Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great Singapore Sales!

It's GSS - Great Singapore Sales and really a shopping month for us :)

Every weekend is just shop shop shop - buy buy buy - spend spend spend. Bought so many new stuffs, heee... With sales everywhere, i guess it's the best time to shop eh? :) And finally this month, we started to prepare for baby's arrival - got her new clothes, bed, car seat, carrier etc. Hubby also got himself a new driving mechanic! I do feel sad as we bid goodbye to the 3-year old silver beammer.. but with this new mechanic, Mr. G can stop complaining about car boot size :D

Mr. G trying out the Manduca child and baby carrier

My thoughts: Of all the baby items, I felt hubby was most enthusiastic gettting the carrier, so he decides on his preferred design whilst i'm more into stroller, heee..

Have to start drinking coconut as recommended :) 

 Last Weekend @ Barracks Cafe - Truffle Fries with Cute Ketchup Sauce *Yums*

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Eugenia Lee-Koh said...

are you giving birth to a july baby?? hand on mommy! congrats in adv!