Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Weekends

These few weeks i've been busy with Chinese New Year preparations. From baking cookies, to buying CNY goodies, hair-do and getting a gift for Beanie's ROM. Hee.. so haven't got much time to update bloggie.

The Making of Pineapple Tarts

This is tiring, especially preparing the pineapple fillings, but i love baking these tarts! I told Mr. G, having a bulit-in oven in our future home is definite! Heee... baking is fun, isn't it? :)
This year, i went to Auntie Maybel's place to do the baking together - Sat (pineapple filling) & Sun (crust & baking).

Getting CNY Goodies

Last weekend we met up again, this time we were heading to buy CNY goodies which took us half a day to queue for the Ba Kwa! *Tedious* Seriously we really didn't expect that it would take soooo long and we couldn't bear to give up half way... so well, ended up queuing for 4 hours!! *_*

Chinatown @ 7am, where shops are still not open.......

The queue for Lim Chee Guan has already began!!

Got our goodies after 4 hours queue *_*

Shopping CNY goodies for my mama

Beanie's ROM ~ 19.01.2009

Finally this is the day! Beanie's big day... and she has now promoted to Mrs. Yeo, hee :) Another ideal ROM ceremony i would say. Lovely couple, romantic setting, nice ambience, lovely music ('live' pianist & violinist). I love the "special performance" most, heee... Beanie gave Ben a surprise by singing him a song. Ok i didn't realise that 'beans' can sing too! :D

This card is soooo 'Beanie', heee... Shes loves cat :)

With my current & ex-colleagues :)

They got hitched!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here comes 2009!

Happy Happy New Year! 2008 seems to past really fast eh. Looking back, i have not completed my '08 resolution. Oooops, or in fact, i haven't even started, heee.... My driving license!!! Haizz... Mr. G hopes i can get my license soon so he can rest at times. His favorite phrase, "Driving is very tiring, you know?" Heee.... And he tempts me with beemer's 2nd key! :D Alright Dearie, i will get myself enlisted to the driving school soon ok? *Bleh*

'08 Christmas and New Year's eve was pretty quiet, no parties, no count down outings... We spent these 2 days having dinnner and movie with friends. On New Year's day, also Mr. G's nephew's birthday, we went to his sis place for celebration. Oh ya, there's also magic show for the kids! Aren't you lucky kids? :)

New Year's Eve

Mr. G first attempt to be a cashier :)

Big Kid G wants a Lollipop for New Year! Heee...

My 1st Pic taken in 2009 - Reset my New Year resolution!

New Year's Day - Wallace's Birthday

Birthday Boy! :)

The Kids Really Enjoyed the Magic Show

Gavin with Joseph / Me with Trevor

Happie Family :D

2nd Jan - Meeting with Evil Jojo

@ Marche, Vivo - Our Dinner

This is Evil Jojo
Message: Babe, pls revive your evil blog asap, heee

Munch Munch!

Supposingly to meet EO, Ina and Hui Hui too.. but Hui was sick and EO can't make it the last minute... she was not feeling well too! So sad. Anyway, i'm really happy for Evil Jojo cos she got her "ROCK", yeah!! *It's gorgeous*

Xerene 2009 wants: Driving License, "Rock", House, Slim Down! Heee.. Okie i'm kinda greedy but well, i shall set these goals first and hopefully i can at least fulfill half of them! :)