Friday, October 7, 2011

Germany, Day One

Yawnzz... a bit tired right now, sitting at Starbucks in Frankfurt Airport waiting for Mr. G to arrive. Total 7 hours of waiting and the good news is that 4 hours have passed, more than half the waiting time so 3 more hours to go!!

Bought a HotSpot card for internet access which helps to ease the waiting time so much :)
It was such a coincidence. Never thought i would meet someone here till i hear a familiar voice calling my name at Frankfurt checkpoint. It's Ai Lin!! Apparently we were on the same plane and she is also alone heading to Cologne for an exhibition. Both of us, first time travelling to Europe, were so excited and happy to see each other, hee... :)

We parted after collecting our luggage as she needs to head off to the train station while i explore the airport for the next couple of hours.

First stop - Supermarket. Spotted so many interesting chocolates and goodies which i wanted to buy back already, geezz. Talking about food.. Hmm, before i took off last night, i had such bad cravings for bubble tea (i ended driving out just to buy a cup!) and local food. Must be the thought of having sandwich, pasta, steaks and potato everyday which makes me feel like i'm going to miss local makans.

Actually only 11 days but i made it sound so drama like i'm going away for 11 months! Haha... Well well, this is Woman 5.0 :D

Touched down Frankfurt @ 6.15am

Wonder how dreadful it would be without internet....

Our meeting point, Starbucks :)

A good way to pass time - Watching TVB drama with iphone

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