged behind each palace but from photo itself, you really can't tell the diff. What a coincidence, Gavin met his colleagues there!

In the evening, we went to try the well-known Peking Roast Duck, 全聚德 (Quan Ju De). As we had very full steamboat lunch, i couldn't eat much though it's really tasty. And so, my dear Mr. G finish almost half of the duck which he ended up.......... puking during the night!! Arghh... There goes our 3rd day where we spent almost the day resting.

Beijing Day 3: "Check-in to New Hotel! ~Swissotel Beijing"
Weather: Still Very Cold
Area: Dongcheng & Silk Market

We didn't hang out too much on our 3rd day, basically pack up and moved on to our second hotel :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Back from Trip :)

Touched down Sg last night around 11pm.. Overall, my experience at Beijing was pretty good. Lots of laughter throught the trip with minimal arguements, heee... i always felt couples tend to have more arguements during holiday trips as compared to norm cos they see each other 24/7 and sometimes, they just can't have the same view on certain stuff, isn't it?

Fortunately, my 6 sticky day with Mr. G was still alright..... plus we didn't want to strain ourselves - more energy, less frustration. To us, getting enough rest is more important, even if it takes to visit less places or to do less shopping *really* :D

We spent a fair share of our time doing cultural visits along with shopping and dining; can say its almost 50/50. Okies, gonna start posting on my trip journal! :D

Beijing Day 1: "It's soooo funny!"
Weather: Cold
Area: Wangfujing

I touched down Beijing airport at around 7.30am and Mr. G was already there waiting for me :) As its really too early for check-in, we had to roam around the airport and.... we slept there for like 2 hours, just waiting for time to past *_*

Okie, this is funny. I booked the hotel room through (also my first time using this portal), there are few options where you can pick, though non-guaranteed but they will try to arrange according to your preference.

The list includes things like, e.g. Twin Bedded, King Bedded, Early Check-in, High Floor etc etc... Then i saw this option "Honeymooners". Heee.. and yes yes, i went to select it cos i didn't want them to alocate me a twin bed. And i thought by choosing this option, they won't be so idiotic to give a 'just married couple' a twin bed room right? *Evil thoughts*

True enough... they arranged a 'special room' for us! Haha... in fact a room specially for couples, much much spacious and with a big bath tub. And guess what.... 15 mins after we checked-in to our room.... 'Ding-dong', our door bell rang. The hotel actually arranged a little surprise for us!

It's a cake writing "喜喜", which means 'Happiness' and she greeted us, "新婚快乐! ", meaning 'Happy Marriage'.

When we closed the door... Omg... we were laughing like mad! But but, i felt they are so sweet to have arranged this. Basically, we just stayed around the hotel area on our first day.